Office 365 Tenant To Tenant Migration Step By Step – Explained

Anurag | July 15th, 2021 | Office 365, Tips, Tricks

Are you sucked while performing Office 365 tenant to tenant migration step by step? The migration projects in O365 can be a challenging task, if not followed the right approach for it. In this blog, we have come up with the top solution to do the same without any hindrance.

But before dive into the possible solutions, let’s have a quick glance at the user’s query to understand the whole scenario in a better way.

User Query:

I am looking for a step-by-step guide to perform an O365 tenant to tenant migration task. This is quite difficult for me, however, I need to migrate 200 user’s mailbox to another tenant. I have searched for a direct solution or tool but did not get one. Can anyone help me or provide me an approach for the same?


Nowadays, organizations are rapidly adopting Office 365 and the increasing number of Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture activities, leaves organizations dealing with various types of data migrations projects in Office 365.

Here comes the key part of this blog, there are mainly two ways to carry out data migration in O365. The first is the manual method using the PowerShell Scripts and the second is the automated solution. Let’s dive into each approach in order to perform this opeartion step by step.

Why not to Use the Manual Method for Migration Between Tenants in Office 365

In this manual method, users need to run PowerShell cmdlets scripts, which require great technical expertise. A minor mistake or mis-stype in these scripts can result in multiple errors and failures in this migration process. Moreover, PowerShell has its own limitations as it does not maintain the data integrity and folder structure or hierarchy. Moreover, it can hamper the running business by creating a temporary communication halt. Hence, organizations must understand the downtime and shortcomings involved in this manual approach. In this way, this becomes a tedious and time-consuming approach to follow for this data transfer operation.

Step by Step Automated Approach to Execute Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration

It is very evident from the above section, that the manual method is not suitable to perform for those users who are not technically sound. Along with all this PowerShell has its own limitations. As, it is well known that apart from PowerShell scripts, there is no native method is provided by Microsoft.
Hence in this situation, it is suggested to use Office 365 Mailbox Migration Tool. An automated and reliable solution to speed up the whole process of O365 tenant to tenant migration. It ensures a seamless data transition experience for its users along with maximum data protection and integrity.

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Special Features that Makes this Software Different From Others?

  • Category Based Migration – This utility lets its users choose data item categories like emails, contacts, calendars, and documents. They can select the desired items accordingly to perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration
  • Selection-Based Data Migration – Another modern feature integrated into this software is the Date based filter, enabling users to migrate data of a specific date range to the destination without any hassle.
  • The integrity of Data – The most remarkable feature of this software making it stand alone is data integrity. It keeps the original data intact throughout the migration between tenants in Office 365.
  • Priority Wise Account Migration – Another feature that gives it an edge over others is the facility to prioritize the user’s account undergoing the process. Users can mark the stars icon provided in the utility, in order to prioritize user’s accounts before the migration process.

Follow the Step by Step Guide to Perform Office 365 Tenant Migration

In order to run this software, you need to download & open it from the given button above. This tool is able to perform multiple types of data migration projects such as Shared mailbox migration, OneDrive migration, within different Office 365 domains.

1. Select Source and Destination platforms from the main UI as “Office 365”.


2. From the given options you need to select the desired items such as emails, contacts, calendars, and documents. Use the “Date-Based” filter for selective data transfer provided by this utility.

3. Now you have to log in with the source and the destination Email ID & Application ID in order to validate the permissions, click on the “Validate” button to validate it.

4. After the successful validation Click on the “Next” button.

5. You can create user mapping by opting for any of these three options provided by this utility such as Fetch Users, Import Users, Download CSV, and proceed with the Office 365 tenant to tenant migration step by step guide.

6. After the successful creation of user mapping. Now click on the “Validate” button.

Once all the permissions are validated. Now you have to click on the start migration button. The migration process will start and this process would take a few minutes to perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration.

Concluding Words

Performing Office 365 tenant migration can be a tedious and laborious task, moreover, users should be technically sound to do the same. Understanding the complications faced by users, we have provided the most convenient solution for this operation.

Using the above-mentioned tool, users without having any prior technical knowledge can also easily perform O365 migration projects, while keeping the data integrity and security. Therefore we have discussed Office 365 tenant to tenant migration step by step.


Can we use this software for migration in Office 365 before purchasing the full version?
Yes, this utility is integrated with a free demo version that allow you to download the demo version for free. Moreover, you can migrate 2 user accounts completely for free along with email, contact, calendar and document to the destination account.

I want to migrate data from 6th March to till date, from the source account to the destination account. Is there any option to migrate data selectively with this tool?
Yes, this is a well engineered utility, that offers date based filter for selective data migration form the source Office 365 to destination account without any data loss.

Does this software made any change in data structure while migration process?
No, this software never make any changes to the user data. Moreover, it keeps the user data intact, and also maintains the folder structure and hierarchy through out the Office 365 tenant to tenant migration.