Is Office 365 Better Than Google Apps? Exploring the Difference

Is Office 365 Better Than Google Apps: A Comparison

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Published On October 27th, 2023
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Summary: A detailed comparison of two well-known office productivity suites will be found in the article “Is Office 365 Better than Google Apps”. We covered the pros and cons of the same to make it easy for users. Moreover, it will make it easy to select between M365 and Google Workspace on their own needs and we learn their features such as cloud storage. 

If you are one of those users who need to know the difference clearly then, within this write-up, you will find all your answers. On top of that, this will make a great resource. So, without wasting time we will start our discussion with the features of both Office 365 and Google apps.

Is Office 365 Better Than Google Apps: A Feature-Based Comparison

The differences between Office 365 and Google Apps based on what they can do:

Features M365 Google Workspace
Email Services Outlook for email. Gmail for communication.
Collaboration Tools Offers Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business. Provides Google Drive, Google Meet, and Google Chat for cloud-based collaboration.
Document Creation and Editing Microsoft offers Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for document creation and editing. G Suite gives Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms for highlighting real-time collaboration.
Productivity Apps It includes a range of productivity tools like OneNote, Planner, and To-Do. Offers apps like Google Keep and Google Sites for productivity and note-taking.
Storage and File Sharing OneDrive for Business provides cloud storage. Google Drive offers both storage and file-sharing capabilities.
Offline Access With the desktop installation, users can access the data without the internet. With Google Drive, you can access limited content which is placed on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
Email and File Storage It provides 50GB for emails and 1TB for file storage. It offers 30 GB for both email and file storage. 
Accessibility MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Online access only

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Pros and Cons of Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace

Below are some pros and cons of both Office 365 and Google Workspace in the concept of “Is Office 365 better than Google apps”. 

First, we talk about Microsoft 365 advantages:

  • Office 365 provides a familiar interface to both online and offline applications. 
  • It provides many applications to minimize the workload like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. In addition, it offers offline access through its desktop-based applications.
  • It has robust security measures to secure the user’s data.
  • Transferring the data to a new environment, can help by its compatible and high-efficiency software.
  • For better collaboration and meetings, Microsoft developed “Skype for Business” to enhance the user experience. 

Disadvantages of Office 365

There are a few consequences of M365 which the users need to be aware of:

  • The cost of Office 365 plans can be higher than G Suite.
  • A few O365 plans do not store large data in the cloud storage, as there is a limit for the content to be kept.
  • Some Office 365 applications can be resource-intensive and require sustainable system resources.
  • It can be time-consuming while configuring M365 security features.

Benefits and Drawbacks of G Suite

As we learned above the advantages and disadvantages in the context of “Is Office 365 better than Google Apps”. Similarly, in this part of the phase, we will discuss on the pros and cons of Google Workspace. 

Strengths of Google Apps:

  • Google Workspace is known for its simple user interface.
  • For editing any documents, you can use tools developed by Google Workspace like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In addition, this task can be performed by multiple users at the same time, and no doubt this enhances user experience.
  • Especially for small businesses it offers minimum cost.
  • With Google Drive, you can take advantage of cloud storage.
  • Google Apps can be accessed from anywhere through an internet connection.

Weakness of Google Workspace:

  • Without an internet connection users can’t access the entire applications of G Suite.
  • Users who are using Office 365 may find it difficult to adapt to Google Workspace as it does not provide the same user-friendly interface as Office 365.
  • While moving any document to the Microsoft environment, the user has to face some issues since it is not compatible with the Microsoft services.
  • Google Apps does not provide robust security like O365. Therefore, most organizations prefer Microsoft 365 over Google Workspace.

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What’s Next?

Now that we have our answer is Office 365 better than Google Apps? So, yes it is better than Google Workspace. Moreover, at this time a question arises can we migrate our entire data to M365? Then, the answer is yes, you can migrate it with the help of manual and automated techniques. 

There is one thing to keep in mind, the conventional method for migration is a lengthy procedure and error-prone. In addition, to overcome the complexities of the same you can use automated software. Luckily, there is a software called SysTools’ Commendable G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool, which is used to make the transition smooth. 

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Experts recommend this migrator tool because of its various advanced functions like Delta migration, and Date Filter option. On top of that, it gives you the capacity to migrate data to 40GB per hour. It can enhance the user experience who hold a large volume of data.

Final Thoughts

In this detailed article, we learned all the information i.e. Is Office 365 better than Google Apps? So, for this query, we found all reliable solutions, and for this, we covered their feature, their drawbacks, and advantages. 

Hence, we got an answer that M365 outperforms Google Workspace. After reading this blog, many users may decide to migrate their data to the O365 environment because of its advanced features. Furthermore, for this kind of situation, we found specialized software which is advised by professionals.