Boomerang for Outlook – Ultimate Email Productivity Tool

Anurag | Modified: October 13, 2017 | Updates, User Management | 4 Minutes Reading

Gone are those days of scheduling mishaps and double bookings in the Outlook account. Boomerang for Office 365 OWA has come up with solution to tackle common problems that seems to flood into the work, while emailing and scheduling any appointments. Boomerang for Outlook account will straighten up the process of email messaging and hike up the business productivity.

Boomerang Outlook add-in helps the user to send email message at the perfect time and helps to get reminders if your email doesn’t receive any responses from other side. Not only this the smart calendar assistant helps to schedule meeting and share the real-time availability. Boomerang for Office 365 will not leave any stone un-turned to provide the ultimate email productivity for Outlook account.

Who All Needs Boomerang For OWA

There are many reasons that make it important for a user to install Boomerang for Outlook in Office 365. Some of them are listed below that states why and when does the need of Boomerang app arises.

    • If You are a Night Owl, Who Works Late
      You don’t have to worry about disrupting your email recipients, while they are sleeping. Through this Boomerang for Outlook utility you can schedule your email messages to be delivered in the morning or the desired time when you know they’ll be checking their inbox.
    • If You don’t Get Email Replies
      Boomerang for Outlook can bring all the messages back to your inbox, when you haven’t received any responses. Now, you never need to worry about forgetting them.
    • If Fixing Meeting is a Hassle
      An unnecessary back and forth scheduling of meetings sometime make clashing of multiple appointments. Suggest times feature, of Boomerang will simplify the meeting timing. You would be able to select between multiple times that work with the schedule and quickly confirm with one click. There is no more toggling between calendar and emails for fixing any meetings.
    • Stop All Incoming Message
      Boomerang adds a feature in the Outlook called Inbox Pause. Boomerang for Outlook add-in sets a temporarily stop to constant interruption of email notifications, so that the user can focus on what needs to get done more importantly.

Office 365 Boomerang utility has made the Outlook so easy that performing multiple task on Outlook at a same time has become very simple and glossy.

Learn How to use Boomerang Functionality

    1. Customize Boomerang for Email Message – Boomerang a message will help the user to get all email message back to the sender if no reply is made. This will help the user to remember what all message they have send which are unresponded or not reacted form the recipient side.
      For this the user need to click Boomerang and select the exact time they like the message to return back.
    2. Send Messages Later – The feature of sending email message to other on custom time is the other major functionality. User can set date or any time that will allow the user to send emails anytime to recipient. Best part of time is that you don’t need to leave the desktop window open. You may even sign-out your account the email will be automatically send to recipient.
      boomerang send later
    3. Setting Event in Calendar – Managing tout your account the email will be automatically send to recipient.he calendar has became very easy that helps the user to manage the event. User just need to open the calendar and set up some event. Boomerang will automatically tell if any of the event is clashing on or not.


Many a times, working on Outlook email user need some add some utility that improve the business productivity. Boomerang for Outlook will increase the productivity and helps to manage the account. Therefore, in the above blog, we have discussed the need of Boomerang for OWA. Boomerang for Outlook will work with any or Office365 account. Right now, the add-in is supported in Chrome, Firefox, IE 10+, Edge, and Safari to able to access Boomerang in Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2013 on PC.