Mac Outlook to Google Apps – Learn How to Import OLM File into Gmail?

Tej | Modified: February 16, 2018 | Miscellaneous | 5 Minutes Reading

Nowadays, web-based application is widely in demand as compared to desktop-based application. The cloud-based application stores their data on the cloud and it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. On the other hand, desktop-based application stores their data on local machine, so it cannot be accessed from anywhere. Most of the users are using Outlook for Mac as their email client. Recently, some users wish to migrate Mac Outlook to Google Apps/ G Suite. Therefore, for the benefit of such users, we are going to discuss all possible procedures & demonstrate how to import OLM file into Gmail.

User Queries To Upload/ Import Outlook OLM to Gmail/ Google Apps

The following are few user concerns/ questions regarding ways to move/ upload/ transfer OLM to Google Apps/ G Suite.

“Currently, I am using Outlook for Mac for emailing purposes but now I want to move Mac mail folders to Gmail. I have no idea of how can I upload/ import OLM file into Gmail account. Kindly provide me an easy and relevant solution to migrate Mac Outlook emails, calendars & contacts to Google Apps!”

“I want to upload/ move OLM contacts to Gmail for Business account because G Suite is a cloud-based email application and it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. But, I do not know that how can I migrate my all OLM files’ contacts & calendars to Gmail. Is there anyone who can help me on how to import OLM file into Gmail?”

Why to Migrate Mac Outlook to Google Apps?

There are many reasons behind the Mac Outlook to Gmail G Suite migration. Some of them are listed as below:

  • G Suite Gmail is web-based application, so it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  • Gmail application stores their data on cloud, so there is no possibility of data loss.
  • Gmail has advanced security features, so it is more safe and secure than Mac Outlook email client.
  • The interface of Mac Outlook is complex and difficult to handle as compare to Gmail web service.

How to Import OLM File into Gmail?

There is no direct method present to transfer from Mac Outlook to Gmail. So, to import Mac Outlook OLM file to Gmail, we have to follow the two below mentioned simple steps:

  • Firstly, we have to convert OLM file to format
  • After that, we have to import resultant file to Google Apps account

Now, we are going to discuss both these steps to migrate Mac Outlook to Google Apps in detail.

STEP 1: Convert OLM To

Firstly, setup an IMAP email account to convert OLM file to Windows Outlook file format and then use it to move OLM file data to file format. Follow the below-mentioned steps to convert OLM file:

  • Sign-in with your G Suite account to configure an IMAP email account
  • After that, configure OLM file with your Business Gmail account
  • Now, Create a Gmail label, and then start synchronizing the Mac Outlook OLM file with the IMAP email account
  • Migrate complete OLM file data to IMAP email account. After that, transfer OLM emails from IMAP mailbox to file format

STEP 2: Import Resultant To Gmail

Go through the below-mentioned steps to import file to Gmail:

  • Download and Install G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GSMMO/ GAMMO), a desktop based utility on your machine
  • Launch GSMMO tool and then login to your Gmail account by entering email address and then click on continue.
  • A window will appear, click on Continue to switch to GAMMO tool for further action
  • Select “From File(s)” option from the available options, and then move to the location where files are stored. Select the Outlook data file, click on Open and after that check the option “Migrate All Data” and then click on Next
  • Now, select the item, which you want to import from to Gmail. MS Outlook email messages, Calendar and contact are selected by default and the rest are optional. After that, click on Migrate button to start the migration process
  • After completion of migration process, a message window will appear with the message “Migration Complete”. Click on OK button

Limitation Of The manual Method

There are some limitations of the manual approach to import Outlook OLM to Gmail. They are mentioned as below:

  • The manual method to migrate Outlook OLM file to Google Apps is time-consuming.
  • The manual solution may lead to some data loss during the transfer process.
  • More knowledge of technology is required to import OLM to Gmail using manual approach.


In this article, we have discussed ways to migrate Mac Outlook to Google Apps or in other words we can say that we have discussed how to import OLM file into Gmail. One way to do so is to upload/ move Outlook OLM file’s email, contacts & calendars to Gmail. There is no direct solution available to import mac mail folders, contact & calendars to G Suite Gmail. It can be done by following two simple steps. Firstly, convert OLM file to by configuring an IMAP email account and then import file to your Gmail account by using GAMMO tool.