Share Sharepoint Site With External Users

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Sharepoint benefits to business not only to create websites for organizations but also used as a secure place to store, share, organize & access information from almost all devices. Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Online is the cloud-based version of SharePoint that allows subscribers to store digital information and then collaborate to information with customers and co-workers. Share Files using Sharepoint Online 2013 has made IT staff to focus attention on helping users to create and administrate dynamic and powerful information collections rather maintaining costly hardware to share documents.

Admin role in Sharing Files/ Sites in Sharepoint Online

Understanding the purpose and scope of administrative is key to prepare a strong Site Collection. Sharing files with Sharepoint is a key to eliminate the responsibility of the site collections manage document and data between co-workers and clients.

There are three administration roles that impact your SharePoint Online deployment: Global Admin, SharePoint Online Admin, and Site Collection Admin. Signing up your Office 35 account, automatically make the user Global Administrator. It is important that you cannot delegate SharePoint Online administrator role to someone else who is unauthorized. The sharing feature of SharePoint Online enables to share content with anyone who locates inside or outside the organization. Perhaps, by default SharePoint site collection is accessible to only individuals sharing common department. But if admin like to collaborates with another individual or groups they can with the of Microsoft 365 Sharepoint. With the advance sharing feature, admin or authorized person can provide a degree of access even to anonymous users.

This invitation to share files in Sharepoint 2013 can be via emails. When the user accepts the invitation, they can log on using their Microsoft’s work or school account and then browse content easily. By default sharing permission of files is Can Edit but admin can select various restrictions like View Only, Allow All, Can Customize etc. Full control on a file share library Sharepoint 2013 can also be granted to other people. The user attempting to share will also get a notification that their request must be approved by admin. So administrator plays a very important role in sharing files in SharePoint Online.

How to Enable Site Sharing

To share multiple files via Sharepoint 2013 user must first be enabled at the organization level. To do this, firstly navigate to SharePoint Online admin center and then select Sharing mode on left.

Share Sharepoint Site With External Users

Then you need to select appropriate level of sharing for desired user.

Share Sharepoint Site With External Users

Once sharing is enabled at the organization level, it can then enabled/ disabled at the site collection level. To do this, select the site collection node on the left of the admin center, select the appropriate site collection through checkbox and then click on the Sharing button.


In end make appropriate sharing selection to Sharing properties box that appears.

Share Sharepoint Site With External Users

Understand Permissions to share files in Sharepoint Online

Permissions are utilized to provide users certain level to access an organization’s sites or files. SharePoint Online 2013 has multiple levels of permissions available depending on the data strength. However, figuring out exactly what level of data or site to access completely depends upon the admin. For example, you (admin) want to give a user read-only access to a particular site then SharePoint Online option to read-only access mode will help you. Permission levels make the data integrity and compatibility more intuitively strong.

Setting up Permissions
Permission levels viewed and created on root site is done by clicking on Site permissions link of the Site Settings. You must then select Permission Levels on the Permissions tab.

Share Sharepoint Site With External Users

This will display the existing permissions levels that can be changed

Share Sharepoint Site With External Users

And in end to grant access to the site, select Grant access, and then select the user and the appropriate permission level.

Share Sharepoint Site With External Users


Permission levels are pre-built collections of permissions, grouped under intuitive names for ease of reference and assignment. To share Sharepoint Site With External Users using Sharepoint 2013 has made it all easy and frequent to crawl file in Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint.