How to Create an Admin Account in Office 365 Effortlessly

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Summary: Through this article, you will get to know how to create an admin account in Office 365. All the necessary steps to create Microsoft 365 admin account are discussed in detail. The problem is also discussed where the global admin is stuck along with the solution.

Nowadays, Office 365 is used in Organizations at an alarming rate. Because of the regular updation in Microsoft 365, their security and features are improving day by day. Office 365 is the complete package to fulfill all the requirements for each and every Organization. To handle Office 365 in any Organization there is a requirement of the Global admin.

As per the requirements of the Organizations, there are different roles and responsibilities of the Office 365 Admins. While purchasing the Office 365 plan, there is a requirement for some credentials. At that time whose credentials are used, becomes the global administrator by default.

If any of the changes is required in the admin account then only the global admin can make the changes because of the privileges. You need to follow some of the steps in sequential order to create the global admin for your Organization. There can be different reasons to create an admin account in Office 365.

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Distinct Reasons to Create Microsoft 365 Admin Account

The need to create the Office 365 admin account depends upon the needs of the Organization. Here are some of the major reasons.

  • Hire a new IT administrator to handle the admin privileges. If the Organization hires a new admin, then the old admin has to create a new admin account so that the responsibilities can be shared.
  • In some situations, Organization needs to outsource their work to third parties, and then there is a requirement to create a new admin account.
  • If the Organization works on the new compliance requirement that would be handled by someone with the admin privileges.
  • To improve the auditability of the administrator’s activities in the Organization.

After finding the reasons to create Microsoft 365 Admin account, it’s time to find the procedure to create an admin account in Office 365.

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Step-By-Step Procedure to Create an Admin Account in Office 365

Here is a step-by-step solution to create the admin account for an employee of your Organization.

Step 1. Go to and log in with the global admin account credentials.

Step 2. Now go to the Admin Center.

Step 3. In the menu of Office 365, click on the Users and select the Active Users option.

Step 4. Now in the dashboard of Active users hit on the (+) icon.

Step 5. A new pop is generated containing all the required fields to create an account.

Step 6. Fill all the details in the pop and click on the Create button.

Step 7. When the account creates then close the dialog.

Step 8. Go back to the Active users and select the account that you have created to make the admin.

Step 9. Now, in a pop-up on the right corner open the option of Edit User roles.

Step 10. In the Edit user roles dialog box, tick the checkbox of Global Administrator among the three options and Save.

Note: In the Alternative email address box, enter the secondary email which is used in case of password loss.

Steps to Create an Admin Account for the External User

These are the steps to make the admin who does not belong to the Organization.

Step 1. Log in to the Office 365 admin center. In the menu tab click on the Users > Active users.
Step 2. Add a new user by clicking on the + button.
Step 3. Enter the details such as Name, password, and Create to create the user.
Step 4. Now open the newly created user.
Step 5. Click on the Edit user roles option in the right corner.
Step 6. Select the option of Global Administrator and enter the Alternate email address for password recovery in case of password loss and Save.
Step 7. Now under the Product Licenses, select the option of Create User without product license and click on Add.
Step 8. Select the Send Password in the email and add the admin email and newly created user email as well.
Step 9. Click Send Email and Close.

Note: – Assigning the admin role to the external user is not recommended because of data privacy.

Situation Where the Global Admin Stuck

The global administrator plays a significant role in migrating the data to another tenant. Some of the situation arises when the global admins needs to take the decision for the migration such as merging of Organizations. When the organization merges with another then the whole data needs to migrate to another tenant. The complete process is handled by the global admin according to the Microsoft Office 365 Pre and Post-Migration Checklist.

The expert recommends the Office 365 Migration tool to migrate the data from one tenant to another. This tool makes migration easy with its advanced features. This tool migrates the emails, tasks, calendars, Teams, and In-Place Archive files. You do not need to worry about the newly arrived emails during the migration. There is also an option of Delta Migration to migrate the newly arrived emails.

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Creating the admin account in Office 365 is a decisive task. The global admin has different rights to handle the data. In this article, we have explained all the steps to create an admin account for the internal user or external user. You should think before choosing the external user as admin because multiple privileges are attached to this role. The complete scenario is also discussed where the Global admin is stuck with the recommended tool. Hence your query of How to create an admin account in Office 365 is solved.