Office 365 Instant Messaging – Explore What is Lync Online?

What is Lync Online

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: November 12, 2016 | Lync Online, Office 365 | 3 Minutes Reading

Introduction to Skype for Business

In the following blog, we will be discussing what is Lync Online, its features & uses of Skype for Business.

Microsoft Lync Online was earlier known as MS Office 365 Communicator/ Skype for Business. It is an Office 365 instant messaging service, which is used with Microsoft Lync Server via Office 365 with cloud connectivity. It allows users to share all kinds of files with other users such as media content, PDF documents, ppt., etc. It has added various useful features for users. This application is designed for sending text messages, video chat, for cooperating meetings conduction, etc. Furthermore, it allows users to connect with Skype contacts that help to communicate with all users around the globe on extremely flexible scale. In the following section, we will discuss more uses of Skype for Business.

Let’s now discuss the features of Lync Online.

Features of Lync Online

  • Privacy Settings: It allows users to set the privacy that allows them to make available the desired information. It also permits to block the access to presence information for those who are not in contact list and select not to display the location information.
  • Presence Everywhere: Existence information is consistently available in SharePoint, Outlook and other Office applications. Users can initiate a conversation from the application with more streamlined communication and select to communicate capability from within the application.
  • Retain Old Conversation: This Office 365 instant messaging application enables users to maintain the track of old conversations with instant messages saved with date and timestamp of each exchanged message.
  • Externally Connect: Users can utilize instant messaging with other Lync users who are outside the network. Lync Meetings enable the users to collaborate and chat by sharing files and documents such as whiteboarding and desktop sharing.
  • Ad-hoc Meetings: It allows users to have powerful system-to-system and multiparty sharing of data capabilities that includes application sharing, PowerPoint presentation, annotations, desktop sharing, etc.
  • Mode of Presentation: Office 365 communicator allows the presenter to mute all other participants to be mute. While conferencing, individual participants cannot unmute themselves. Only, the presenter can change the state of a conference. Lync ensures that presence is found through office applications and arrange meetings easily.

Uses of Skype for Business

Now let’s explore about the uses of Skype for Business & know why we should go for it.
Lync Online works as common instant messenger along with an exception, which requires credentials while logging-in. It allows adjusting recording manager, video and audio device configurations from settings before signing in.

Lync Recording Manager
It allows users to record and playback the recordings and easily publishes to share it with others. It also allows the recording for meetings and messenger session. This feature enables users to record video, audio, instant messaging, whiteboard, polling, etc.

Lync Web App
With web conferencing capabilities the users do not have to install Lync on their devices & can communicate via web. These users can use web browser and join the meetings by using this web application. If the user is not having the Lync, then they can simply click on the Lync URL and join the meeting by utilizing Lync web application.

Observational Verdict

After knowing about what is Lync Online, its features and uses; we can say that it is a remarkable way to have online communication. As it provides various essential features that are required by users while communicating with other users.