Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online Integration & its Updates

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: December 21, 2016 | Office 365, Updates | 4 Minutes Reading

In this article, we will discuss MS Dynamics CRM Online and its features. We will also be discussing the Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online integration along with the latest updates.

First question that comes on our mind is; What is a CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is an integrated and data-driven system or solution that helps in improving your interaction and business with your customers.

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The tech giant Microsoft has provided a CRM system to its user with a software package, which gives provision to end-users for managing an organization’s interaction with its present and future clients. This software is named as Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is a server-client application supporting a wide range of internet services. The Variety of versions are being initiated till today’s date and the latest version is MS Dynamics CRM 2016.

About MS Dynamics CRM Online

This edition of Dynamics CRM was released on November 30, 2015. It has the same functioning as of the earlier versions but there are some enhanced features embedded with it.
It provides a multi-tiered licensing model to its customers. The key features of this CRM include:

  • Flexibility: One can select different types of licenses to integrate the specific needs of your business. Also you save money by doing so.
  • Clarity: One can accommodate licenses based on their functionalities which you require rather than how you are accessing the system.
  • Mobile access: One can access CRM information with their mobile device free of cost.
  • High value: One gets an opportunity to select from highly competitive offerings with a low cost of ownership.
  • Parity: One gets a persistent licensing model that equally applies to on-site as well as online solutions which are built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics CRM Online with Office 365


Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

The Microsoft developers have recently embedded the Dynamics CRM Online along with Office 365, which enhances the functioning or features of O365 Office suite. For commercial users, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online platform works together which helps in increasing their business productivity. The below mentioned are the features that are provided to the customers after integrating Dynamics CRM Online with Office 365:

  1. Consolidating Emails with Dynamics CRM: The Dynamics CRM integrated with Office 365 allow users provision of tracking the incoming emails and provide Dynamics CRM information of the sender who is sending you the mail. In addition, the information also includes sales activities, cases, and opportunities of the person sending you the emails.
  2. Tracking the Email Activities with CRM: This is an advanced approach for tracking the activities related to incoming emails on Exchange devices. Therefore, you can now directly track emails from any device.
  3. OneNote Combined with Dynamics CRM: An easy means of sharing information, especially for salespeople, is Dynamics CRM with OneNote. It will provide you facility to prepare complete notes in the context of your account and then view them whenever required. Moreover, entire account information gets automatically connected with CRM Online record.
  4. Analyzing the Customer Details with CRM: Within an organization, one can analyze the client details via Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Power BI. Below listed are the functioning provided by Power BI:
      → Analyzing the performance of sales
      → Can easily drive the pipeline goals
      → Effectively creating the forecasts
      → Supervise activities of a team
  5. Window Display like Excel Spreadsheet: The new update provides you with an advance feature of analyzing data via MS Excel Online application. It eliminates the time and effort that was required while switching from one application to another. Now you can view your entire data in Excel spreadsheet format and perform addition (if required).

Latest Update on Integration of Dynamics CRM Online with Office 365

Microsoft has added an update to this integration in March 2016. With the capabilities extending the Office Graph, Office 365 Groups, and inherited Protection Center controls, this integration goes much deeper. For administrators, the O365 user management controls spans to security and compliance for CRM-generated data.

The following features can be enable after this new update:

  • Office 365 Groups can now automatically create new groups.
  • Office Graph to help users find trending information or files.
  • Documents Management to build OneDrive and OneDrive folder structures.
  • Advanced information compliance controls and protection in the O365 Protection Center.

Observational Verdicts

Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online integration update is really an effective change for Microsoft users. Taking account of the security perspective, it provides protection of information in an advanced manner. The update has a OneDrive folder structure and manages entire documents in building the SharePoint. Moreover, one can make use of free 30-day trial version for experiencing the functioning of Dynamics CRM Online with Office 365. Therefore, one should make use of this software package for increasing or enhancing their business productivity.