How to Recover Deleted Data from Outlook

Anurag | November 30th, 2019 | outlook

Microsoft Outlook has become the backbone for many industries’ communication arena. With its extensive set of features and capabilities, it is undoubtedly the best email client, especially for desktop Windows users. But it has its own share of issues. Sometimes, users lose their data in Outlook due to deletion or other factors. And it becomes quite difficult to recover deleted/lost data from Outlook.

In this article, we will break down this problem and provide you with methods that can recover deleted data items in Outlook easily.

Various Data Loss Scenarios

Outlook data can be lost in multiple ways. It can be either partial loss within the Outlook database or complete loss of Outlook data file (PST). Below are some data loss user-scenarios:

  • Data Items got deleted in Outlook (Purposely/Accidental)
  • Data File (PST) is lost/deleted from the system.
  • Data File (PST) becomes corrupted/inaccessible.
  • Some Folders are missing in Outlook.

Different Solutions need to be implemented for each scenario. And we have discussed them in the below section.

How to Recover Deleted Data from Outlook?

To retrieve lost/deleted data items in the Outlook platform, you can use any of the given methods:

Retrieve Lost Data from Deleted Items Folder

When you delete any data item in Outlook, it goes into the Deleted Items folder within that PST file. The items of this folder are easily recoverable if you use the following procedure:

  • Run the MS Outlook email client. Go to the folder list and click on the Deleted Items folder.
  • Choose the message that you want to recover, right-click to select Move > Other folder.
  • Select the folder where you want this message to appear and select Ok.
  • You can do this for emails, contacts, calendars, etc and recover your lost data items in Outlook easily.

Recover Deleted Items from Recoverable Items Folder

If the data is permanently deleted i.e., deleted with Shift+del key or purged from the Deleted Items folder, then you can still recover it from the hidden Recoverable Items folder.

  • Open Outlook, go to Folder tab, select Recover Deleted Items.
  • Choose the data you want to recover and select Recover Selected Items.
  • It will move the deleted data into the Deleted Items folder. Now, simply move it into your preferred mailbox folder.

Do note that you can only recover data within the 14 days period after deletion. As the Recoverable Items folder, by default, only saves data within that period range.

Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Outlook with Outlook Recovery tool

The Outlook Data File Recovery tool allows you to recover complete data items i.e., emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals from the Outlook PST file. This tool can recover the deleted or lost data items of all Outlook versions with utmost accuracy. The red color of deleted items previewed in the software interface makes it easy to read and retrieve the required data effectively.

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The steps to recover deleted or lost items from Outlook are:

  • Step 1: Download & Run Outlook Recovery tool.
  • Step 2: Add the required PST file that contains data to recover.
  • Step 3: Use Advanced Scan to deep scan the file for perfect recovery.
  • Step 4: Preview lost and deleted items in red color along with the complete database.
  • Step 5: Now export the recovered items in PST or Office 365 as per requirements.

The recoverable data items include emails with attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals.

how to recover lost data in outlook

Note: This method is also applicable if your Outlook PST file is corrupt/inaccessible as it repairs PST file without any issues. It can recover your data with/without Outlook as per your requirements.

What if the Outlook PST file is deleted from the System?

If your PST file is deleted from the system partition, then you require some sort of hard drive or pen drive data recovery program to recover the complete data file. If it is not shift deleted or permanently deleted, take a look in your recycle bin for the deleted PST file.

Important Points to Note:

  1. Always keep a backup of all your Outlook data files.
  2. Use Outlook with sync to your Antivirus program to eliminate the threat of virus attack.
  3. Exit Outlook with close or Exit button to prevent damage due to abnormal termination.


Outlook stores all its data items in PST (Personal Storage Table) file. If this file becomes corrupt or inaccessible, all the data within it is lost. Also, sometimes users deleted important data in Outlook accidentally or on purpose but require them afterward. In such situations, the methods given in this article can be implemented to recover deleted/lost data from Outlook easily. The most recommended method is using the software as it can not only recover complete data items from Outlook but can also repair the damaged PST file accurately.