How to Migrate Outlook Calendar to Office 365 – Ultimate Guide

How to Migrate Outlook Calendar to Office 365 – Complete Guide

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Published On November 24th, 2023
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Summary: The write-up is for Outlook users who want to migrate Outlook calendar to Office 365 online. Read the blog to find automated and manual methods for proper organization and management of the calendar data.

Outlook calendars enable users to add appointments, meetings, and other events. These entries can be tracked and shared with other users. In Microsoft Outlook, users can generate several calendars, connect with other people’s calendars, and share a calendar with other users.

After the users’ Inbox folder, the calendar is possibly the place where Outlook users spend most of their time. Users can perform different operations on a calendar, which are written as follows:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Generate multiple calendars
  • Apply categories as well as reminders
  • Organize the schedule
  • Multiple-day appointments can also be created
  • Calendars can also be printed

Professional Way to Migrate Outlook Calendar to Office 365 Safely

To migrate calendar from Outlook to Office 365, there is no direct manual method. The workaround solutions are very tricky and complex. So, to perform the conversion, technical experts suggest using an automated utility like Office 365 Import PST software.

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It offers a simple user interface so that all the options are present in a single pane. Accurate results can be obtained just after a few clicks.

Step-Wise Procedure to Migrate Outlook Calendar to Office 365

Step-1. Choose Outlook as source and Office 365 as destination.


Step-2. Then, go to the Workload Selection pick the Calendar.

Step-3. Now, use the Date-Range Filter feature to import Outlook Calendar data selectively based on specific dates. Afterward, click on “Next.”


Step-4. You will now be directed to the Source screen. Here, specify the folder path where you’ve stored the Outlook PST files.

Organize ICS files within folders named after the corresponding O365 email IDs in the following format:

Create a folder in the root drive, such as 

  • E:/PST/ (place all ICS files for user1)
  • E:/PST/ (place all ICS files for user2)
  • And so on…

Next, choose the folder “E:/PST/” in our tool as the Import Folder Path.


Step-5. Then, click “Validate” to confirm that the required permissions have been granted to the files. Once validation is complete. Click “Next.”


Step-6. Enter the Office 365 admin email account and application ID for the destination. First “Validate” then click “Next.”


Step-7. Then, on the Users screen, you have several options for adding users from the source account that need processing:

  • Fetch Users: Automatically retrieves users from the Source.
  • Import Users: Imports users via CSV.
  • Download Template: Downloads a template for creating a CSV file.

Select the desired option to add users from the source.


Step-8. The list of source users is visible on the screen. You can select specific mailbox data import and toggle “Show Selected” to display only the selected users.

Step-9. Then, click “Validate” to authorize the selected user source and destination accounts. Once validated, hit “OK” .

Step-10. Then, users can set priorities for the import task. Choose accounts based on priority, as illustrated in the image.

Step-11. Finally, click the “Start Import” button to initiate the import process.


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Manually Migrate Outlook Calendar to Office 365

Stage 1. Get the ICS file

  • Open Outlook Desktop App
  • Select the “Calendar” tab from the bottom of your screen
  • Select File >> Choose “Save Calendar” >> Type Name >> Hit Save  

Stage 2. Import ICS to Office Account

  • Login to Microsoft 365 account
  • Hit the nine-dot menu at the top left corner
  • Select the “Calendar” option
  • In the Calendar page on the left-hand pane find and click on Add calendar 
  • In the popup window pick the “Upload from file” option.
  • Click Browse >> Select file >> Open >> Import

The Bottom Line

Oftentimes, admins or other users are required to migrate Outlook calendar to Office 365 cloud. By doing this, all the desired data is saved on the same platform. Moreover, it makes it easier to organize the schedule and events. To achieve this migration using the manual procedure is way more complex.

Hence, for proper conversion, it is needed to use an automated tool like the one discussed above. This software makes the procedure to migrate calendars from Outlook to Office 365 trouble-free and easier as compared to other approaches.