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What are the Admin Roles and Responsibilities in Office 365?

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Published On January 10th, 2024

Overview: In this article, you will find the admin roles in Office 365 in detail. Through this article, you will get a piece of complete knowledge about admin roles in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Through this, you can differentiate between the admins.

Organizations use Office 365 at an alarming rate. The complete Office 365 is managed by the Administrators. admins are responsible for assigning the rights to the employees as per the requirement. To manage the multiple components of Office 365 there are different administrators with different responsibilities. Let’s explore the roles of the admins for a better understanding.

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Office 365 Admin Roles and Responsibilities

While assigning the roles to the admins, there are different factors that matter the most such as technical expertise, communication skills, writing skills, people management, and many more. Assigning the roles and responsibilities to the respective administrator depends on the Organization. The roles of the admins can be switch as per the requirement. There can be multiple administrators who are working in the same admin profile. Let’s differentiate each admin role and responsibility in detail. The Global administrator of Office 365 handles all of the migration of Office 365 according to the Microsoft Office 365 migration checklist.

Admin Roles in Office 365 with their Responsibilities

  1. Billing Admin 

    The billing admin deals with purchases, subscriptions, service request, and monitor the service health as well. This admin keeps track the bill on a monthly and yearly basis to predict the upcoming expenses.

  2. Exchange Admin 

    The exchange admins manage the on-premise server for the seamless workflow of the Organization. Exchange admin manages all of the email mailboxes such as regular, group, and shared. The Exchange admin recovers the data if the data is lost due to any critical situation.

  3. Fabric admin 

    All of the Organization manages their large dataset to improve themselves. They are also finding useful insights from customer behavior to improve the sales of the Organization. The fabric admin deals with Microsoft Fabric and Power BI.  Fabric admin manages all the regular usage and performance of Microsoft Office 365. The Fabric admin performs the review and auditing as per their Organization’s policy.

  4. Global admin 

    The global admin in Office 365 has multiple rights to manage Office 365. Global admin creates the passwords for all employees. The passwords are reset by this admin only if needed. The requirement to add and manage domains is also handled by the Global admin.

  5. Global Reader 

    The Global readers are those who can view the tasks performed by the Global admin. However global readers do not have the right to edit the settings in the Microsoft admin center.

  6. Groups admin 

    Manages all the group settings of the admin centers. This admin can access the Azure Directory portal also. Create, edit, delete, and restore of groups are performed by this admin. Group admin needs to create and update the policies of the groups and Azure Directory security groups.

  7. Helpdesk admin 

    This admin role in Office 365 is to reset passwords, force users to sign out, manage service requests, and monitor service health.

  8. License admin 

    All the licenses are issued by the license admin. This admin has the right to add or remove the licenses of the users. The reprocess license assignments for group-based licensing are handled by the license admin.

  9. User admin 

    This admin has to perform several tasks such as adding users, adding groups, Assigning licenses, creating and managing user views, updating the password expiration policies, managing service requests, and monitoring the service health. Apart from these, the user admin needs to manage the usernames, delete and restore passwords, and reset passwords as well.

  10. Teams Administrator 

    All the meetings are managed by the Team admin. In the Teams, all the conference bridges, team upgradation, and Team client settings need to be managed by the Team administrator. Teams administrator plays a significant role in the decision to migrate Microsoft Teams from One Tenant to another.

This is all about the Office 365 admin roles and responsibilities of the admins. All of the administrators have dissimilar rights.

Office 365 Admin Roles and Responsibilities As per the Security Guidelines
  • As per the rights of the Global admins, there is a suggestion to have a limit of global admins. Global admins have unlimited access to the organization’s data. There can be data loss due to having multiple global admins.
  • Try to assign the least permissive roles to the admins. For Instance, if someone needs to reset the password then the admin role in Office 365 is just to get the task done.
  • Use MFA for all the admins to enhance the security of the admin’s account.
  • There should be proper management of the passwords of the admin’s role. Make sure to update the passwords, if any admin leaves the organization for security purposes.
Office 365 Global Admin Stuck

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Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud platform that provides multiple services. Organizations opt for Office 365 because of its rich features that help to run the organization seamlessly. But due to the variety of services, sometimes it becomes tough to manage. In this article, we have explained all the admin roles in Office 365 in detail to reduce the overhead of the Organization to manage the giant platform. A solution is also available to help administrators to migrate Office 365 data to another tenant.

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