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How to Merge Sites in SharePoint? The Step-By-Step Solution

Published By Aldrich Calvin
Anuraag Singh
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Published On November 2nd, 2023

Summary: SharePoint is used to create the sites for different purposes. Sites are created and merged as per the requirements of the Organization. Here you will find the complete steps to merge sites in SharePoint in an efficient manner.

Nowadays, the usage of SharePoint sites is increasing at an alarming rate. SharePoint is a part of the Office 365 subscription plan which is used for different reasons such as assigning tasks, tracking the status, making announcements, and many more. But sometimes there is a requirement to merge two sites in SharePoint because of several reasons.

“ Hi, I am a Project manager at the top MNC. One of my Team members left the company that manages the SharePoint site. Now, I need to merge that site into the existing one. Can anyone help me to perform merging of two SharePoint sites into one?”

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Why You Should Combine SharePoint Sites?

Let’s elaborate on the distinct reasons for combining SharePoint sites into one.

  • Easier to Access – When there are multiple sites in the organization it becomes difficult to access and creates a lot of confusion too. But when the sites are merges into one then accessing the site for users becomes easier.
  • Reduce the usage of Resources – If there is one SharePoint site instead of multiple, then the allocated resources are also reduce which saves the cost of the organization.
  • Search is Optimized – When all the content is in one place users are also able to search the required details quickly which saves and efforts.
  • Improve Security – If the sites merge into one then it becomes easy to secure the permissions of the site. To maintain the crucial data, one site is a good choice.

How to Merge Sites in SharePoint in an Efficient Way?

Microsoft does not offer any solution that can merge two SharePoint sites. Moreover, the manual method needs a deep knowledge of PSH commands. Apart from understanding PSH commands, there are many complexities that occur at the run-time due to which admins also avoid the manual method.

One of the best-automated solutions that is widely used to merge SharePoint sites is the SysTools SharePoint migration tool. Experts recommend this tool to combine SharePoint sites into one efficiently. This tool is able to migrate SharePoint list to another site without hassle.

Using the Date filter, you can eliminate the unwanted data and select the required data for the merging. The complete process of merging can be tracked with the help of a dashboard. If the new data arrives in between the process, then it is also able to merge by using the Delta option. You can easily copy document library from one site to another.

After the process is completed, a complete report is generated containing all the steps that run to merge sites in SharePoint during the process. This tool is compatible with the Windows 11 and 10 versions.

Steps to Combine SharePoint Sites Online

Step 1. Download this tool on the system.

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Step 2. Select Office 365 as the Source and destination.

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Step 3. Enable the option of Sites under the workload and apply the Date filter.

select partition

Step 4. Enter the required credentials in the Source tab validate and hit on Next.

scanned vhd file

Step 5. Now in the destination tab enter the destination details and Next after validation.

scan partition

Step 6. Load the users into the tool by using Fetch Users, Import Users, or Download template options.


Step 7. Select the sites for merging and click on the Start Migration button.

migration options

Advanced Features of the Tool to Merge Sites in SharePoint

  • Provides data security throughout the process.
  • There is no limitation on file size.
  • Feature to Map the permission settings between Source and destination users.
  • Supports the concept of batch migration.
  • Option to Retry the failed items and Re-run the complete migration.

Key Points to Combine SharePoint Sites

Now, you know the complete process of merging different sites in SharePoint. Let’s find some key points that you should know before the process begins for the seamless merging with the help of SharePoint Online migration checklist.

1. Reason to Merge sites in SharePoint – Find the reason to merge SharePoint sites, and what the benefits you will get after merging sites. Before deep diving directly into the process take permission from the top management.

2. Plan the Strategy – Following the process without having a plan can create several issues such as data loss. So, to overcome these upcoming issues you need to take the backup of the data and also evaluate the other risks that cause problems during the merging of two sites in SharePoint online.

3. Inform other users – You should also communicate with the users before starting the merging process so that they all are ready in advance to handle the upcoming changes. Give them the training if required.

4. Test Project – Before running the actual project, prepare a test project and run it to identify the upcoming challenges and solve them before running the actual project.

5. Status of the Migration – Keep track of the status of the migration and make sure that all of the data is migrated or not. Also, explore the generated report to understand the complete procedure to combine SharePoint sites.


Here we have discussed all the reasons to merge sites in SharePoint, there can be multiple reasons to perform merging also. The expert-recommended tool is explained along with the steps to merge SharePoint sites. Now your query is resolved with a detailed explanation.