How to Create an Email Template in Outlook 2016 / 2013

Anurag | Published: April 17, 2018 | Email Settings, outlook | 5 Minutes Reading

I am trying to figure out how to make company custom template in Outlook 2016. I also searched online but I did not find any appropriate method. I do not have any technical knowledge related how to create an email template in Outlook 2013, so it is very hard for me to understand the method. So can anyone suggests me a simple and efficient method through, which I can create my company email template in Outlook 2016.

Nowadays, Most of the people are using Outlook email service for their business purpose as well as personal. Apart from this, it provides various benefits in terms of data security, user interface, file management and so on. Moreover, it offers to compose customized template as well. Even though, some users are not aware of the email template feature or unable to create a template by their own. Therefore, in this quick guide, we will discuss how to create an email template in Outlook 365 or 2016 in an efficient way.

A Quick Glance – Outlook E-mail Template

An Outlook 365 email template is an impeccable feature, that comprises information that does not change frequently from messages to messages. In addition, a user can modify and save an email message as a template and then reuse it according to their requirement. In Outlook account, the number of templates can be created. Let’s consider a scenario through which a user can clearly understand the use of Outlook email template.

For example, An enterprise wants to create an employee detail form for their employees. There are a number of fields required in the form of a name, address, email id, mobile number, designation, etc. So, rather than typing the same information every time, just create an employee details template in the Outlook account. And, share this template with every employee. By doing this, lots of time company time will be saved. Moreover, sending a template of employee detail form looks more decent and official way.

Benefits Creating E-mail Templates in Outlook 2016

Most of the people wonder about the benefits of an email template. So, there are a number of advantages of the Outlook 365 e-mail templates. The topmost ones are discussed below:

  1. E-mail templates save lots of time. Since typing the same messages again and again to new users becomes a tedious process. Hence, create an email template and save in the Outlook email account. So, when there is a requirement, share that template without wasting any time.
  2. The information saved in the template remains intact and well maintained. It cannot be changed automatically until or unless users itself change the template information.
  3. The same template can be used multiple times in Outlook 2016 application. There is no limit on email templates in Outlook 2016 email account.
  4. Templates also contain graphics such as company logo, images and so on. According to its need, a user can make it more interactive.
  5. Sharing information through the email template looks more official communication. Also, the data remains well formatted and intact.

How to Create an Email Template in Outlook 365?

Creating the email template in MS Outlook 2013 or 2016 is becomes so easy by the following method. Initially, go to the Home tab and then open a new email. Now, mention all the required details that you want to save in the template, such as body text and so on. Once all things get done, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

a) Once you mentioned all the details in the template. Move to the File tab and click Save as a button.

b) Select the file type (*.oft) under the Save as type option. After that provides a suitable name for the new email template. Finally, a template created in the Outlook.

Note:- Do not change the by default template location in Outlook. By doing this, Outlook becomes unable to read the location of the email template. In Outlook 2010, by default all the template save at this location folder C:\Users\UsersName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates.

How to Use Outlook 365 Email Template?

From the above-mentioned method, we just create an email template. Now, in this section, the working of email template will be described:

  1. Open the Outlook Application on your system.
  2. Now, select the Developer tab and click on Choose Form icon.

    Note:- If Developer tab is not visible in Outlook account, then right-click on the top Outlook ribbon. After that, click Customize the Ribbon. This will open all the Outlook options and a user can select the Developer tab from this menu.

  3. After clicking on Choose Form option, a Choose Form dialog box will open. Select “User Templates in File System” under the Look In option. By doing this, all the existing template will appear in the dialog box. According to the requirement, a user can choose the template. Then, click Open.
  4. Finally, a new message will be created on the basis of the selected template.


A normal user or a business enterprise both can access the email templates in the Outlook email account. Hence, in this guide, we provide the information about Microsoft Outlook email template. In addition, described the step-by-step instruction, to create an email template in Outlook 365/2016/2013 in a simple manner.