Top 7 Office 365 Calendar Tips and Tricks to Increase Team’s Productivity

Office 365 Calendar Tips and Tricks

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: November 12, 2016 | Office 365, Tricks | 3 Minutes Reading

Calendar has become an important business tool in addition for being the optimal for personal schedule managing. However, there are various calendar apps available that helps to increase team’s productivity. In this blog, our goal is to introduce a dozen of calendar’s hidden time-saving facts that increase team’s productivity by using Office 365 calendar tips and tricks.


There are few simple tricks for calendar that can utilized to bring the productivity for the next level:

1. Plan time blocks

In place of multitasking, you can set aside time without disruptions. When users multitask, they often perform various things badly. A lot of times, they multitask are the worst as it’s individuals who lack impulse control. Therefore it is suggested to plan accordingly and divide according to time to perform in a wright way.

2. Set time out-of-office

Categorize the time blocks on your calendar as an unavailable, or not working if you are not working a particular day.

Pro hack: If you are having non-working appointment or commute time on the regular bases when you are unavailable then, schedule it as periodic non-working time. For performing this in Outlook, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the meeting that you want to set as periodic
  2. On the Meeting tab from the options group → click on Recurrence
  3. Select your desired frequency
  4. Choose options for the frequency → click OK

3. Attach Calendar on Mobile

It happens with everyone when the one is not using laptop and a meeting runs late. Then, you forget when, at which place your next meeting is and you end up shuffling in via a bustle of apologies until the next meeting starts. Therefore, integrate your calendar on your mobile device and stay up-to-date for all your meetings.

4. Fix Time Buffer

Whenever possible, schedule extra minutes on side of every meeting, so that you have enough time to wind up from the present meeting, prepare and set for the other meeting. This will support you to avoid the sensation of running from meeting to another meeting.

5. Scheduling Proper Breaks

When you are completing the tasks just as you a do-it-all, it is easy to work through. Schedule breaks into your calendar helps to avoid the burnout, creativity boost and let your reminders of calendar hold you properly.

6. Fix Reminders Check-in

As the major deadlines method, schedules the check-ins with reminders for the proper works along the way. This evades stress of end-of-project and confirms that you are checking off the tasks before they have approved. It also includes the team members on your reminders calendar to inspire team by check-ins as well.

7. Mix Contacts

You can simplify business contacts by inviting them on integrating your calendar with all your contacts in your list.

Pro hack: You can also add a contact from mail message in Office 365 by following the steps:

  1. Open the mail that the name of the person is shown at: From, To, Cc or Bcc.
  2. Right-click on desired name
  3. Click on option "Add to Outlook Contacts."
  4. New Window will open, where you can easily fill all the details → OK.

The utilization of your calendar helps to stay you at the top of your day by enhancing the organization and making you more creative.


Now users can increase team’s productivity by using the above mentioned Office 365 calendar tips and tricks. As by managing the time properly in an accurate manner, one can easily achieve what they want. That is why it is important to manage the time by using various calendar tricks to increase the productivity of team.