Easily Connect Namecheap Domain to Google Workspace Without Data Loss

connect namecheap domain to google workspace

Mohit Jha | Modified: August 7, 2023 | G Suite | 9 Minutes Reading

Summary: This technical guide explains how to connect Namecheap domain to Google Workspace for both Windows and Mac OS. Stay with the article till the end to find the two effective solutions to transfer Namecheap to Google domains.

Namecheap has been offering its domain registration, web hosting, and other digital services for the last two decades. It has been trying to make a strong presence since then. However, more advanced technologies and emailing facilities have emerged, especially Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), which offers seamless collaboration and email services. Therefore, users want to connect Namecheap domain to Gmail for business. It’s not the only reason, most users are facing technical issues with the Namecheap domain and want to switch to Google Workspace. 

Let’s have a look at one of the user queries finding a reliable solution for connecting to Gmail for business.

Hi there! I have been using Namecheap domain for 3 years now. And, recently I am facing an issue in that my domain’s email from Namecheap is not sending/receiving messages. I tried finding solutions online but didn’t get one. So, finally, I decided to connect Namecheap domain to Google Workspace. But, I have no clue how to do that. I’d appreciate it if anyone could suggest any reliable solutions.

We found more such user queries wanting to connect to Google Workspace. But, why? Let’s find out!

Why do Users Want to Transfer Namecheap to Google Domains?

Mostly, it depends on their specific needs and priorities. Here are some of the common reasons why they might wish to connect to the Google domain.

  • Communication & Collaboration Tools: Google provides robust collaborative tools such as Gmail for professional email, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Google Meet, etc which can be seamlessly integrated that further allows users to collaborate and share among team members smoothly.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The G Suite applications are designed in such a way that they can be operated on mobile devices. It allows users to access their emails, documents, etc from smartphones while on the go. That’s why they are preferring to connect Namecheap domain to Google Workspace.
  • Scalability: Google Workspace offers immense facilities that can cater to businesses of all sizes. From start-ups to large organizations, if a business grows it has the capability to scale to meet the increased demand.
  • Manage User Accounts Centrally: With Google Workspace, organizations can manage user accounts, security settings, and device management from a single dashboard. 
  • Professional Email Service: Last but not least, Google facilitates users with professional email services (Gmail for Business) where they can get their own domain name along with loads of benefits and features. Due to features like advanced spam filters, large storage capacities, and customizable email addresses users want to connect Namecheap domain to Gmail for business.

Since the reason for connecting Namecheap to Google is quite clear. Let’s see how can this be done.

Scenario 1- New Namecheap Domain

If you have a newly purchased domain from Namecheap but want to point to Google Workspace mailing service then you have to verify the domain ownership first. And, it can be done through multiple steps which are described in the following section.

How to Connect Namecheap Domain to Google Workspace?

To connect a domain purchased from Namecheap to G Suite, you’ll have to follow multiple steps. This includes adding various DNS records to your domain’s DNS settings so that your domain’s DNS settings will point to Google’s servers.

Here’s the detailed step you can follow.

  1. Sign in to Namecheap: First, you need to log in to your Namecheap website account.
  2. Access DNS Settings: Next, go to your Manage Domains or Domain Management section to locate the domain you want to connect to Google Workspace and then move to its DNS settings. 

manage DNS

  1. Update DNS Records: After that, you will need to add or modify the following DNS records to your domain’s DNS settings:
  • MX Records: For proper email routing, adding MX records from Google Workspace is crucial. 

mx records

  • TXT Records: These are essential for domain verification and other functions. It’s crucial that you incorporate the exact TXT records provided by Google Workspace without changing any.
  1. Save Changes: Once you have added the required MX and TXT records, make sure to save your modifications in the Namecheap DNS settings to connect Namecheap domain to Google Workspace.

save changes

  1. Domain Verification: To verify your domain, you need to follow the instructions in your Google Workspace admin console. It usually involves adding a code or record to your DNS settings.

Google admin console

  1. Wait for DNS Changes to Reflect: DNS changes may take time to appear on the internet, causing email and other services to not work as expected during the propagation process which can take up to 48 hours.

Important Note: When connecting Namecheap domain to Google Workspace, the changes take longer to reflect, hence, decide when you want to migrate your emails as it is equally essential to ensure a smooth transition to Google Workspace while retaining access to important historical data. For your convenience, we’ve elaborated two solutions for email migration (for both Windows and Mac) in the coming sections.

  1. Complete Setup: Once the DNS propagation is complete and your domain is verified, you can follow Google’s instructions to complete the setup of Google Workspace for your domain. This might involve creating user accounts, configuring email settings, and other administrative tasks.

Scenario 2 – Existing Namecheap Users

If you’re already using the Namecheap webmail service then you have to make sure all the user data is migrated to the new domain before modifying MX records. Otherwise, there is a chance of data loss once it starts pointing to Google Workspace. 

Thus, the exact steps you can follow are given below.

  1. Create users for connecting Namecheap to Google Workspace.
  2. Perform the same domain migration using an automated tool.
  3. Update the MX records so that the new emails received will route to G Suite.
  4. Once the complete migration process is done, carry out Delta migration i.e. transfer the new emails received during the migration.

To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled two different automated solutions for your data/email migration.

Solution 1 – Transfer Namecheap to Google Domains – Email Migration for Windows Users

When it comes to connecting the Namecheap domain to G Suite, without email migration it remains an incomplete task. it is always advised to opt for an automated and professional solution. That’s why, we’ve come up with an easy and quick solution that involves a professional automated tool IMAP to G Suite Migrator to make the migration simple and smooth. This tool is capable of migrating emails from all IMAP-supported domains including Namecheap. 

Here are a handful of features of the tool.

  • Transfers multiple mailboxes to G Suite with attachments.
  • To connect Namecheap domain to Google Workspace, it can migrate all Data from Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, etc.
  • Preserves the folder structure even after the successful migration.
  • Allows selective transfer of Namecheap emails through the Date Filter option.
  • It provides the option to choose the order of mailbox migration when connecting Namecheap domain to Google Workspace.

Now, let’s discuss how you can use the tool for data transfer.

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Transfer Email from Namecheap to Google – Step by Step Procedure for Windows

Step 1. First, download the above-mentioned software on your device. Then, choose IMAP and G Suite as Source and Destination respectively.

choose Source & Destination

Step 2. Click on the Email checkbox, next, tap on the Date Filter option, and then choose the desired dates.

Select Email to connect Namecheap domain to Google Workspace

Step 3. Now, to connect Namecheap domain to Google Workspace and transfer the emails from the source, select the IMAP Server as Others, validate it, and click Next.

choose others

Step 4. After that, go to the Destination tab and enter the  Destination Admin Email ID, Service Account & Certificate File. Then validate the same and click Next.

destination details

Step 5. Now, add users through Import Users or Download Template option to map the users for migration.

add users

Step 6. Next, provide the Source App Password and Validate the Source & Destination permission to transfer Namecheap to Google domains.

enter source app password

Step 7. Finally, click on the Start Migration button to begin the process.

start migration

Note: Perform Delta Migration for newly arrived emails on Namecheap.

delta migration

Solution 2 – Connect Namecheap Domain to Google Workspace – Email Migration for Mac Users

Mostly, on the internet, you’ll find various solutions for Windows users. However, you will find the best solution which is compatible with all Mac devices to connect Namecheap domain to Gmail for business. The IMAP Migration Tool is specially designed for Mac so that users can easily transfer their emails.

Let’s quickly cover the detailed steps.

6 Simple Steps to Migrate Emails & Transfer Domain from Namecheap to Google on Mac

Step 1. Download the above-suggested tool on your Mac device.

Step 2. Then, choose the Souce IMAP account as Others and Destination as G Suite. Then validate both.

Choose Source and Destination

Step 3. Now, click Add if you have more IMAP accounts and want to perform concurrent migration.

add to connect namecheap domain to google workspace

Step 4. Apply Advance Settings such as Date Filter and Folder Filter.

add date filter and folder filter

Step 5. Then, click the checkboxes ‘Attach Source Account Tree’ to maintain the folder hierarchy & ‘Delta Migration’ to migrate the appended emails.

attach source account tree

Step 6. Then, click on Start Migration to complete the migration so that you smoothly connect Namecheap domain to Google Workspace.

start migration

Verified Tool Features:

  • Supports various IMAP accounts such as Gmail, AOL, Namecheap, hMailServer, etc.
  • It can migrate emails from multiple accounts.
  • Maintains folder hierarchy even after migration.
  • It has different advanced settings such as Date Filter, Folder Filter, etc.
  • Compatible with MAC OS X 10.8 and above versions.


In this technical guide, we’ve covered all the aspects required to connect Namecheap domain to Google Workspace. From DNS settings to performing email migration, we’ve elaborated on each and every step in detail. Thus, carefully go through the steps and achieve your goal to transfer domain from Namecheap to Google.

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