Know the Top 5 Most Common Cloud Migration Challenges & Their Solutions

Know the Top 5 Most Common Cloud Migration Challenges & Their Solutions

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Published On March 21st, 2022
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No matter how wisely you may planned your cloud migration strategy, you still may face several challenges in the execution of this task. Reading this detailed article, will let you know the most common cloud migration challenges and their respective solution. That will further help you avail the benefits of cloud-based services.

Every business across the world must have been a part of digital transformation after the novel coronavirus breakdown. And, moving to the cloud is one of them. 

Also, it’s a fact that remote working forced organizations to deploy an urgent transition to the cloud platform. 

Statistically speaking, cloud adoption has increased by 25% in the past couple of years. And, according to 70% of security leaders, the cloud is the top digital transformation priority.

After seeing these figures, it is not hard to believe that cloud migration is in the number one position of companies’ changing IT infrastructure To-Do list.

However, at the same time, companies deal with some challenges of cloud migration and wonder about ways to overcome them.

Hence, in this article, we’ll address the possible cloud migration challenges and an effective solution to overcome the difficulties.

But, first, have a look at the brief introduction on cloud migration.

Cloud Migration- Why it Become An Essential Part of IT Instructure Planning?

The tech giants like Google and Microsoft have introduced cloud platforms like Google workplace, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, etc to help the users with their business needs. 

But, oftentimes, there comes a certain situation where organizations decide to move their valuable data within the existing cloud platform or to some other cloud platform. And, in such cases, cloud migration comes into the picture.

So, what is cloud migration & what are the major cloud migration challenges?

A process that helped many organizations move their digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, etc either partially or wholly, into the cloud, is cloud migration.

Now, let’s come to the question, why has it become a vital part of organizations?

Well, cloud migration promises a lot of great things like functionality, scalability, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Further, employees can access their data from anywhere. So, there is no limitation on the geographical boundary when using the cloud.

However, many organizations are facing some cloud migration challenges. And, it is not the decision but the execution of the migration process that caused massive issues.

Hence, let’s deeply understand what are the factors that lead to unsuccessful migration. 

What Are The Reasons Behind Cloud Migration Failure? [Major Challenges]

Successfully migrating to the cloud requires laser-like focus. But, somehow companies miss out on the important aspects and face various challenges. 

Let’s discuss it one by one.

#1 Lack of a Clear Strategy for an Effective Cloud Migration

One of the most common things companies forgets to implement while going for cloud migration is not sketching a proper plan. And, usually direct jump to the execution part.

So, later they have to face the consequences which are not good ones.

That’s why always lay down the tracks before trying to migrate from one cloud platform to another. And, creating a robust and functional cloud migration plan is going to help you in the long run.

#2 Fail to Maintain Data Security and Risk Assessment

In Cloud migration, data breaches & data loss are identifiable risks and can be prevented with a centralized security policy. 

And, here companies experience hiccups as centralized policy planning is not everybody’s cup of tea.

However, going for cloud providers like GSuite and Office 365 can help you with data security as they offer pre-built security features.

#3 Taking No Notice of Analyzing the Financial Cost

There is a direct cost involved to make the migration itself. And, financial concerns touch on almost every challenge of migration.

The financial costs include investing in tools to migrate, training users, bandwidth costs, etc, and analyzing these is an integral part of cloud migration. 

To meet the goal of cloud migration under the budget will need pure attention on analyzing the financial cost.

#4 Operating Cloud Migration with Limited Skill Sets and Resources

Lack of skill is a major cloud migration challenge since the process requires expert hands and enough technical knowledge.

And, there is always a noticeable gap seen between the necessary skill set and the existing team skill set.

Moreover, for some skillsets like cloud monitoring, multi-user migration, domain migration, basic knowledge is not enough. For that, you are going to need professional help.

#5 Not Choosing the Right Migration Software is the Biggest Challange 

Every organizations’ cloud migration criteria may vary as per their needs. Sadly, companies do not spend time looking for the best tool that can fulfill their individual needs and can overcome these cloud migration challenges.

And, it’s quite disappointing to see that a lot of companies jump on the ‘lift and shift’ approach with the hope of completing the migration quickly. It may be quick but not always best.

Hence, make sure to choose the Exemplary Cloud Migration Tool that will lead you to have the best experience and fulfill your cloud migration needs.

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Even this tool is recommended by many IT professionals for its unique working abilities.

Anyway, while choosing a reliable option to migrate your data, there are a lot of questions that come to our minds.

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Like, Can I Migrate my data if my source and destination are the same(example- O365 to O365)? and, what if my source and target are different? How quickly can I migrate my data?

So, let’s find out does the software answer all these probing questions?

One Software that Responds to All the Cloud Migration Related Needs

Let’s have a look at the advanced benefits you can get by using the tool.

  • You can have the option to choose from various sources like GSuite, Office 365, Exchange, Microsoft Teams, etc. for the cloud migration.
  • Be its email, contacts, events, attachments, shared mailboxes, channels, etc, you can securely move all these without any data loss.
  • As you know, multi-user migration in batch mode is a difficult task but not for this tool. You can transfer multiple accounts from the current cloud platform to another in no time.
  • Further, one of the best things about the software is that you can resume the migration process if for some reason you lost your internet connectivity.
  • Some users wonder, how fast they can move their data to another cloud platform. Well, it totally depends on the size of data and the internet speed you are having. However, on average, the tool can move approximately 40GB per hour across the users.

The above points are some of the advantages of the tool. Many more benefits are also there that completely overcomes the challenges of cloud migration. 

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To Conclude

There is no denying that companies face cloud migration challenges. And, it’s not an easy task to accomplish. 

However, when you know the best approach, then even the tedious work becomes simpler. And, after reading this article, you must be experiencing peace of mind as now you know how conveniently you can do the cloud migration using the tried and tested software.