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How to Migrate Outlook Calendar to Office 365 – Ultimate Guide

Published By Mohit Jha
Anuraag Singh
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Published On May 16th, 2024

Looking to migrate Outlook calendar to Office 365? This guide dives into the benefits of making this switch, explores the core features of the Office 365 calendar, and even provides a step-by-step approach for manually migrating your existing Outlook .ics files to Outlook.

For many Outlook users, the calendar is their command center, it helps them keep track of appointments, deadlines, and the delicate balance between work and personal life. But what if there was a way to manage your schedule even more effectively? Migrating your Outlook calendar to Office 365 unlocks a powerful suite of features designed to streamline your organization and collaboration.

Benefits of Migrating Outlook Calendar to Office 365

  • Create and Manage Multiple Calendars – It helps you organize your schedule with separate calendars for work, personal life, or specific projects.
  • Share and Collaborate – See other people’s calendars and share your own to easily schedule meetings and avoid conflicts.
  • Track Appointments and Events – You can add appointments, meetings, and reminders to your calendars and keep track of important dates.

After the users’ Inbox folder, the calendar is possibly the place where Outlook users spend most of their time. Users can perform different operations on a calendar, which are as follows:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Generate multiple calendars
  • Apply categories as well as reminders
  • Organize the schedule
  • Multiple-day appointments can also be created
  • Calendars can also be printed

How to Migrate Outlook Calendar to Office 365 Mailbox?

To upload the calendar you need to create the .ics files first. To do so follow the below steps:

How to Get the ICS Calendar Files from Outlook Desktop App?

Step 1. Open Outlook Desktop App.

Step 2. Select the “Calendar” tab from the bottom of your screen.

Step 3. Select File >> Choose “Save Calendar” >> Type Name >> Hit Save.  

How to Migrate ICS Calendar to Office 365  Using MS Outlook Desktop App?

For this approach, there are some pre-requisite that one needs to ensure:

  • You must have MS Outlook Desktop App
  • The Office 365 account must be configured with POP configurations.
  • You must have .ics files to migrate to an Office 365 account.

Now follow the below steps for the same:

Step 1. Once you have successfully configured your Office 365 account. Then launch MS Outlook on your computer. In Outlook, navigate to the File tab at the top-left corner.

outlook account configured

Step 2.  Select Open & Export and then click on Import/Export.

open and export

Step 3.  In the Import and Export Wizard, choose Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs) and click Next.

import and export

Step 4.  Browse to the location where you saved the ICS file and select it.

import .ics file

Step 5.  Choose the calendar to which you want to import the events. You can either select an existing calendar or create a new one. Then click on OK.

selecting file

Step 6. Now choose the import option from the popup wizard.


Step 7. Click Next and then Finish to complete the import process. Then you can search the calendar in your Microsoft 365 account. import complete

How to Import ICS files to Office 365 Account using Outlook OWA?

Step 1. Login to your Microsoft 365 account and open Outlook on your browser.

loggin in to outlook account

Step 2. Navigate to the top left corner of the screen and click on the App Launcher or nine-dot icon. 

clicking on app launcher

Step 3. It will open the apps tab, where you can see different tools offered in your subscription plan. Click on the Calendar option.

opening app launcher tab

Step 4. Now the Calendar view is displayed on the screen. Navigate to the left-hand pane and click on the Add calendar button. 

calendar view

Step 5. It will open the Add Calendar Wizard. Here you can see the different ways using which you can easily create view or upload calendars in Office 365.

Add Calendar Wizard

Step 6. In the Add Calendar popup window click on the Upload from file option.

upload a file

Step 7. Now click on the Browse button and select the .ics file. Now click on the Open button and then click on the import.

uploading .ics file

Step 8. Once the .ics file gets imported into Outlook, then it will display a popup as shown below.

calendars are now imported to Outlook

The Bottom Line

Oftentimes, admins or other users are required to migrate Outlook calendar to Office 365 cloud. By doing this, all the desired data is saved on a secured platform i.e. Office 365. Moreover, it makes it easier to organize the schedule and events.  You can perform this task by using any of the above methods, some automated software can also help you automate the task. Choose the right approach accordingly.