How to Migrate Calendar from G Suite to Office 365 | Explained

migrate calendar from gsuite to office 365

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: November 30, 2022 | cloud, G Suite | 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Do you need to migrate calendar from G suite to Office 365? Read further to know about the different methods that you can for the same. And also know about the differences and benefits of using one method over the other.

Migrate Calendar From G Suite to Office 365

Recently, a large number of Google email account users are believed to be trying to switch from Google Workspace to Outlook 365 or OWA (Office 365). As we all know, whenever a user migrates a G Suite mailbox to an Office 365 account, they have to migrate their mailbox data from their old email account to the new email account. In addition to this requirement, users sometimes have to specifically link or migrate calendar from G Suite to Office  365. It can be seen that users are facing questions about adding, migrating, or syncing Google Workspace calendars to Office 365. These types of queries usually are as follows:

“A few days ago, I downloaded data from Google Workspace calendar. The zip file contains five to six iCalendar files. I want to migrate these files to an Office 365 account. Can I transfer the Google Workspace calendar and Migrate those files to MS Office 365? “

Reasons to Transfer Google Calendar to Office 365 

For various reasons, there are many situations where users tend to migrate Google Workspace calendar to Office 365 data, including email messages and contact information. For example, if a user is trying to migrate Google Workspace calendar to Office 365 and wants to easily migrate calendar data only from the Google account to their newly created account. Now he will be perplexed. The same query types and user concerns are related to migrating Google Workspace calendar to Office 365, which will be discussed in detail in this article.

How to Migrate Calendar from G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 Using Manual Method? 

Below are the manual migration steps that you can perform to migrate calendar data to Outlook 365.

  • First, open your Google account. 
  • Then, click on the App menu icon.
  • Next, an option will be given to select various applications. Now click on the “Calendar” option.
  • The calendar will be displayed on the screen. You can add any event or meeting as needed.
  • Then, click on My Calendar on the left. Then, the following two options will appear in the drop-down list:
  • Create new calendar
  • Set value
  • You have to click on the “Settings” option and then click on the “Export Calendar” option in it.
  • This will start downloading the calendar in .ical format. Unzip the downloaded file.

To perform Google calendar migration to Office 365, sign in to your O365 email account.

  • Next, go to the calendar option. Then click Add Calendar.
  • When done, click the “From File” option from the “Add Calendar” drop-down list.
  • After this browse and select the downloaded file from the Google account.
  • Choose some names to display in your Office 365 email account.
  • Now save the file by clicking the “Save” button.
  • You can now view Google Workspace calendar data in your Office 365 email account from the calendar on the left side of your account

Limitations of Using Manual Method to Transfer Google Calendar to Office 365 

  • The manual method mentioned above only migrates Google Workspace calendar to Office365. However, some users may want to migrate all of their mailbox data from their Google Suite accounts.
  • You can only migrate calendar from G Suite to Office 365 of one account at a time. I you want to migrate data from multiple accounts then you have to perform the steps multiple times. 
  • Lack of any type of filters before the migration process. 

Professional Tool to Migrate Calendar From G Suite to Office 365

From the above, you can clearly see that using the manual method has a lot of limitations. Hence it is not recommended to use the manual method since there are risks of data loss. SysTools G Suite to Office 365 Migration Software is an excellent tool that you can use without losing events, permissions, and other mailbox metadata attributes. This is a proven end-to-end cloud migration application that can import all data items from Google Business Mail. The software has excellent features and can export your data easily.

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Here are the steps to migrate G Suite Calendar to Office365:

  • Download, install and run the migration tool on the Windows system.
  • Select “G Suite” and “Office 365” in the “Source” and “Destination” platforms respectively.

  • Uncheck everything else and select the “Calendar” option in the “Select Workload” section and apply the data range filter accordingly.

  • Enter the administrator ID, application ID, and upload the certificate file for G Suite in the Source Section for verification.

  • Similarly, enter your Office 365 admin email and App ID in the “Destination” window for verification.

  • Now go to the “Users” window and import a list of users with their preferred options.

  • After importing the options map the source users to the destination. 

  • Once everything is in set according to your requirements click on the start migration button.

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Concluding remarks

We hope you find this article particularly useful, especially the step-by-step guide to migrating calendar from G Suite to Office 365. If you’re trying to export items other than your calendar from Google, you can easily select the other options in the workload section. This is also an ideal way to securely import data from multiple accounts of G Suite to Office 365 at the same time.