Brief About the Microsoft Office 365 Email Outage In US

Microsoft Office 365 Email Outage

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: January 12, 2017 | General, Office 365 | 4 Minutes Reading

Microsoft Office 365 email outage affected a number of users. Users were not able to send or receive messages. Exchange Online Protection filtering infrastructure is considered one of the faults behind this outage. The outage occurred in the areas of New York and US West Coast. This outage happened recently on June 30, 2016. The outage caused many users to post the complaints on Twitter about their inability to access their accounts.
The outage of any service is a common issue. Many services have suffered such issues in their life span. There could be many reasons behind the failure of any such service.
As far as the Microsoft Office 365 email outage is concerned, it is very clear that it is a dominant email platform used by millions of users and everyday millions of people access this platform on day-to-day basis.
Around 70 million people use Microsoft Office 365 on a daily basis and many large-scale enterprises rely on this email services for internal and external communication purposes from a universal platform.

Causes for Microsoft Office 365 Email Outage

The causes that are identified for the outage are as follows:

  • Degradation in the quality of the service is observed
  • Server fails to respond properly when contacted
  • Cloud Server is interrupted & doesn’t work properly
  • Users might be increased on the server causing the issue
  • Improving and updating the cloud service
  • Configuration changes to increase inbound connection threshold

Therefore, these were the common problems identified by the user and Microsoft itself. There can probably be other issues responsible for causing the Microsoft Office 365 email outage. However, because of this outage, many users become unable to send and receive emails on that service.
The service can be made easily accessible without any hazards and causes to the user. The service provider should improve the infrastructure of the service.

How the Microsoft Office 365 Email Outage Issue Was Resolved?

Microsoft told its users that they updating the following in order to get the service back on the track:

  • The Exchange Server Policy was updated
  • Cloud service was updated for better performance
  • Degraded service got upgraded that occurred previously
  • Data and trends were analyzed on affected system to prevent recurrence
  • Improved the EOP process recently updated in Office 365 analyzed for emails performing below threshold

Microsoft has updated all the applications and back-end related problem that was causing the users to flood their email boxes. All the policies and EOP service were given the look at what the actual problem was and made their servers upgrade. This made the possibility of improving each and every component that was causing the outage in Office 365.
They wrote the message that they are updating their service and all will be back to the normal once it is completed.


In conclusion to this blog, we can say that outage of any software or application is a common process that happens to take place due to technical glitches. There are several reasons behind outage of any service. Microsoft stated EOP service as the main reason for outage taking place in Office 365. This Microsoft Office 365 email outage affected many users who use the service. Especially the people from New York and West Coast of US faced the issue. The services should update it on the daily basis to check its performance and usage. Without this, such kind of outage won’t occur in the future. Currently the email vendors are generating around 19.5$ billions of revenue in the current year 2016. It is predicted to be 45$ billion by the year 2020. For that service update are important and service providers must keep the track of it. By this, we also found out that Microsoft wants to shift all its services to the cloud in the near future to avoid any future Microsoft Office 365 email outage.