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Learn How to Add SharePoint to File Explorer – Quick Access Guide!

Published By Mohit Jha
Anuraag Singh
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Published On June 11th, 2024
Quick Access to SharePoint File/Folders when you are offline is tricky. In this post, we are discussing the steps and methods through which you can add a SharePoint shortcut to File Explorer. however, we are also discussing the definition and benefits of using it.

SharePoint is the most used collaboration platform by organizations. However, you can also add the SharePoint content using OneDrive to Windows Explorer. Therefore, a question can pop up in one’s mind “How to add SharePoint to File Explorer”. Additionally, adding SharePoint site content as a File Explorer helps you to get a centralized view. Moreover, you can not add it directly to File Explorer you need to have OneDrive to add this.

I have been using SharePoint for the past 2 years and whenever I have to see the files and folders I have to log in to SharePoint. Is there any way through which I can see my SharePoint site content in File Explorer? Please guide me and provide steps through which I can access my SharePoint site content from File Explorer.


Sure, you can add SharePoint site files and folders to File Explorer but there is not any direct way to do this you need to first have OneDrive installed on your PC with the same email address as SharePoint. Let’s see how you can add it.

What is File Explorer?

File Explorer, previously known as Windows Explorer. It is a built-in application on Microsoft Windows that allows you to manage your computer’s files and folders. However, it is like a digital filing cabinet that helps you organize and access your locally saved documents, pictures, videos, and other stuff. 

Benefits of Adding SharePoint to File Explorer

Before answering how to add SharePoint to File Explorer you need to first understand the benefits it provides.

  • Fast access: Using the local File Explorer to view your files and folders could require fewer clicks than opening a browser and doing multiple SharePoint site searches.
  • Easy to use: It may create URLs with folder names that are more precise than the random character paths by placing files, folders, and places.
  • Sharing capabilities: By using a right-click on a file in File Explorer, you can easily use SharePoint’s sharing options.
  • Acceptance by users: File Explorer can be used by users who are not familiar with SharePoint’s workings to obtain an instantly recognizable screen.
  • Sync simplified: While your device is online, changes made in Windows  Explorer are instantly synchronized to SharePoint.
  • History of versions: Similar to SharePoint, you can see every saved version of files.

How to Add SharePoint to File Explorer?

There are two ways through which you can add it with the help of OneDrive.

Note: To perform the given steps you need to have OneDrive Account with the same Email Address.

1. Let’s see the steps to add using Sync:

Step 1. First, log in to SharePoint, go to your site, and go to settings placed in the upper right corner.

Login to sharepoint site

Step 2. Now in the opened menu click on “Site Content”.

setting menu

Step 3. Click on the folder you want to add in File Explorer.

folders to add

Step 4. Click on sync and open OneDrive

add folder as shortcut

After following this step you can add using Sync and verify it in your File Explorer in your organization name folder.

2. Steps to add SharePoint to File by creating a Shortcut:

Follow all the steps above steps the only change is 

Step 5. Select “Add Shortcut to OneDrive”. 

This will add the site content folder in OneDrive as a shortcut folder you can verify it from your file explorer. After following these steps You have successfully learned how to add SharePoint to File Explorer.


Centralized data can help you with quick access and easy management. To conclude, we have defined all the steps and methods that are required to solve your query regarding how to add SharePoint to File Explorer. However, we have also discussed the brief introduction and benefits. If you have also a query regarding this you can follow the guide and perform the steps mentioned.