How to Upload Contacts from CSV to Office 365 – The Complete Guide

Upload CSV to Office 365

Ashish Ratan Singh | Modified: August 14, 2017 | Migration, Office 365 | 3 Minutes Reading

There are many users who search for the solutions on how to upload CSV to Office 365. I have gone through various forum sites where the users ask for the methods to import contacts from CSV file to Office 365. The following are some of the user queries regarding the same.

User Queries on How to Import Contacts to Office 365

“I am migrating from Gmail to Office 365. I exported the Google contacts to CSV file. How do I import the local CSV contact file to Microsoft Office 365? Please provide complete steps to perform this task! Thanks.”

“I have a CSV file saved on my Mac OS. Please tell me how to upload .csv file to Office 365. I need to import contacts to my account urgently.”

After coming across various other user queries like these, I have written this article to provide a proper solution to the users who wonder how to transfer CSV file into MS Office 365. Read the following section to know how to open CSV file in Office 365.

How to Upload CSV File to Office 365 – Complete Steps

The below-mentioned are the steps that will help you import .csv file into Office 365. Please follow the complete steps which are given below.

Step 1: Login to with your Office 365 credentials.


Step 2: Click the People icon on the left pane of the screen. Or, Click on People in the Apps Menu.


Step 3: Go to Manage and click on “Import Contacts”.


Step 4: Select the options from where you would like to import contacts to Office 365.


Step 5: Now click on Browse to select the CSV file which you wish to migrate to O365.


Step 6: After browsing the file, click on Upload.


Step 7: Once uploading CSV to Office 365 is successful, you will receive the completion message & the count of total contacts imported.


Step 8: You can check if the contacts are imported successfully but looking into your Contacts list in Office 365.

Extra Information

  1. For now, Microsoft only allows to import contacts from CSV file to Office 365.
  2. Through this method you can import contacts to Office 365 from your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Windows Live Mail accounts.
  3. This procedure doesn’t allow to upload multiple .csv files at once.
  4. No new folder of contacts will be created after uploading a CSV file.
  5. The contacts will appear with the existing contacts lists.


This blog showed how to upload CSV to Office 365 using the best possible way. Another way can be by uploading the PST file containing contacts to Office 365 but that can be time-consuming in comparison to the approach mentioned above. The shortest method to import contacts CSV file to Office 365 has been discussed in this article. In case you know any other approach to open CSV file in Office 365 which is quicker & easier please share it with us in the comment section below. Also, kindly share your feedback regarding this blog-post.