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How to Transfer Email From Zoho To Gmail? Best Solutions Explained

Published By Aldrich Calvin
Anuraag Singh
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Published On September 21st, 2023

Most users are usually asking how to transfer email from Zoho to Gmail. Both Zoho and Gmail are widely used cloud-based email programs. But, why users are leaning towards Gmail? We’ll soon find the reasons and the relevant methods.

Before discussing the methods for the migration, let’s first take a look at the reasons why users are choosing Gmail over Zoho.

Why do Users Migrate from Zoho to Gmail/ G Suite?

To find out the genuine reasons behind the switching, we have to compare the various aspects of the two platforms.

  • User Interface – Gmail’s UI is more interactive and user-friendly as compared to Zoho.
  • Better Integration with Google Services –  Since Gmail is a part of Google service, it opens up the door for the users to include a range of services such as Google Drive, Calendar, Docs, etc easily.
  • Storage Space – Gmail provides free storage space of 15 GB (for personal accounts) which is more as compared to Zoho which gives only 5 GB. That’s why users want to transfer email from Zoho to Gmail.
  • Spam Filtering – Gmail has better spam filtering than Zoho which assures users they will have a clean and safe inbox.
  • Search & Organization – Gmail has powerful search capabilities that make it easier for users to find and organize their emails easily.

These are some comparisons that influence most users to switch platforms.

Quick Steps to Transfer Email from Zoho to Gmail

Step 1. Download the following Zoho to Gmail Migration tool.

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Step 2. Enter the Source i.e. Zoho credentials and validate.

Step 3. Enter the Destination i.e. Gmail credentials and validate.

Step 4. Apply Advanced Settings such as Date Filter as needed.

Step 5. Finally, Start the Migration.

Different Methods to Migrate from Zoho to Gmail 

These methods are safe and pre-tested so you don’t need to worry about data privacy. We are sharing the two best ways for Zoho to Gmail email migration. You just need to follow the steps which are written below:

Manual Method to Transfer Email from Zoho to Gmail

Follow the below steps to Migrate from Zoho to Gmail:-

  1. First log into your Zoho mail account.
  2. Then click on the gear icon(setting) and then find email forwarding and POP/IMAP from the left side of the screen menu and click on it.
  3. After that enable IMAP from the selection (Note down IMAP configuration details), Then open any browser and log in to your Gmail account. Afterward, click the Setting option and choose the Account and Import Tab>>Add Another Email Address.
  4. Then you will see the next wizard. Enter your name and Zoho email address of the account so that you can transfer email from Zoho to Gmail.
  5. Now, Enter the exact configuration details. SMTP Server: smtp.Zoho.com. Port value: 465. Then enter Zoho login credentials. Click Add Account.
  6. Then open your Zoho account again this time. You will notice that you have received a confirmation link after adding the account, Easily click on the same link.
  7. After that, click on the Settings icon from the Zoho email account and Select Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  8. Then, you will get an option named Add Email Address to Transfer Email From Zoho To Gmail. Click on it and type the Gmail email address in that same address you need to receive the Zoho emails. Then, click on the Add button.
  9. At the end, you will receive a confirmation email to your Gmail account. So Easily click to confirm the email ID.
  10. Lastly, put the confirmation code in the Zoho Mail account to verify the forwarding.

If you followed these steps we can surely say that all the emails that are sent to the Zoho mail will come to the Gmail account. 

Transfer Zoho Mail To Gmail Using the Easiest Automation Method

If you are confused with the above-mentioned method and you don’t want to waste your time with the complexity involved in the manual one. Then, you can follow this method which is an automation method where you don’t need any technical knowledge. This method uses the professional IMAP migration software using which you can transfer your emails quickly. 

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Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

1. First, download this software to perform this migration,  on your machine. then, follow the steps to Migrate from Zoho to Gmail.

2. Read a few instructions given for this automated software, read them, and click on Continue.

log in screen

3. On the next screen select Zoho mail as the Host Name and give the User Name and Password that you need to migrate emails from.

enter source details to transfer email from Zoho to Gmail

4. Here, select Destination as IMAP Account, then select the G Suite option, and provide the active User Name and Password in which you want to access emails.

enter destination details

5. If you need to migrate emails from multiple Zoho Mail to Gmail/G Suite accounts then tap on the Add option in the tool.


6. Here you can find extra filters by clicking on the Advance Settings for Zoho Mail emails to access them later in the destination account.

advanced settings to transfer email from zoho to gmail

7. At the final step, click on the Start Migration option to start the process for a batch of Zoho mail to Gmail.

start migration


Now you know some major reasons why people Transfer Email From Zoho To Gmail migration, and we have explained the best solution here. In this article, we have suggested the simplest and most preferred professional software. Using the tool, you can easily transfer your Zoho emails without any technical difficulty.