What is Office Online – Complete User Guide

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: November 12, 2016 | General, Office 365, Office Online | 3 Minutes Reading

In this blog post, we will be discussing what is Office Online, its key features and Office Online applications.

Lets explore more in detail.

What is Office Online?

Office Online is a free, web-based application suite of MS Office 365, which is introduced by Microsoft. It has been developed with an aim to facilitate the creation and editing of files using browser based versions of office applications. It is a free utility provided by Microsoft to let users experience a new range of applications. It does not require any special plug-ins and it can be accessed from any browser. It provides a special feature for storage of the files. The interface of the application is so simple and interactive that even a novice user can handle the application easily.
The following section is aimed to provide a clear, simple introduction to what is Office Online.
What is Office Online

Key Features of Office Online

1. Web-Based Interface

Since, Office Online is a web-based service, it does not require to install MS Office applications on system. User just needs to log in to Office.com using Microsoft account and then choose among various services like Word Online, PowerPoint Online, Excel Online, calendar, People etc.

2. Cloud Storage

Office Online provides a cloud based storage to the users. Now, users can save their documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc on the cloud, which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. It provides free 15 GB cloud storage to each user.

3. Real Time Editing

As the data is stored on a common OneDrive, so all the authorized users can access the data from the cloud. It facilitates a real time editing, which allows multiple authorized users to edit the same document at a time.

4. Platform Compatibility

Since Office Online is a browser based application, so it can be accessed from any platform. Users can now conveniently use Office Online from any operating system or smart phones. This feature improves the mobility of the software.

5. Easy Workflow

The application allows to store data on a shared cloud. So, user can easily locate the data from the cloud. Moreover, storing the data on external cloud can help to reduce memory usage of the local system.

Microsoft Office Online Applications

After discussing what is Office Online & what are the features of Office Online. Let’s discuss about the apps provided in Office Online. The applications provided in this Office Online Suite are as follows:

1. PowerPoint Online
The latest features in PowerPoint Online are as follows:

  • Supports newly designed and free professional templates
  • Broadcast presentation through PowerPoint Desktop application

2. Word Online

Word Online provides basic features of MS Word along with following additional features:

  • Allows to create documents and invite others for review
  • Provides free templates with many formatting tools
  • Provide free Add-ins like Wikipedia Add-in for faster access

3. Excel Online
Excel Online provides the following special features to its users:

  • Permits to automatically save the data in spreadsheets
  • Provides modern charts and graphics to visualize data
  • Online collaboration with real-time environment


In this blog, we discussed about what is Office Online, the key features of Office Online, and Office Online Applications. In conclusion to this blog, we can say that Office Online is a good approach provided by Microsoft that provides collaboration of basic Office features with online cloud service. All the files gets saved on the cloud, in a secure manner, so users need not worry about corruption or formatting issue. Users can access their files anytime from any location, irrespective of the platform issues.