How to Import PST to Outlook 365 In Few Steps? Everything You Need to Know

import pst to outlook 365 web

Mohit Jha | Modified: June 21, 2022 | Office 365 | 5 Minutes Reading

import pst to outlook 365 web

Do you want to import PST to Outlook 365 web? Are you looking for a simple solution but all you can get is the lengthy manual method?

Read this post to know different approaches for importing multiple PST files into Outlook Web App. Here we will tell you how you can import all your PST file data using Export & Import Wizard and Office 365 Import Tool. But first, we will see the definition of Outlook 365.

How to Import PST to Outlook 365 Web?

When it comes to importing PST to Outlook 365 online, there are three different ways available for the users. One way is to use the Azcopy tool to upload PST to Office 365, but this method has its own limitation. However, They can either choose the manual method, or they can go for the convenient solution of using an application for this purpose.

Importing PST File Into Outlook Web App, Manually

If you choose to implement the manual method for import PST to Outlook 365 web, you need to have desktop MS Outlook on your system. Then you have to configure the Office 365 account in it.

Now we will see how to configure your Office 365 account with Outlook 2016:

  • Launch MS Outlook 2016 on the system and click on File>> Add Account. import pst to Outlook web
  • Enter our Office 365 email address and click on Continue
  • Add the password when prompted and click on OK>> Finish.
  • Office 365 will be configured in your Outlook. Now, you can migrate the PST file in Outlook and it will get imported in Outlook 365 online as well.

Now it is time to transfer your PST file in Outlook :–

  1. Click on the File tab in Outlook 2016 and choose Open & Export>> Import/Export.

  2. From the Import Export Wizard, select Import from another program or file>> Outlook Data File (.pst) in two consecutive pages.
  3. Click on the Browse button to select the PST file from its location. Choose the preferred option and click on Next.

  4. If you want to import the complete file, select the root file and check the Include subfolders option. Now choose Import items into the same folder in the option and then add your office 365 account id here.
  5. Click Finish to get done with the data transfer. Check Outlook Office 365 and you will see the items of the PST file have been migrated to that mailbox.

Limitations of Manual Method

As you can see, this method includes the configuration of Office 365 in desktop-based Outlook. This makes the import PST to Outlook web quite lengthy and complex. Moreover, people without MS Outlook on the system may not be willing to install it just for the sake of this process. For all these reasons, people choose Office 365 Import software for the easier and simpler import process.

“Hello! I have got more than 5 PST files that I need to import in Outlook web app. I have checked the manual method but that requires importing one PST file at a time. Is there any technique with which, I can easily import all the PST files at one go. If anyone knows, please inform me here.”

Directly Import Multiple PSTs to Outlook 365

If you want to import PST to Outlook 365 in bulk, then use Office 365 PST Import Tool. With this, you do not have to go through the process of configuring an Outlook 365 account in MS Outlook again and again.

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They can simply add one or more PST files from their system or the domain network in the tool. Then it is the full responsibility of the tool to perform the migration. It does not require constant supervision of the user.

The application also allows incremental migration of the same PST file for a second time. It also offers selective PST file item transfer based on category and date filter. The program not only retains the complete email metadata but also excludes unnecessary folders like Sent Items and Deleted Items. All in all, this utility is the perfect solution for the users who want problem-free PST file import in Outlook Web Access.

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Steps to import PST to Outlook 365 Web are as follow: 

  1. Download and Launch the import utility. 
  2. Login into the tool via an Administrator account.
  3. Use Add File/Folder option to import PST files.
  4. Map the PST file and Outlook 365 account and Validate.
  5. Select the category of items to import from PST file and Hit Start button.

Now, the tool will start importing PST file into Outlook web app and generate the report once the process is finished 

Final Words

Many Office 365 webmail users face the same problem when they have to import PST to Outlook 365 web. Since the manual method required Outlook configuration, most users will find this technique lengthy and complex. For them, we have described a simple method that will allow users to directly import PST file to Outlook 365 web app. Users can pick any of these approaches as per their preference.