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Common Problems With Office 365 Users Must Know About

Published By Aldrich Calvin
Anuraag Singh
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Published On June 5th, 2024

Office 365 has become one of the most popular productivity suite over the years. It provides cloud services that are unparalleled in the industry. But, there are times when users get stuck in some problems and it is difficult for them to find a solution to it. This is why, we have compiled a list of all the common problems that users face. We have also given the solutions to these listed problems so that the next, when a user is having problems, they can follow this simple guide.

There are several benefits of the Microsoft 365 such as subscription plan. It help users to stay productive and organized thus, many large and small organizations are migrating towards it. It allows users to access the applications and projects. However, it has its downsides too. In this editorial, we have compiled the Top Common Problems With Office 365 that users encounter while using this service.

#Issue 1: The Installation Process of Office 365 is Too Long

When you install the Office 365 after purchasing the subscription, it usually tells you that you have a slow internet connection. It also happens that the installation client hangs and then closes. Or it gives you an error message halfway through the installation process. This proves to be very problematic for the users. Let us now look at the common problems with Office 365.

A simple fix for this is to:

  1. stop the installation and then start from the beginning.
  2. You can also restart your computer or switch to a connection that is wired.
  3. You can temporarily turn off the firewall settings.
  4. If you cant open the program after it has been installed, you can go to programs and features in the control panel. You can then go into the uninstall or change a program and then initiate the online repair of Office 365.

#Issue 2: Office 365 Activation Issue

Your Office 365 needs to be activated in order for it to work with Office 365 applications. You can check the version of the Microsoft Office. You can check the expiry date of the subscription. An office 365 application needs to connect to servers of Microsoft at least once every 30 minutes to validate the license. If this fails to happen, then the applications are deactivated until the license is renewed. You can also buy a new subscription if it has expired.

In case you have installed a version of Microsoft Office different from that of the Office 365, you will have to uninstall the existing Office suite, and then download the correct version. You also need to remove the old version of Microsoft licenses and install new ones.

#Issue 3: Problems with the Safari Browser

Safari can have issues when using Office 365 online apps that occur due to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). You can follow the steps you can take to resolve this problem:

  1. Open safari and go to preferences.
  2. Go to privacy tab.
  3. Uncheck the Prevent cross site tracking box.
  4. Go back to the Microsoft online apps website.

#Issue 4: Problems in Office 365 due to Add-Ins

Some Add-ins can be problematic to Office 365. Some of these problems include crashing of programs. It can also lead to slowing in performance. You can disable add-ins and reopen the Office 365 application without them. Now press the ctrl key and then click the shortcut to run the Office application to disable add-ins. You can use a safe mode to do this. It is very useful to troubleshoot Office 365.

#Issue 5: Accessing Files in the Desktop From Mobile is Difficult

A benefit of using Office 365 is that the users can work from any device. The applications automatically save the progress and syncs it into the cloud. But, when a device is not in connection with the network, then some issues may come up.

You can try to close the software and reopen the file again. your OneDrive account can then load up any recently updated documents. You can go to the file tab and then choose the save copy option. After this, you are given instructions to log into your account so that you can move the file to the folder of your choice quickly.

#Issue 6: Maximum Storage is Reached

When this problem comes up in the middle of uploading files, It usually means that the storage limit in your Office 365 subscription has been reached.

In order to get more storage, you can purchase an extra storage add-on for this. The team should also perform regular recycling to avoid this problem.

#Issue 7: A SharePoint File Cannot be Updated With Another User

Accessing rights makes it simpler for teams to collaborate with users. When this happens, it means that you do not have the permissions required to edit or open files.

To resolve this problem, you can change the permissions and give access to the users you want to collaborate with. Open the file, click on share option, and select the list to see the person you want to give access to. You can adjust the settings according to your needs in order to give access to users in or outside the organisation.

#Issue 8: Office 365 is Subscription Based

Office 365 has now turned into a subscription based tool which users need to pay for on a monthly basis per license. If a user stops paying for the subscription, then they will lose the features that is associated with their license.

This may lead you to think about how you can budget your expenses for your office solutions. You can think of this as an operational expense to purchase the subscription.

#Issue 9: The Configuration is Very Complex

On of the most common problems with Office 365 is that the configuration of Office 365 is quite complex. You will have to turn on or turn off numerous switches to get the solutions to work how you want it to be. There are also so many features that in Office 365 and you will have to set it up properly for it to work according to your preferences.

the best way to solve this issue is to work with a Microsoft partner that helps you with the configuration. To set up the Office 365 completely and correctly, you can find a partner instead of spending hours trying to figure it out yourself.

#Issue 10: Security Concerns with Office 365

The cloud sharing and storage features that is very useful to users also comes with security concerns. Whenever users increase the accessibility of a feature, you should ask who can get access to it and who cannot.

if a user shares too much, then there can be security concerns for the organisation. The solution that Microsoft has given is to avoid sharing too much information and give admins the ability to prohibit access to a OneDrive from external logins.

#Issue 11: There is a Learning Curve Between Office 365 Platforms

If this is your first time using Office 365, You can expect an adjustment period for you and your users. Applications can look different slightly, and you’ll get more features such as autosaving and sharing of links.

Reguardless, you will want to consider if the features that are an extra in Office 365 will help you improve your productivity. To shorten the learning curve, you can make it mandatory to get some training or read current documentations on the features of the different Office 365 apps.



Microsoft Office uses various layers of protection on the default retention setting and these customizable retention settings to provide more protection. However, there are multiple downsides of this service which we have discussed in this write-up. Here, we have discussed the top common problems with Office 365.