Why are Users Moving to Office 365 Explained Here

Why are Users Moving to Office 365 Reasons Explained

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Published On September 8th, 2023
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Even with so many new entrants in the market for business productivity suite, the question remains the same: why are users moving to Office 365 in droves? So, to answer this question we present this blog which compiles all the facts in an easy to understand manner. Moreover, here we describe everything that makes Office 365 the preferred choice of organizations all around the world. So, without further ado, let’s start by reviewing the benefits of switching to Office 365.

Advantages After an Upgrade to Office 365

Cloud-Based Accessibility: Office 365 runs past the competition with its anytime anywhere access. Moreover, no matter the device you have, be it a mobile phone, office desktop or a dedicated workstation, Office 365 is optimized to work in all environments. This due to the cloud based nature of the platform which syncs all of your devices together. So users can login anywhere and continue to work without any hassle.

Collaborate & Communicate With Ease: Another one of the standout features of Office 365 is how it completely changes the way we collaborate in work environments. Moreover, Word, Excel and Powerpoint all have the capability to be used in real-time by multiple users. This when combined with the video chatting platform MS Teams takes communication to new heights. 

Enhanced Cyber Security: With the rapid increase in cyber attacks security has become a topmost concern for businesses worldwide. Here, also Office 365 has got you covered. With its Advanced Threat Protection system  all malware, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats can be resolved before they touch your data. Additionally, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features help prevent accidental data leaks, providing peace of mind to organizations handling sensitive information.

Now let’s look at how migrating to Office 365 helps in cutting down on costs.

Cost-Efficient Reason to Move towards Office 365 

Subscription-Based Model: Microsoft has no shortage of plans when it comes to its signature product the Office 365. Also users can customize the plan to only pay for what they want to use. Moreover, every plan is available on a subscription-based model, with no upfront cost. This makes the costs predictable so even organizations with limited budgets can get exactly what they need. 

Eliminating On-Premises Infrastructure: Only those who operate an  on-premises server  know how quickly the costs add up. This is because all hardware upgrades are the responsibility of the client no matter what. However, with the rise of solutions like Office 365, these costs become a thing of the past. As Microsoft itself handles all hardware upgrades at no additional cost.

Automated Scalability Reduces Costs: Given that Office 365 scales automatically with the increase in demand with no client intervention. It means users no longer have to purchase additional hardware which is useless after some time. Furthermore, admins can easily add or remove licenses whenever there is a change in workforce. So this unique scalability ensures that you only pay for what you use, with no surprise expenses.

Migrate to Office 365 to Enjoy Constant Software Updates

Only Latest Features: Traditionally users only purchased the which quickly become outdated resulting in a constant cycle of purchasing and installing. Office 365 put a stop to such primitive practices once and for all. Here users get the latest updates on the date of its release without pushing a single button.

Automatic Updates vs. Manual Updates: No matter what no one likes to sit through the endless screens of manual software installation. So with Office 365 Microsoft removed this unproductive step altogether. This not only saves time but also reduces the burden on IT departments. Moreover, users no longer have to struggle with device compatibility issues and downtime.

Upgrade for Industry Leading Data Backup and Recovery

Servers Present Around the World: Office 365 stores a copy of your data in the closest data center, allowing negligible lag and lightning fast connection. Apart from this various systems ensure that your data remains secure even in the event of a catastrophic data center failure. Moreover a point-in-time restoration allows you to recover data from specific moments, minimizing data loss.


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