How to Create Auto Signatures Centrally in Office 365/Exchange Online

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This informative write up describes solutions on how to create auto signatures centrally in Office 365/Exchange Online environment. It will be guiding readers with a step-by-step solution to the same issue. Let’s begin!

In today’s high-tech world, it is essential to append digital signature in email messages to prove the authenticity of the sender. The smart world has now been moving towards electronic mediums for all communication activities. It is important to attach a signature to each and every email message because this will be preventing computer users from different security factors like data integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. Well, consider the following scenario, to understand the major purpose for writing this article:

“I am a having few clients with me on the on-premises Exchange server and utilizing third-party utilities for centrally creating and managing of all signatures. While sending an email message, they place a signature in their mail content to be sent. Therefore, I desperately want to know that is there any workaround on how to apply/add central signature to emails in Office 365?”

What to do

Stepwise Procedure on How to Add/Create Auto Signatures Centrally in Exchange Online

With the help of Disclaimer, you will automatically be able to attach/add email signature in messages sent from your OWA account. To do the same, go through the following set of instructions:

  • In the Exchange control panel, your need to discover Transport Rules just by navigating and clicking on Manage My Organization >> Mail Control >> Rules and then, initiate creation of desired rule by clicking on New tab
  • A new page will get displayed where you have to mention the new rule for firing on all emails and wants to impose/apply a disclaimer to every sending mail.
  • Mention an appropriate content in the disclaimer part, which can involve HTML tags and append your elements for disclaimer.
    For example: You can mention firstname, displayname, lastname, department, and company for discovering a personalized digital signature
  • Once the disclaimer description is done by your end, click on OK button.
    At this point, the attribute names are eliminated by their corresponding values from the sender’s end.

Examine Whether Disclaimer is Created/Configured Or Not

  • Create a new O365 email message and send it without mentioning any signature because transport rule will automatically apply/append signature in end of the mail
  • The recipient will be able to view message with digital signature appended by a new created rule

Note: To know how to add disclaimer to all outgoing emails in Office 365 refer the previously posted article.

Time to Wrap Up

A step-by-step solution on how to create auto signatures centrally in Office 365/Exchange Online is described in this blog. The approach provided here is foolproof because it is practically tested by our team. We hope that this write-up will prove itself to be worth for readers and visitors can share their comment on the page below.