Top 10 Features Office 365 Account


Anurag | Modified: February 27, 2023 | General | 4 Minutes Reading

Many companies have shifted their platform from Google Apps to Office 365. It’s not because of the lower annual price of Office 365 but because of the best and new features of Office 365 account. Today in this section we would be covering Office 365 top 10 benefits that help in the growth of the business.

There are a lot of Google Apps user who still believes that migration is a tough job and they haven’t done Google Apps to Office 365 migration because of this intuition but come on guys, where’s the initiative? Sticking up with platforms that may not fulfill your needs means you will receive a lesser and lesser support with time. you will eventually have to catch up anyway and technology that is out there nowadays will let you be so much more productive. And, migration needn’t be as complicated as you’d think. We can even help you in Google Apps to Office 365 migration as well. Now consider these top 10 features of Office 365.

Top 10 Features Of Office 365

  1. Yammer
    If you have not heard of it, Microsoft bought Enterprise Social Network (ESN) Yammer for $1.2 Billion back in 2012. ESNs are likely to play an increasingly important role in how we work today. They not only facilitate interactions and make searching easier but also cut out lengthy email chains with an ability like posting, commenting on the group’s activity and share files easily. Like all tools of Office 365, Yammer configuration is perfectly easy with everything else in stack which makes the whole experience of using Office 365 slick and smooth.
  2. No Worries About Servers and Maintenance
    Office 365 is available on the cloud that why its the most flexible way to integrating with your company’s On-Premises solutions if needs. Using cloud have multiple advantages particularly in terms of saving the maintenance costs. And the data of Office 365 remains in safe hands.
  3. Grows Your Business
    Office 365 works believe in one thing “you pay for what you get”. Whenever the organization grows, they can simply pay for more services & data storage space when needed. OneDrive for Business – the data storage side of the stack – offers a huge amount of space at an amazingly affordable cost.
  4. Working Anywhere From Any Device
    Based on cloud, Office 365 means you no longer need to be chained desk that accesses company data and be productive. It is possible to work with laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc and keep the work going.
  5. Simplified Migration
    Migrating Google Apps to Office 365 is actually an easy process and only Google Apps but Lotus Notes, Amazon Workmail,etc all have the same procedure and are  regardless of the storage tools we use currently. And constant updates from Microsoft will never let you migrate your data.
  6. All Apps in Single Place – Unified UI
    The best feature of Office 365 is that it allows picking many tools and wizard we want a single place. Microsoft has many business applications that are regularly released on Windows Store. User can choose and add them to Office 365 home screen and use them easily
  7. Office Web Apps
    The stack includes full MS Office productivity suite to access them online which means we can edits, comments and improvements on documents in real time without having to check out and download the document. More over the email encryption make its a better application then any else application.
  8. Bug Updates
    Instead of sending bug report of applications to Microsoft they have made instant access to updates and bug fixes as soon as they’re ready automatically to Office 365 account.
  9. Use Delve – Work Smart
    With Delve, the future get better because using Machine Learning, Delve functions as a kind of personal secretary that allows you have meetings and what your priorities are all set up through easy algorithms.
  10. Data Loss Prevention – Enterprise Governance & Control
    The lifeblood of the company is its data and documents. Losing all the important data can be disastrous and Office 365’s data protection and backup are needed by every organization. Hence DLP of Office 365 is the best option for workfirms.

What Are You Waiting?

Now you all know the Office 365 top 10 benefits that allow business growth. Its better to get out of the Google Apps trap and switch to Office 365 account for more features and wizards.