Transfer Files from Google Drive to OneDrive- Most Secure Method

Harshita Joshi | September 10th, 2020 | Google Drive, Migration, OneDrive

Google Drive and OneDrive are both the tremendous cloud storage drives which can store your prestigious data on cloud platforms. The OneDrive application is developed by Microsoft and Google Drive is launched by Google LLC. Most people use Google Drive because it greatly improves and manages user data. You can save documents, images, videos, and many other types of data. Most modern users would like to understand how to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive account and then they try to find an efficient solution that can easily carry out the G Drive to OneDrive transfer process.

Users can adopt for the available manual techniques but they would not give you the desired results. So, it is highly recommended to opt for a reliable and efficient tool that has certain advanced features. Hence, we present to you SysTools Google Drive to One Drive Migrator tool. This tool has helped the users to render a smooth transfer of files between Google Drive to OneDrive for Enterprises as well.

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Let us see the easy working steps of the tool:

Steps to Transfer Files from Google Drive to OneDrive- Without any Hassle

Please note that you need to download and install the G Drive to OneDrive Migrator Tool and enter the activation code to activate it. So that you are good to proceed with the coming steps.

Once the pre-requisites are met, without further ado perform these steps to migrate data from Google Drive to OneDrive account.

1. The first step is to make your Source and Destination Selection. In this case, it would be G Suite and Office 365.

source and destination

2. Now, choose your workload category as Document and apply the suitable features.


3. Moving further to the source screen, here enter your details like admin email, service account, etc. Validate the added details to ensure that correct information is provided.

g suite

4. Similarly, on the Destination screen, enter the details and validate the permissions, in the same manner, to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive.


5. Now, add the users from the source account which needs to be processed.


6. Continue and again click on validate to authorize the selected users’ source and destination resources.


7. The last step is to, select the users on the basis of priority, if needed, and Start Migration.

transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive

Elite Features Offered by the Tool

Transfer Google Drive Data to OneDrive –

This software is an advanced tool that lets you transfer data from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business. It permits you to transfer all your data like photos, archive files, PDF, .txt, Docx, .jpeg, and more in an organized way.

Prioritize Mailbox Transfer –

The utility to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive allows users to export any number of users and transfer from the provided list of source and destination accounts. You can also prioritize specific users and transfer Google Drive mailbox to OneDrive account.

Two Users to Add Users in Tool –

In order to transfer Google Drive files to OneDrive account, the user must provide the credentials of the source and destination mailboxes. To do this, you need to attach a CSV file with the following data:

  • Fetch Users – It allows users to automatically download all source accounts to the software.
  • Import Users – This option allows users to import a CSV file that contains information such as source and destination accounts.

Migrate Permissions as per Need –

After adding Google Drive admin credentials, the software will provide you with three different permissions to transfer G Drive data to OneDrive:
• Read
• Write
• Comment

Preserve Original Folder Hierarchy –

The application allows you to maintain the folder structure during and after the entire G Drive to OneDrive transfer process. It simply means that the user receives the transferred file with the original structure as before. This feature is very useful for accessing files after transferring Google Drive files to OneDrive without any restrictions.

Wrapping Up

Hence, this utility makes it easy to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business account. Also, by using this tool you can transfer Google Drive files to another account. Thanks to this advanced and robust software. Therefore, our only suggestion is to rely on this tool for a fast, efficient, and secure migration.