3 Quick Methods to Import Google Contacts to Outlook 365

import google contacts to outlook 365

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Published On November 29th, 2022
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Overview: Learn about the different methods you can you to import Google contacts Outlook 365. We will be discussing both manual and professional methods, and take a look into the best one you can use among them.

Google Workspace, also known as G Suite, is a SAAS service provided by Google for educational, commercial, or personal uses. Outlook comes with the Office 365 suite of applications or as a separate desktop email client. Outlook’s popularity far exceeds that of Google Suite applications. As a result, people and organizations sometimes have the tendency to move Google Workspace to Outlook. Due to the account transfer, all important resources such as documents, contacts, calendar data, mailboxes, etc need to be migrated too. There are situations where people might want to Migrate G Suite Apps to Exchange Online

There are also situations where users need to. The following article discusses the latest technology which can import Google contacts to Outlook 365. Users can also have a clear idea of the need to import G Suite to Office 365 and different methods to implement them. 

User Query 1: I have to import contacts from Google Workspace to Outlook 365 as I am planning to ditch Google Workspace for a while. Is there an easy way to import contacts from Google to Outlook 365?

User Query 2: I am working with an organization that plans to move from G Suite Services to Office 365. We are having a lot of important clients and all their contacts have to be moved to an Outlook account. We can’t afford any sort of data loss. Can anyone suggest any easy method to import Google contacts to Office 365?

Manual Solutions to Import Google Contacts to Outlook 365 

The manual method is a 2-step procedure to be followed. The first part involves exporting the G Suite contacts as a CSV file. The second part is to import these CSV files to Microsoft Outlook. 

1. Migrating Google Contacts to Office 365 

  • For transferring contacts from G Suite to Outlook, the following steps can be used.
  • Sign in to your G Suite account and open the Google contacts section.
  • Use the checkboxes to select the contacts to migrate from Google to Outlook 365.
  • Click on the more option and then on Export
  • From the Export options, select Outlook CSV format.
  • A CSV file is automatically downloaded onto your PC.

1.1 Download Google Workspace Contacts Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is provided by Google so as to create archives of Google Workspace Data. Alternatively, you can also use Google Takeout to export contact data using the steps below.

  • Log in to your G Suite account and go to https://takeout.google.com/.
  • Proceed to the next step by Clicking on Create Archive
  • Select the data to be included in the archive file (here choose the contacts option and deselect everything else)
  • Choose the file format as a CSV file to import Google contacts to Outlook 365.
  • Select the compression file format.
  • Click on Create Archive & then download it from Manage Archives
  • Extract the zip file to access the files

2. Import Google Contacts to Outlook 365 

Now after getting the CSV file we have to import them into Outlook. Follow the steps below to achieve the same. 

  • Open Outlook from Office 365. 
  • Click on the file tab from the top left and go to Open and Export>>Import/Export.
  • Click on import from another program in the wizard that opens and select next.
  • Select the file type as CSV and hit on next. 
  • Browse and select the file downloaded from the previous section. 
  • Click Finish to import Google contacts to Outlook 365

Manual Method Limitations When Importing Google Contacts to Office 365  

  • CSV files will not preserve attachments and images and other data associated with contacts.
  • It is also a very time-consuming process.
  • If the user has to import from multiple Google accounts to multiple Office 365 accounts then, it can become a hectic task. 

Import Google Contacts from Google to Outlook 365 Using Expert Solution

The manual method above can be extended to some extent. However, using manual solutions to manage important and confidential data is not the best decision. To overcome the confusion, problems, and limitations caused by manual methods, you can use SysTools G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool, which allows you to easily import Google contacts to Outlook 365.

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Import Google Contacts to Outlook 365 Using Professional Tool 

  • Download the tool and select the source and destination as G Suite and Office.

  • From the workload section check on the contacts option. If required you can also apply a date filter to filter the data. 
  • From the source, section enters the details of the G Suite account like admin email, and service account, and also upload a certificate file and click on validate button.

Source screen

  • From the destination tab enters the details of the Office 365 account like admin email and application id and click on the validate button. 

Office 365 as destination

  • In the destination tab, there are 3 options to get the details of the users. Select the one as per your requirement.


  • Once the data is listed in the tool, map them either by entering the destination accounts manually or by importing a CSV file with the same data. 

user list

  • Once done click on the validate button and click on the start migration to import Google contacts to Outlook 365 account. 

Begin Migration

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Wrapping up

It is always to go for an expert utility while dealing with important data. Because by using manual solutions, there is no guarantee that your data is secure and in safe hands. If you care for the confidential info that you possess, then use the tool we have mentioned above. It makes the process of migrating Google contacts to Office 365 much easier. And lets you breeze through the whole process.