A Complete Guide to Migrate Exchange 2007 to Office 365

Aldrich Calvin | October 3rd, 2018 | Office 365

MS Exchange Server to Office 365 data transfer is a commonplace incident in the business world today. Besides business organizations, personal Exchange users are also moving to Office 365 due to various reasons. While users switch platforms, they also have to move their data from the old platform to the new one. In Exchange forums, many users post queries, wanting to know the proper approach to migrate exchange 2007 to office 365. In this write-up, we will cover the procedures of Exchange 2007 to Office 365 export. Basically, we will focus on MS Exchange data migration using the manual method and also an alternative method that involves SysTools Exchange to Office 365 Migration Software.

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How to Migrate Exchange 2007 Mailboxes to Office 365?

MS Exchange version 2007 users can take the help of two different techniques to move their data to Office 365. In this section, we will discuss both the techniques and at first, we will talk about manual method.

Manual Technique to Migrate Exchange Server 2007 to Office 365

The manual method we will be describing here consists of four main parts. Read on to learn how to perform all of the steps one by one to transfer exchange 2007 to office 365.

Part 1: Getting Ready for the Migration

  • Navigate to the site of Exchange Deployment Assistant and select “Cloud Only” option.exchange 2007 to office 365
  • Select the Yes option when you are asked to confirm the migration process and click Next.
  • Choose Exchange 2007 as your Exchange environment version and then click on Next.
  • On the next page, choose the option as per your preference and click Next.
  • Select the option regarding the mailbox number of your Exchange Server 2007. Click on Next button to go to the following page.
  • Now, you will be provided with a complete stepwise assistance regarding Exchange 2007 to Office 365 data export.

Part 2: Exchange 2007 Setup Testing

  • Open Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. Then choose Outlook Connectivity>> Next.
  • Add all the required information. To find out the Server settings, select “Use Autodiscover to detect server settings” if you are using Autodiscover. If you are not using Autodiscover, select “Manually specify server settings.” To proceed, enter the verification code and then choose Perform Test option.office365 migration
  • If the test is successful, go straight to Part 3 to perform the steps. If it is not successful, review the warning message to resolve the issue.

Part 3: Migration Process Setup

  • Access Office 365 Admin Center by navigating to https://login.microsoftonline.com>> Exchange Admin Center and entering Office 365 credentials. From the Admin section, select Exchange and click on Migration.
  • Click on + sign to get the drop-down menu. Choose Migrate to Exchange Online from the menu list.
  • There will be a list containing different migration types. Choose Cutover migration here and click Next.
  • Enter the credentials of on-premises account>> click Next.
  • When the configuration is done correctly, Autodiscover will resolve the RPC Server and on-premise ExchangeServer. Click Next to move on.
  • Add the new name for migration batch>> Click Next.
  • Now, users can select one or more user account to get the report. They also have to select between the options ‘Automatically start the batch’, and ‘Manually start the batch later.’
  • The new migration batch has been created now and the status is set as sync.
  • The complete data transfer time will depend upon the number and size of the mailbox. However, users can go to Mailbox Status>> View Details to check the migration details.

Part 4: Final Processes

After the synchronization between Exchange 2007 and Office 365 is done, a reporting email will reach the user. Afterwards, users perform these migration processes:

  • MS Exchange 2007 public folder migration to Office 365
  • Issue Office 365 licenses to all users
  • Check if the DNS records are updated and they are pointed to Office 365 service
  • Configure systems to use Office 365

When all these steps are completed, check if all mailboxes got transferred into Office 365 and MX record DNS replication is completed. If yes, then stop the migration batch job and Exchange 2007 services.

Alternate Method to Conduct Exchange 2007 to Office 365 Migration

As readers can see, this mentioned technique is a lengthy one and users need to invest a considerable amount of time to perform it. It also requires technical knowledge of the users. If users are looking for an easy method of Exchange data transfer, they should go for SysTools Exchange to Office 365 Migrator. This tool will perform the data export from Exchange 2007. Moreover, anyone can operate this application without any difficulty and the tool supports filtered data transfer. For a trouble-free Exchange data export, users should choose this software.


Here, we discussed two different ways for the migration. Now the decision is completely up to the users that which method they wish to choose for data export. Since the manual technique is difficult to perform, most people use the alternate method to migrate exchange 2007 to office 365. Click below to download the free demo version.