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Top 7 Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Business to Handle Your Data Easily

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Published On January 10th, 2024

Microsoft provides many tools that are used as key tools in organizations. In its earlier days, it was known as Microsoft 365, but after 2011 it became Microsoft 365. There are several benefits of Microsoft 365 for business because It comprises Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and several cloud technologies like Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and many more as well.

By Offering tools like SharePoint and Teams employees are connecting even if they are miles away. Their features such as chats and video conferencing make collaboration easier. Its cloud services ensure that data can be accessed from anywhere at any time with the help of the Internet.

Microsoft 365 provides better security to the data. It is also using the latest algorithms that help to protect the data from data breaches by an authorized user.

Now after having a brief introduction to Microsoft 365. Let’s discuss the services of Office 365 for business in detail.

Services Offered by Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a software on demand. The subscribers buy the O365 packages based on their business requirements. A Microsoft 365 subscriber can select the software they wish to use and they will have to pay for those applications only. Let’s explore various features/ services offered by Microsoft 365 as a Service.

Following are some services of Microsoft 365:

  • Microsoft Web Apps: You can create and edit your Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint files online.
  • Hosted email: You get a business email and 25 GB of storage space.
  • Microsoft Mobile Apps: You can access, edit, and view Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files on iPhones and Windows Phones.
  • Active Directory integration: You can manage user permissions and credentials. You can set single sign-on and synchronization with Active Directory.
  • Simple file sharing: You get services of SkyDrive Pro which gives each user 7 GB of personal storage that you can access from anywhere and it syncs with your PC. You can edit who sees or edits your files and share them internally or externally.
  • Public website: You can market your business with a website that is easy to set up also you can use your company domain name.
  • Web conferencing: You can conduct meetings via the Internet with HD video conferencing, instant messaging, and screen sharing.
  • Advanced Voice: You get hosted voicemail support with auto-attendant capabilities.
  • Intranet Team Sites: SharePoint sites provide you the workspace with customizable security environments for individual teams within the organization.
  • Site Mailboxes: This helps you to store and share emails and files in project-specific folders, allowing for simpler team collaboration.
  • Business Intelligence: You can create and manage interactive dashboards with multiple data sources.
  • e-Discovery Center: You get the tools to support compliance. Provides search across SharePoint sites and Exchange mailboxes.

Top 7 Benefits of Microsoft 365 For Business

It’s time to deep dive into the advantages of Microsoft 365 that are used to provide a seamless flow of work to the Organizations.

Benefit 1. Integration and Collaboration

As per the market trends, Microsoft 365 always comes up with the latest tools to make collaboration easier. There are already multiple tools integrated into the package like OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and many more as well. OneDrive provides easy usage of the documents for the users. It is making sure that data will always be accessible to the users.

Teams play an important role in communication. Microsoft designed the Teams just like the social media to do the conversations. Its simple and attractive user Interface makes it more understandable. The members can communicate and also attend the meetings from their comfort places to make decisions on projects. 

Benefit 2. Powerfull Tools For Enhanced Productivity

Along with Word Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and much more. It introduced new powerful AI tools like PowerPoint Designer, Excel Insights, and Editor in Word to improve overall performance.

PowerPoint Designer is used to suggest better slide designs to make them more attractive. Excel Insights is used to find the patterns from the data that help to make the decisions. Word editor provides suggestions while writing. It also improves the content’s grammar, style, and clarity. Power Query in Excel provides functionalities for data transformation and manipulation this is another benefit of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 also deals with the Power Apps Platform which is used to customize the applications if you know the coding to automate the tasks.

Benefits 3. Provides Security for the Data

In today’s world, security is a major concern for every organization. To put all of the data to a cloud without knowing its security features is not suggested.

Microsoft offers advanced security features to protect your data from any incoming threat. It consists of Multifactor Authentication, data-loss prevention, and Advanced Threat Protection to provide a secure environment for the work from these you can take the privacy benefit of Microsoft 365.

With the help of data-loss prevention, it protects credit card information, social media details, and much more. Advanced threat protection helps to protect your data from malware attacks.
Microsoft regularly releases updates and creates security patches to protect the data from cyber-attacks. It regularly fixes the bugs for the advancement of security.

Benefit 4. Scalability and Flexibility

Microsoft provides the feature to scale up its services. If you are a small business then you can opt for the fewer services of Microsoft 365. As the organization’s size increases, you can increase the plan of Microsoft 365 because it has different plans like E3 and E5. There is also the difference between Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 plans.

It is flexible to use. Due to cloud service, you can access the data from anywhere at any time. But make sure you are connected to the Internet. It is easily accessible on different platforms like phones, tablets, and personal desktops as well. This functionality helps to work from any location on any device.

Benefit 5. IT Management

To manage the multiple tools from the different providers is a tough task for the admin. Microsoft comes up with the all required tools that are easy to manage. There is a requirement for multiple admins to manage multiple accounts, but having a single account of Microsoft 365 is easy to manage by admin.

It is a Software as a Service product then most of the admin headache is reduced. It maintains their regular updates and also improves their server performance regularly. Microsoft also takes care of the infrastructure to improve its security.

For the training of Microsoft 365, they are providing the sessions so that the admin can easily operate it and provide support wherever required.

Benefit 6. Automatic Updates

The tools associated with Microsoft such as Word, Excel, Teams, and many more get updated regularly. Due to this, all of the apps are synced with the latest features and security. There are no extra charges to update the Microsoft 365 apps, it is already included with the license subscription.

Benefit 7. Predictable Expenses

It offers several plans from the individual to the large business. All the plans are scalable as per the requirements of the organizations. It works on the subscription model. You will pay as you consume the resources and services of Microsoft 365. For example, if your organization consists of small employees then the bill will be less as compared to the large organizations.

Problem Arises in Microsoft/Office 365

Suppose you are starting with a small enterprise and took a plan of Microsoft 365 to handle the enterprise data seamlessly. You are doing great in the business. But there is a requirement to enhance the staff. Then you hired some more employees.

Now, the problem is to manage their accounts as well. But as per your plan, you can only add a few employees to Microsoft 365. There is a feature to upgrade the Microsoft 365 plan to add more employees. You can upgrade your plan easily. After analyzing the advantages of Microsoft 365, the challenge is how to migrate all of the data to the upgraded plan.

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Handle the Migration Issue in Office 365

Migration of Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365 is a cumbersome task for the large data set. There are several problems arise while performing the migration. Your data can be corrupt or lost due to any failure during the migration. You need to be good at technicalities.

But with the help of Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365 Migration tool, you can easily migrate the data. It is taking care of data security while performing the migration. Using this tool, all the benefits of Microsoft 365 for business are not affected. You can migrate the data without any interruption by some steps.

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Final Words

Microsoft 365 plays a significant role in the organizations for managing their data. It is reducing the expenses of the organizations. This is a good fit for small or large organizations. Choose Microsoft 365 to give a seamless flow to the employees for their better performance.