Introduction to Microsoft OneNote – A Brief Overview

Introduction to Microsoft OneNote

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: November 12, 2016 | Introduction, Office 365, OneNote | 4 Minutes Reading

Introduction to Microsoft OneNote – A Brief Overview

Microsoft OneNote is an application designed for organizing, sharing, and collecting digital information. It is included with MS Office 365 suite and synchronizes the data of OneNote between system and devices via MS SkyDrive cloud storage service. It is available as standalone application for iOS, Windows, Android, etc. Web-based edition of OneNote is offered as part of OneDrive and enables users to edit notes through web-browser. The following section discusses the introduction to Microsoft OneNote, its use, design, and platform availability. Let’s take a brief overview of the topic.

Use of Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is note-taking application, which comes with MS Office 365. It has become the most commanding application for usage in day-to-day life. It helps users to get the work done faster with its accurate usage. It has various usage as it easily organizes various notes of a user in manageable form along with its images, videos, etc. It saves all the OneNote data in cloud and allows its direct accessibility via OneNote apps for any platform. OneNote is a better as productive aide with its emphasis on typing and hand written notes, search tools, and audio recording. In addition, it has a good integration with rest of Office applications. It can be accessed easily by login in via free MS account.
Tip: If you create a new account then, check the introductory note as it contains various useful tips for newcomers.
Introduction to Microsoft Onenote

Structure of MS OneNote

After we have discussed about the brief introduction to Microsoft OneNote and Use of Microsoft OneNote; let us discuss about the design or structure of it. OneNote has outlined the organizational structure, which stimulates the physical note-taking, tabs, pages, and revolving around notebooks. User can have numerous notebooks. There are tabs across each notebook and each one represents the section. The section holds individual notes; even users can also nest a note under another. It helps in organizing the related items and breaks the long list. The structure works properly in a way for dividing work tasks. It also has a default tab, which is known as QuickNotes. All the new notes are stored in it. It can be send from once screen to OneNote by using a command Windows + N. It can also be easily shared with others by following the mentioned steps.

  • Click on Head to file option
  • Choose Share option
  • Now choose an option Invite People in notebook to share.
  • 2

    Availability on Various Platforms

    OneNote is a helps users to be accessed anywhere, anytime without depending upon the platform. It is free standalone application, which is available for all platforms as mentioned below.


    OneNote apps are supported on various platforms, the full-featured edition of MS OneNote is also found on Windows. It can be easily accessed if there is Office suite available on the system. Then, you can easily find it in the start Menu under MS Office. If there is no MS Office, installation on the system then, users can try Microsoft OneNote with new Office Web Apps. It provides feature limited edition of OneNote in the browser.



    Now OneNote is also available for Mac operating system. It is compatible with Mac OS X and above edition. It can be easily downloaded from App Store. Users can synchronize the data to OneDrive and available on all other devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc.


    OneNote is relevant app for writing notes on the run. It is also available on iOS that helps to connect with both consumer and enterprise accounts. Therefore, it is flawless for capturing important notes, meeting data in proper way. Microsoft also built in support for the new share extension of iOS and can even use to send items from email, Safari or other apps to OneNote.


    Microsoft has created various useful widgets for Android. Out of which, one such is OneNote. It permits to access notes list or open a particular command such as taking a picture, drawing, etc., from home screen of Android. As mainly, users prefer the usage of smart phones that makes it easy for others in utilizing and organizing all their essential notes.


    In this blog, we have discussed the brief introduction to Microsoft OneNote and we can conclude that; OneNote makes easy and quick for us to store notes, screenshots, thoughts, etc. As it is a part of Office 365 suite, so users can easily try it accordingly. In the above section, its structure / design and uses in present day life is described. Along with this, the availability for its utilization is also discussed.