Repair Outlook Data Files Not Responding – Inbox Repair Tool Fixed

Repair Outlook Data Files Not Responding

Aldrich Calvin | Published: June 22, 2022 | outlook | 5 Minutes Reading

Are you trying to repair your Outlook PST files using the manual method of ScanPST? This inbox repair tool isn’t reliable & that is why users face this repair Outlook data files not responding error. We did our research & finally here with all the answers to your query.

Moreover, we found that the automated approach can get users out of their misery in a seamless manner. Apart from this, a couple of manual solutions are also there in this article to keep every hope alive. However, opting for the manual solution is like cutting the branch you’re sitting on.

Anyways, let’s begin with the causes of such errors followed by the solutions to get out of this solution safely without losing any single file.

Why Outlook Data File Repair Not Working? Critical Causes

Inbox repair tool stops responding due to several issues & we’re going to explore the most common & major ones here. Before you start to repair your files using the inbox repair tool i.e, ScanPST, be aware of its limitations. These limitations are also mentioned in this very section after the causes.

ScanPST - repair Outlook data files not responding

Causes of Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding Issue

  1. If your PST files are in use by other programs, there’s a high chance that your ScanPST tool stops responding.
  2. When this tool fails to fix your corrupted PST files, it stays still and stops responding to the users.
  3. Hard drive errors can also cause such issues. Don’t ignore the bad sectors in your hard drive.
  4. Another major reason is the attack of viruses, ransomware, malware, etc that causes this utility to stuck in between.
  5. Read & Write permissions of the Inbox Repair Tool also holds the ability to cause this problem in several cases.

Limitations to Be Aware Of

  1. PST files over 2Gb in size can not be repaired by this method.
  2. ScanPST fails to repair password-protected or encrypted files.
  3. Files with high-level corurption stand no chance of repair here.

Automated Alternative to Repair Outlook Data Files Not Responding 

To counter the hassles of manual solutions & execute the repair operation with utmost data security, select the modern approach. This method involves an automated tool to learn how to repair damaged Outlook PST easily.

Download the automated tool & then follow the below-mentioned steps carefully stated with their respective images.

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Step-1. Launch Tool & Click on the Add File button to attach corrupted PST files.

step- repair Outlook data files not responding

Step-2. Select Quick or Advance Scan based on the level of corruption in your data.


Step-3. From the available list, Select your desired files & then move to the next step. 


Step-4. Choose PST File format and Browse the Destination Folder path as follows.


Step-5. Hit the Export button at the end to simply start fixing files automatically.


Features of the Automated Tool

  • The ability to Fix corrupted Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes & journal data files.
  • It can repair high-level corruption from the data files using AI algorithms & advanced features.
  • Date & Category filters can help users to fix the issue of PST files in the most selective manner.
  • This tool can repair password-protected data files & SMIME/OpenPGP without any hassles at all.
  • This tool also allows users to learn how to unhide emails in Outlook & recover the deleted data items.
  • Users can fix files in bulk quantity without any size limit on the PST file. There’s total liberty to users here.
  • All Outlook versions are compatible with this utility along with Windows 11(64Bit) & below operating systems.

Fix the Inbox Repair Tool  Issues Manually

There are two ways by which users can fix Outlook data file repair not working & these are mentioned below.

Drive Status & Permissions
Users must check the health status of the hard drive & look for bad sectors if any. This prevents the hassle at the later stages. Moreover, read/write permissions should also be set before only. This can help users to repair Outlook data files not responding error.

Hard Drive Health

Verify the Size of the PST File
As we know that the ScanPST solution has a limitation of fixing files only under 2Gb in size. Files heavier than this can not be repaired. Hence, users must verify the size of files in advance. This way user can rectify the required changes at the initial state only.

End Outlook & Other Programs to Repair Outlook Data Files Not Responding

Last but not the least, users must close all the existing programs & especially the Microsoft Outlook application. Evidently, this can help fix the freezing problem of the Inbox Repair Tool. Moreover, signing out & signing in also helps in resolving this issue.

The objective is to stop the PST file from running in the background which ultimately creates Outlook data file repair not working error. Ending other programs also lets the machine focus on the major operation only.

Wrapping Up

As we discussed the solutions, their features & limitations successfully, it’s time to end this article. The automated approach is the best available solution users can opt to repair Outlook data files not responding errors. Moreover, other solutions possess multiple limitations that can cause hindrance for users to get desired results.

Evidently, selecting the right approach & tool results in better results. On the other hand, the wrong one can be the reason for disasters instead of fixing issues. Hence, IT experts also suggest selecting an automated approach because of being the safest solution.