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office365tips.org is a collaborative platform crafted by and for Office 365 enthusiasts and experts. Our mission is to serve as the premier knowledge hub for all things Office 365, offering valuable insights and practical guidance. Whether you're a user, administrator, or enthusiast, join us in exploring the comprehensive suite of services Microsoft Office 365 offers in the cloud.

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Anuraag Singh

CEO & Co-Founder of SysTools, he strongly believes in using technology to make life easier.

His passion lies in creating innovative solutions that simplify tasks and boost productivity for businesses. This vision motivates him to create cutting-edge solutions that empower both individuals and businesses to navigate complexities effortlessly, making the digital landscape more efficient and streamlined.

Some of his financial and operational capabilities:

  • Fundraising (Debt & Equity $150Mn+)Finance Controllership (Audit, Income tax, GST, Internal control)
  • Financial planning & analysis
  • Business finance and treasury function ($200Mn+)
  • Financial planning & analysis Business finance and treasury function ($200Mn+)

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Mohit Jha

Mohit is an enthusiastic independent technical blogger, whose main areas of interest are Cloud Migration, Backup, and Recovery. His insightful posts provide valuable insights and practical advice to troubled users. Read More...


Aldrich Calvin

Aldrich Calvin is an avid independent technical blogger who brings knowledge and expertise to his Cloud Backup and Recovery focus areas, specifically honing in on Microsoft 365. Read More...


Siddharth Sharma

Siddharth Sharma is a dedicated technical analyst with a passion for delving into the intricacies of Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and many other popular cloud platforms. Read More...