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Import VCF with Multiple Contacts to Outlook 365 – Efficiently

Published By Aldrich Calvin
Anuraag Singh
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Published On January 16th, 2024

Summary: To provide an additional level of security to the contacts. You need to import VCF with multiple Contacts to Outlook 365. Therefore, through this article, you will learn how to transfer contacts to Outlook Web in a hassle-free manner using two different methods.

“I have bulk contacts and want to transfer to Office 365. I have tried the manual method using Outlook but didn’t get the expected results. Can anyone suggest an efficient solution with easy steps to import VCF file to Outlook 365 without errors? “

VCF(Virtual Contact Files) is the file format used to store multiple information such as name, email address, work or physical address, contact details, and so on. VCF file format is supported on the Windows and Mac platforms. As Office 365 is the first choice to store all the contact details in one place. That’s why regular queries are generated on importing VCF files to Outlook Web. Before deep-diving into the solution, let’s find the reasons to upload VCF to Outlook 365.

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Why Transfer Contacts to Outlook 365 from VCF File?

There are multiple benefits of using Outlook Web for storing VCF files. Some of the key benefits are as follows.

1. If you import contacts from VCF file to Outlook then, you can access the contacts from any location through the Internet.
2. Office 365 provides central storage for storing all the contact details and then accessing the data more easily.
3. The data is safe and secure because Office 365 is the most robust platform.
4. Outlook Web backed up the data automatically so you do not need to worry about the loss of data in any situation.
5. Office 365 integrates the contacts with other collaborative apps such as Teams, SharePoint, and others.

How to Import VCF with Multiple Contacts to Outlook 365?

Now, you are aware of the need to add contacts to Outlook address book. There are two possible methods to upload VCF to Outlook. One is the manual and another one is the professional. The manual approach requires Outlook on your system but the professional method won’t. Let’s explain the manual method first.

Method 1. Transfer Contacts to Outlook Web Manually

To Import VCF to Outlook web, you need the Outlook desktop on your system. This method uses Import/Export which is provided by Outlook to add files. You need to execute the below steps in the given sequence to get the expected results.

  • Step 1. Run the MS Outlook.
  • Step 2. Click on the File > Open&Export.
  • Step 3. Choose Import/Export.
  • Step 4. Hit on the import a VCARD file (.vcf) and Next.
  • Step 5. Browse the file and Next.

Why Not to Choose the Manual Method

The manual method has several limitations that’s why the experts do not recommend it to import VCF to Office 365. Sometimes you may face Outlook contacts missing after migration to Office 365 also. Here are some limitations.

  1. You need to be good at Outlook technicalities to perform the manual method.
  2. As Outlook hangs sometimes, the process might stuck in between due to this the chances of data loss increase.
  3. If you want to import the VCF file having large data then this process becomes time-consuming.
  4. There is no guarantee of data security throughout the process.

Method 2. Import VCF with Multiple Contacts to Outlook 365 Professionally

After elaborating on the manual method, it is time to explain the professional method to make the process secure. As the manual method has some limitations, the professional method fulfills all those limitations and provides a seamless experience. The expert recommends the VCF to Office 365 importer tool to complete the process without errors. This tool is known for its error-free and hassle-free performance. This tool is also able to import contacts to Outlook from CSV.

You do not have to be technical to operate this tool. Because of its simple user interface, it is easy to understand the required steps. All of the data is safe and secure throughout the process. It also has some special features that make it the perfect choice to upload a VCF file to Office 365.

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Special Features of the Automated Tool

  1. The user-interactable interface to track the process.
  2. Generates the complete report after importing the VCF file.
  3. Provides distinct options to add the users.
  4. Several advanced features such as Re-Run, Retry, and Delta while importing the contacts.
  5. Ensures complete data security to make the process safe & secure.
  6. Transfer contacts to Outlook Web on the first attempt.

Import VCF to Office 365 Step-By-Step

Step 1. Download and select File System as the Source and Office 365 as the Destination.

enter source and destination

Step 2. Select the checkbox of Contact and Next.

workload screen

Step 3. Fetch the VCF file and Next after validation.

provide details

Step 4. Complete the destination details, validate, and hit on Next.

provide details

Step 5. Load the users into the automated tool and Next.

fetch users

Step 6. After the successful validation of the users click on the Start Import button.

start Import

Final Words

In this write-up, we have explained the need to import VCF with multiple contacts to Outlook 365. The manual and professional methods both are elaborated in detail with the required steps. Because of the limitations of the manual method, it is not advised by the experts. That’s why the expert’s choice, the professional method is explained so that you can use it to add VCF files to Outlook contacts efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can a VCF file store multiple contacts?

Ans – Yes a VCF file can store multiple contacts.

Q2. Is Outlook a good choice for importing VCF files with multiple contacts to Office 365 efficiently?

Ans – You can use but it is not recommended because of several limitations. You can go with the automated tool for the error-free process.

Q3. Can a non-tech user operate the automated tool to import VCF file?

Ans – Yes, the automated tool is very easy to operate and a non-tech user can also operate it.

Q4. Can the contact file be integrated with the other Office 365 apps?

Ans – Yes, after importing the contacts to Office 365 the contacts are easy to integrate with the other Office 365 apps.