Moving Files From One Google Drive to Another – Using Efficient Solutions

move Google Drive folder to another Drive

Mohit Jha | Modified: December 13, 2022 | G Suite, Migration | 6 Minutes Reading

Undoubtedly, Google Drive has made the lives of a lot of cloud users bearable and managed. However, Google does not provide any facility for moving files from one Google Drive to another. That makes sense because there is no set limit for opening accounts. This means that users will create a new account every time the free storage provided by Google is full. Also, there are genuine times when users may need to move shared Google Accounts to their personal accounts, or make certain changes. In such a scenario, users need to find a way to transfer their personal data from one Google Drive account to another account.

Let’s have a quick glance at the user query:

I have a few files in which some of which are documents, and videos that my teachers have shared daily with their Google Drive accounts. I will graduate in the near future and will not be able to access these files. This Google Drive account is currently maintained by the school and will be deleted soon. Now all files which are stored on the drive are very important. Therefore, I want to know how to migrate Google Drive to another Google Drive entirely. Is there some possible way to do the same?

There are a few ways to move the files/folders stored in Google Drive, lying under the settings window. The user can move the copied files to another folder by simply making a copy. Take a look at further sections to know about the best ways to move files between two Google Drive accounts.

Different Techniques for Moving Files From One Google Drive to Another

There are multiple techniques the user can choose from for migrating the Google Drive data. However, not all of the options provide value to the user. There are reliability issues with some of these methods and some of them are too lethargic. This is why we have included an automated solution to minimize user effort and maximize productivity.

But first, let’s look at some manual approaches.

How to Migrate Google Drive to Another Google Drive? via Manual Approach

Manual Method 1:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account for moving Google Drive files.
  2. Select the required folder that you have to transfer to another Drive.
  3. In the new wizard, type the email address and hit on Is Owner option.
  4. Now, you can see the selected folder is moved to the destination Google Drive account.

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Manual Method 2:

For those who want to know how to move Google Drive to another account without using the above method or have little technical expertise, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account and open Google Drive.
  2. Select the documents which have to be moved to a secondary account.
  3. Now, right-click and select the Download option to download the folder.
  4. Once you have downloaded all the documents and moved them to your local folder, log in to another account.
  5. Lastly to upload the files, select New, and then click on Upload File(s) / Folder. Now, select the files from the local folder.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using the Manual Method?

There are several limitations and shortcomings associated with using the manual method, some of them are as follows:

  • Complex and Tedious Process: Using a manual way for moving files from one Google Drive to another can be time-consuming as the process is divided into two separate parts – Download and Upload. Therefore, the user needs to spend a lot of time on the migration process.
  • Technical Strength: The user must be technically skilled to perform these procedures. Otherwise, users have to spend a lot of time tinkering around with the data.
  • Data Loss: Manual process does not provide you with data security and this could lead to data loss.
  • Loss of Data Integrity: Manual method does not ensure the migration of data in a structured way. It is unable to maintain the original hierarchy and integrity of data once the migration process is completed.
  • Absence of Modern Filters: Features like date filter, priority-based migration, etc are not available in the manual method.

How to Move Google Drive to Another Account Securely? 

If you are new to using cloud storage services like Google Drive and have a lot of Google Drive files/folders, you have to transfer to another account. Then, it is suggested to use SysTools Google Drive Migration Tool to move your Google Drive files and folders efficiently within little to no time.

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In addition, it maintains the file and folder structure, and hierarchy during the migration process. Also, other features like, incremental, and concurrent migration are offered by the application. It is perfect when you have a huge amount of data to move. The software will perform the entire procedure within a few clicks and make the whole process easy and seamless.

So let’s start!!

Steps For Moving Files From One Google Drive to Another Using Professional Tool

Step 1. Download and run the above tool on your computer. Select G Suite as the source and destination platform.

Google Drive Folder to Another

Step 2. From the workload selection, please enable “Documents” and apply the date filter, if you require selective data migration.

Step 3. Provide credentials for source and destination G Suite admin account. Validate the required permissions.

Google Drive Folder to Another

Step 4. Create mapping for moving files from one Google Drive to another between source and destination.

Google Drive Folder to Another

Step 5. Validate the required permissions and lastly click on the Start Migration button to initiate the process.

Google Drive Folder to Another

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Final Word

Google Drive storage is always a blessing because you can store your files there which can be accessed easily from anywhere as long as you are connected to an internet connection. It’s packed with tons of features that enable you to collaborate and invite users to share files. However, there is no reliable manual solution for moving files from one google drive to another. Due to the limited set of manual methods, it is wise to choose a reliable tool that we have mentioned above that can solve all the limitations of the manual method.