Challenge Solved: Unable to Convert Google Drive file stream To MBOX file

Anurag | Modified: April 3, 2018 | General | 4 Minutes Reading

As we know that there is no such technology without errors and Google Drive File Stream service is one of them. Google has launched this application as a new desktop feature that lets users to quickly access the entire Google Drive files on demand, without losing the precious drive space. However, we have identified a potential problem with it, i.e., Unable to convert Google Drive file stream MBOX file. To protect the documents and convert Google Drive File Stream MBOX file, users are required to take action. In order to resolve the same issue of Google Drive file stream to MBOX file format then we have comprises one simple technique in this write-up.

User Query

“I have recently downloaded the Google Drive File Stream for Windows on my PC. As I am a designer so I need the cloud for my work. The old Google Drive feature ran fine without any issues. However, the new Google Drive File Stream for Windows is very buggy. Whenever I am trying to convert Google Drive Stream MBOX file, I am unable to do this. It freezes the window for few seconds and I have to wait for the respond. This is not fine. I am sure that the issue is not because of the computer. Please, someone, assist to fix the problem to convert Google Drive file stream to MBOX file format. Thank you!”

Why Is Google Drive File Stream MBOX File not Importing?

When Drive Stream becomes installed, it displays as an external storage drive on the computer. It downloads the data in MBOX file format and users are allowed to access, move, rename, and convert the MBOX files as per requirements to work even in offline mode. It is not essential to sync the entire Google Drive; only syncing the files is needed while users are away from the internet connectivity. What if users are unable to access the Google Drive File Stream MBOX files? Well, the main cause of this issue is that the downloaded MBOX file is just displaying as an icon and its data is not available locally. All users have to do is, make this data available offline. Now, the question arises that how make Google Drive File Stream MBOX file available offline? Well, in the next section we are going to describe the step by step procedure to solve your Google Drive files streaming issue.

Making Accessible Google Drive File Stream MBOX File

Offline MBOX files permit users to access data in the absence of internet connection. Before turning on offline access make sure that, you are connected to the internet and your device has sufficient free storage space to download MBOX files. After this, users can simply convert G Drive Stream MBOX files via following the down-mentioned guidelines.

Note: The given procedure is allowed to make accessible the individual files to save the files locally on the PC.

  1. Hit a click on Google Drive Stream menu
  2. Select Open Google Drive Folder
  3. Hit a right-click on the file or folder you are required to save offline and convert
  4. Now, choose Drive File Stream
    1. Select an Available offline option from the opened menu list121q

Convert Google Drive Stream MBOX

After doing all this, you can convert the downloaded MBOX file in various file formats. For simplifying the MBOX conversion procedure, we recommend using MBOX Converter software. This is one of the most tested and reliable tools to convert MBOX file to PST, EML, MSG, and NSF file formats. It can repair the corrupted MBOX files that are damaged due to exceeding the maximum size. Via the software, users can convert and merge multiple MBOX files into a single file format. The to move Google Drive stream to MBOX via tool provides an option to generate a single file for every MBOX file. The best thing about this software is that it supports in all versions of Windows OS.

Final Opinion

Drive File Stream is a completely fresh Enterprise-oriented application. This makes the entire Google Drive available on the computer. As long as users are connected to the internet, they will be able to open, edit, and convert their Google Drive files right from their desktop. However, when users caught in the condition like Unable to convert Google Drive file stream MBOX file then, they have to make their data Available Offline. Via doing this, one can keep certain MBOX files or folders offline to access and convert without internet.