Microsoft E3 vs. E5 – Everything You Need to Know

difference between microsoft 365 e3 and e5

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What is the difference between Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 is a common query. From the beginning of Microsoft, it provided different cloud solutions. One of the solutions is Office 365 to manage the regular activities of an enterprise.

Multiple organizations are using Office 365 for their smooth functioning. Office 365 provides different functionalities that help to monitor the tasks and analyze the day-to-day activities of the enterprise. Microsoft Office 365 offers different plans as per the requirement like Basic, Family, and Business. The major plans for the Business are E3 and E5. Both are used heavily in the Organization. There are several Benefits of Microsoft 365 to handle your data easily and reduce the burden of the Organization to manage a large data set. Let’s discuss Microsoft E3 vs. E5 in detail.

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Features to Compare Between Microsoft 365 E3 and E5

There are several features that are in common. However, there are some advanced features that are available in the Microsoft 365 E5 plan only. Let’s explore the difference between Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 in detail using the feature comparison table.

Features E3 E5
Price $ 36.00 $ 57.00
Seat Cap Unlimited Unlimited
Office Apps Install Office on 5 devices Install Office on 5 devices
Office Online Yes Yes
Excel Power Query Yes Yes
Sway Yes Yes
Infopath Yes Yes
Use Office on Remote Desktop Yes Yes
OneDrive Storage Unlimited Unlimited


Core Productivity Apps

All of the core productivity apps are included in both of the plans. The Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and many more. These all are used to provide a better experience to the users. 

However, the PowerBI is only included in the E5 plan. This software is compatible with all data-storing software. It is used to provide the required insights to the leaders. So that they can take the relevant actions to increase their market values.

Microsoft E3 and E5 Comparison on the Based on Security

Both of the plans either it is E3 or E5 are secured. Both are using multifactor authentication for data security. 

However, after the E3 security features, there is an advancement in the security that is used in the E5 plan. The new security feature supports the customer lockbox and advanced eDiscovery as well.

Important Note:- We are discussing the difference between Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 plans. There are some key points.

  • Both E3 and E5 plans have a similar set of core productive apps.
  • E5 has some better security features than E3.
  • E5 used its PowerBI for the data analysis process.

Some Add-ons in E3 and E5 Plans

Microsoft 365 offers distinct functionalities. But with these regular functionalities, there are also some features that can be added to the respective plans. Either E3 or E5 plans can add-on the features. Some of the add-on features are as follows.

  • Audio Conferencing – There can be numerous cases when you need to connect with the Audio. You can use that feature in the Office 365 E5 Plan only. It is not supported in the E3 plan.
  • Azure Information Protection – The Azure is used as the cloud for the Microsoft. It has having Azure protection system to keep the data secure.
  • Calling Plan – It can be enabled in the E5 plan only. It helps to send or receive calls for the Teams platform.
  • Power Apps – It can be enabled on both E3 and E5 plans. Due to this, you can make customized apps for the organization without coding.
  • Power Automate – The users can automate their regular tasks with the help of Power Automate in the E3 and E5 plans.
  • PowerBI Pro – Enable it for better data analysis from any database in the E5 plan.
  • Online Project – Enable the online project and collaboration. Supports in both the plans E3 and E5.
  • Stream – Streaming the video online securely. Add it to E3 and E5 plans.
  • Yammer Enterprise – Social networking and collaboration for E3 and E5 plans.

Microsoft E3 and E5 Comparison Using the Microsoft Syntex

It is also an additional feature of Microsoft 365. It is an AI-based feature use in the Office 365 to automate the tasks. Several features are associated with it to compare Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 plans.

  • It helps to reduce human effort and provides suggestions.
  • You can use it to handle a large amount of data without any issues to generate better insights from it.
  • This is used as a translator for the data.
  • You can summarize the large document to get useful insights from it.
  • Easily generate the templates, which saves a lot of time while doing any documentation work.
  • Supports eSignature to sign the documents and send them to the clients and stakeholders.

Pricing – Microsoft E3 vs. E5

Microsoft 365 Plans Monthly Cost Per User
Enterprise E3 $ 36.00
Enterprise E5 $ 57.00

The Microsoft 365 E3 plan costs $ 36.00 per user per month. The E5 plan costs $ 57.00 per user per month. As per the requirement you can choose any plan either it is E3 or E5.

Some Useful Insights of the E3 Plan

  • Low cost per user.
  • Full-fledged with the required Productive apps.
  • Provides essential features for security.
  • No need to maintain the on-premise server.

Some Useful Insights of the E5 Plan

  • Include all productive apps for better efficiency.
  • Supports all the AI features, that are using in the multi-tasks. It makes the user able to automate several tasks with efficiency or accuracy. This helps to compare Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 plans.
  • The better security features, to protect the data from upcoming threats.
  • The Voice and Audio Conferencing is there to collaborate easily. You can join with the help of a Phone.

Now Comes the Scenario Where Data Migration Arises

There can be different potential situations to undergo migration such as Upgrading, Rebranding, shrinking the resources, and more. Both plans have their own importance and features for the smooth functioning of organizations. Let’s evaluate some major situations.

  • When the organizations are merging with each other, they need to merge all of the data into a single plan.
  • During the expansion of the organization. There is a requirement for the plan upgrade and move the data to the new plan.
  • To cut expenses, improper usage of the Microsoft 365 plan takes place after the layoffs in the organizations. To keep their data safe in one account. They downgrade their plan.
  • After the rebranding of any organization they shift to the new plan of Microsoft 365 and transfer the data from the previous plan to the new plan.

After evaluating all the reasons for the data migration between plans. Now it is time to find the solution to perform the whole migration easily and safely.

How to Migrate Data From One Plan to Another Plan?

To perform migration without data loss is a tough task Many issues are created during runtime during the migration. The data can completely lose or corrupt. To perform the migration seamlessly you should use the Office 365 to Office 365 Migration tool. It keeps your data safe and secure throughout the process without any data loss.

It can easily migrate emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, and documents. This tool uses the Best practices for migrating to Office 365. Also, Migrate the shared mailboxes from the Office 365. You can apply the Date Filter to filter out the relevant data only. Delta Migration is there to support the newly arrived data during migration.

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Choosing Microsoft E3 vs. E5 plans is difficult because both are powerful plans for the Organization. However, they can find the difference between Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 in terms of productive apps, data security, data analysis, audio/video conferencing, and many more. The best plan among both will depend on your requirements.