What is Yammer? – Introduction & User Guide

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: November 12, 2016 | Introduction, Office 365, Yammer | 4 Minutes Reading

Technology is changing the world constantly and to succeed in this ever changing & competitive world, companies need a new way to work together. Therefore, employees need to interact with each other to build new values towards the growth. Companies become fully connected when social information is embedded in the tools and processes. Let us learn about Enterprise Yammer, which provides a social interactive platform for every company. Moreover, we will be discussing what is Yammer, how we can sign up to Yammer, ways to use Yammer & the benefits of Yammer.


What is Yammer?

  • Enterprise Yammer is a feature that comes with every Office 365 plan along with SharePoint and it is enabled by default.

  • Yammer is a social private network that unites people, conversations, content and business data in a single location.

  • It helps multiple co-workers of an organization to stay connected, collaborate with their team members to make an impact at work.

  • It is accessible through either a mobile device or a web browser which keeps the employees connected anytime and anywhere.

How to Sign Up in Yammer?

In addition to what is Yammer, let’s learn how we can sign up to Yammer. As we know with Yammer, teams & departments can communicate within a single Office or multiple Offices across the globe through private & secure invitation-only network.

Steps for creating an account on Yammer are:

  1. Go to the official site of Yammer, i.e. “www.yammer.com”

  2. Enter your Company email address in the space and click on ‘Sign up’

  3. Check your email address to verify with the link sent for activation of Yammer account

  4. iv. Your account is successfully created.

Note: Your Company needs to register the domain for setting up a Yammer account.

Uses of Yammer

  • Join a Group

Joining a group facilitates projects across departments & helps in sharing ideas, files and discussing issues. You need an invitation to become a part of the private group while you can join any public group without permission.

  • Follow another Employee

In order to see the messages or posts that are of your common interest, you can follow that person on Yammer.

  • Reply to a Conversation

The interaction between different co-workers makes the conversation useful. Anyone in Yammer can reply to the conversation & suggest their ideas, which will help in keeping track of what they feel regarding the conversation’s topic.

  • Like Teammate’s message

Liking a message that is posted by an employee indicates the agreement with the idea proposed or acknowledgment of seeing the message or giving appreciation to a new business plan.

  • Check Inbox

Inbox provides a way of viewing and managing all the conversations relevant to the user. It may contain private messages, announcements, conversations where you are tagged.

  • Manage Feed Views

There are three types of feed views as stated below:

  1. Top: Top feed view contains the most relevant conversations based on what you have subscribed and interacted. It will also contain the top-most discussed conversation.

  1. All: All feed view includes every conversation that is in access without your organization.

  1. Following: As the name suggests, it includes all the conversations that you have followed or actively participated.

Yammer Benefits

  • Staffs and Senior employees stay connected on the same page to avoid miscommunication

  • Yammer creates a shared communication space to clarify any doubt or to bring up a best-suited solution.

  • Overcomes Silo Mentality among employees to increase efficiency and enhance progressive corporate culture.

  • Yammer provides an easier way to spot synergies than Emails and saves time and money.


The blog is written with the motive to spread information of a social network, Yammer for interaction with employees in organizations. Yammer is available with every Office 365 plan, which provides multiple co-workers an efficient way to share ideas. The blog has discussed what is Yammer, its functions and other benefits provided by it. In conclusion, to this blog, we can say that Yammer is recommended when we want a private social network for our organization.