Here’s How to Migrate New Lotus Notes Data to Office 365 – Perfect Solution

Aldrich Calvin | October 20th, 2020 | Lotus Notes, Office 365

Have you recently performed the migration of NSF files to Office 365? Want to migrate new Lotus Notes data to Office 365? If yes, then here is the good news for you! Through this blog, we will shed light on the best ever approach, which fulfills the challenging user requirements within a couple of mouse clicks. So folks, let’s begin knowing the foolproof solution to do the same.

Let’s Read Out a User Scenario for a Precise Understanding!
“A couple of weeks back, I have performed Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration using manual approach i.e., IMAP connector. Though the process was pretty time-consuming and challenging at the same time, I somehow managed to migrate NSF files to O365 with this method. Now, there are numerous newly arrived data in my NSF files, which also needs to be transferred to Office 365. Is there any suitable approach available to migrate new Lotus Notes data to Office 365? Kindly suggest some relevant solution at the earliest.”

As mentioned in the above user query, there are similar such users who are posting such queries across various technical communities. However, it is sad to say that most of the queries are left unanswered. When taken such query into consideration, here comes the proven technique, which is revealed in this write-up.

Well, it is a matter of fact that in comparison with Lotus Notes, Office 365 stands above because of its mesmerizing features. What makes Office 365 more attractive is its plethora of result-oriented features, which is introduced in a simplified interface. Unlike Lotus Notes, Office 365 offers wide-range of user-friendly features that too with less maintenance costs. Unlike IBM Notes complicated UI, Office 365 renders a simplified interface. Moreover, the data storage capacity of Lotus Note is quite improved in comparison to Lotus Notes. Considering all these aspects, it is pretty genuine that often IBM Notes users prefer switching from the default email client to an advanced platform like Office 365.

Migrate New Lotus Notes Data to Office 365 – Recommended Solution

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When it comes to migrating newly arrived NSF data to Office 365, one needs to rely on some reliable third-party software. In addition to that, users must choose relevant software, which provides the functionality to migrate new Lotus Notes data to Office 365. When taken this demand into consideration, it is best recommented to avail SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration software, which answers this requirement in a best possible way.

lotus notes to office 365 migration tool

One of the highlighted features of the tool is the “Delta Migration” functionality. Using which, users can efficiently transfer newly arrived data from the NSF file to the desired Office 365 in just a couple of minutes. This feature is highly beneficial for users who have recently performed the data migration of Lotus Notes to O365. And wants to transfer only the new set of data instead of migrating all the data.

Besides this amazing feature, the software incorporates various other result-driven features such as selective mailbox item migration, date-filter option, re-run migration options, option to prioritize mailboxes and much more.

Why Manual Method is Not a Suggested Solution by the Experts?

As we mentioned above, using the IMAP connector approach, it is not possible to migrate new Lotus Notes data to Office 365. Besides this, it imposes several shortcomings when considering Lotus Notes to Office 365 data migration. Some of them are disclosed in the below section:

  • Lotus Notes NSF files having size of 1GB or more are not migrated to Office 365
  • It involves a lengthy yet complicated steps wherein users need to invest a lot of time
  • There is a high risk of data loss of issue using this manual approach
  • The proxy server and firewall of IBM Notes can block the Internet connectivity
  • Using IMAP connector, the calendar mailbox item are not migrated, hence it must be transferred manually

Winding Thoughts

The process to migrate new Lotus Notes data to Office 365 is being clearly emphasized in this write-up. To do the same effortlessly, we have mentioned a foolproof solution for the same. The software is employed with best set of features that ensures a hassle-free data migration. Moreover, considering the downsides associated with the native workaround, it is a wise option to make use of the suggested automated solution as furnished above.