Microsoft Office 365 Delve: Explore More About Delve Analytics

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: May 9, 2017 | Delve, Introduction, Office 365 | 5 Minutes Reading

"Office Delve is the utility by Microsoft that brings only the personalized content to you from the entire Office 365 i.e. from OneDrive for Business, Yammer, Exchange, SharePoint, and much more. Moreover, Delve extract the information based on what you are working on, with whom you are working; always maintain required permissions."
There are various products or inbuilt tools released by the Microsoft in order to manage work in a more convenient way. One such utility is going to be discussed in this blog, we will try to find what is Microsoft Office 365 Delve, which will help in extracting some relevant information across Office 365. Thus, in this post, we have covered all important information that a user needs to know about Office 365 Delve.

What is the Use of Delve in Microsoft Office 365?

MS Office 365 Delve is a complete discovery & data visualization tool that has the search capability in Microsoft Office 365 suite and includes components of social networking & machine learning. Apart from having the traditional search tools, Delve has discovered many functions that provide information, which is important to you at that point of time based on past activities and relationships within the organization. Moreover, Delve also not provides the information to users on which they do not have the right to view.

Delve in March 2015 becomes available to Office 365 users that help users to find colleagues through profiles. It permits users to create, edit & share documents, making PowerPoint presentations and much more with other users.

More About Microsoft Office 365 Delve App

As discussed above Delve helps users to discover the information that is most important and related to the user right now across Office 365. It helps in finding information related to people and from the people and also helps others in finding you.

The best part about the Office 365 Delve Analytics is that one need not remember the title and location of a file. It will show the documents no matter where they are located in OneDrive or SharePoint in Office 365.

In addition, Delve never alter any permissions, a user will see only that documents on which they already have access. Let's see how it works:

  1. To open Delve, select Delve in the app launcher by clicking on the App launcher icon in the Office 365 and after that Sign in with the work/school account and if required
    enable Office 365 Delve.
  2. Now, to see the documents of the people on which they are working on, click on someone's name or picture anywhere in Delve.
  3. As you find a document that is relevant to your interest add it as a favorite or on a board to have easy access later on.
  4. Or you can also search for people, documents, or boards, the Delve will show all documents & people that match your search.

Steps to Enable Delve Analytics in Office 365

In order to use Delve Analytic services in Office 365, it important to enable Office 365 Delve service first. To do the same follow the step-wise procedure given below:

  1. First of all, go to the SharePoint Admin Center.
  2. After that, click on Settings option.
  3. Now, under the Office graph, choose one of the following:
    • Allow access to the Office graph
    • Don't allow access to the Office graph

After choosing the option, one can easily opt out from Delve along with their own documents. In Delve settings, it can be turned on or turned off quickly. One can easily disable Office 365 Delve also, if needed.

Why Use New Microsoft Delve for Office 365?

There are various advanced features in New Office 365 Delve that make users more attracted towards it. All the features that make Delve more valuable are discussed below:

1. Manage User Profiles More Easily

The old release of Delve gives users an ability to personalize their profiles but the process is not quite good. However, the new workflow permits users to make all on-screen changes in a just number of clicks. Moreover, the new release there are new security features that are available in available in social media networks also. Using this one can easily set the visibility & privacy of their profile fields.


2. Robust Search of Content

The another impressive feature of Microsoft Office 365 Delve is that makes it famous and useful among users is strong searching techniques. Using the new version of Delve, it becomes really easy for the users to look for any information such as document, web page, contact, event, task, or SharePoint site. Moreover, the user search is totally dependent on the Office Graph and provides results from both OneDrive & SharePoint.


3. Customized User Activity Feeds

The main functionality of the Office 365 Delve is the ability to display the customized user activity feeds on the main profile page. Using this feature it becomes easy to learn what others are working on and in which area. It is because of the Office Graph track content modifications automatically. Due to this, users looking at a particular profile will be presented activity feeds that are constantly refreshed, which also display their recent projects.


4. Dedicated Mobile Apps for iOS & Android

The Office Delve is also released as a standalone mobile Apps for both iOS and Android. Using this one can easily have their desktop browser experience anywhere. This app also works pretty well and provides quick results depending upon your search. One can also tag the “favorite” documents and if wants can share them also with the help of mail or social media apps.



A lot of success & relevancy that user experience in the organization greatly depends on how well the users use the Microsoft products capabilities to enhance their workflows. One such tool that streamlines the workflow is the Microsoft Office 365 Delve. It is the tool powered by Office graph provides all relevant information related to the user’s search across Office 365. Moreover, in its new release, there are many advanced features such mobile app, personalized activity feed etc., that make it more popular among Microsoft Users.