Microsoft OneDrive Has Stopped Working Error – Solved

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Published On January 9th, 2024
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Overview: The Microsoft OneDrive has stopped working because of different reasons such as settings, sign-in, sync, and connection. In this article, the top 8 solutions are discussed to solve this error in a detailed manner.

Microsoft OneDrive is used to store documents, images, and other files as well. It is known as the best platform to store the data on the cloud. But sometimes an error occurs Microsoft OneDrive has stopped working. There is a red or yellow mark on the application which specifies there is an issue with the OneDrive. The same issue persists during the sync also. Let’s find the reasons why this error occurs.

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Reasons Behind the Microsoft OneDrive is Not Syncing Error

There are several reasons behind this error. Sometimes you are stuck and don’t know what to do when OneDrive is not working. This can be because of the updates, account settings, and many more. Let’s explore each one in detail.

  • Outdated version of OneDrive As per Microsoft policy, there are regular updates to improve their services. If your OneDrive is not working as per the expectations then there might be the chance that your OneDrive version is outdated and not compatible with the latest version.
  • OneDrive Storage Limit – Sometimes you forget about the storage of the OneDrive and just store your data in it. But Microsoft OneDrive Has Stopped Working error also occurs because of the exceeding storage limit. You should verify your OneDrive storage in the settings to deal with the Microsoft OneDrive is not syncing issue.
  • Firewalls/Antivirus – The firewalls and antivirus provide security to the system from threats. But sometimes these protectors stop the OneDrive from connecting with the Internet. This also can be the reason of OneDrive syncing fails.
  • Connectivity – The connectivity should be proper to sync the OneDrive. If the Internet connectivity is less as per needed then Microsoft OneDrive is not opening.
  • Account – If you changed the password recently then it creates the issue for OneDrive sync.

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Top 8 Solutions for Microsoft OneDrive Has Stopped Working 

Here is a list of all 8 solutions to fix the OneDrive stopped working error. You can choose any one of the solution as per the requirements. Let’s start exploring each one in detail.

Solution 1. Restart OneDrive Account 

One method is to stop the OneDrive and start it again so that the error gets resolved. Follow these steps.

  • Step 1. Click on the OneDrive icon and go to Help&Settings then Close OneDrive.
  • Step 2. Now, after closing the process, search for OneDrive and open it for the synchronization again.

Solution 2. Reconnect the OneDrive Account

You can also try the next method to solve the OneDrive has stopped working issue. Disconnect the account and sign in again using these steps.

  • Step 1. Open the OneDrive for Business application and go to Help&Settings then Settings.
  • Step 2. Now the OneDrive dialog box is opened. Click on the Account tab and then hit Unlink this PC.
  • Step 3. Click on Unlink account for the successful unlinking.
  • Step 4. After removing the account, add the email address and sign in.
  • Step 5. Enter the password and follow the instructions. You can also add a distinct account by clicking on the Add an Account button.

Solution 3. Reset OneDrive Account 

Users also try resetting the OneDrive account method to resolve the Microsoft OneDrive Has Stopped Working error with the below steps.

  • Press the windows+R to open the dialog and run the below command and OK.

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

  • Wait for a while to reset the account.
  • After successfully resetting the account, you can again use windows+R and run


Solution 4. Resync OneDrive Account

The OneDrive sync issues persist in some situations because of the stuck of the heavy files during the uploading. So you can remove them for the error-free sync process.

  • Step 1. Open the OneDrive for Business and go to Settings.
  • Step 2. Click on the Pause Syncing and select the time frame of 2 hours from the dropdown.
  • Step 3. Now open the OneDrive folder and move the stuck files to another folder.
  • Step 4. Again go to OneDrive > Settings and Resume syncing.
  • Step 5. Now move the stuck files from the saved folder to the OneDrive and the sync process now becomes smoother.

Solution 5. Disable the Security Protections

To tackle the Microsoft OneDrive Has Stopped Working error. You can also try another approach for the OneDrive error. Deactivate the antivirus and firewall temporarily to check the working of OneDrive.

Solution 6. Disable the Bandwidth Limits on File Download

If the bandwidth for downloading or uploading files is enabled, then disable them. Follow this process to remove the limits for downloading and uploading.

  • Step 1. Move to OneDrive > Help&Settings > Settings.
  • Step 2. Now, click on the Network tab, select the Don’t Limit option for both the Upload rate and Download rate options, and press OK.

Solution 7. Update the OneDrive Application 

If your OneDrive is not updated to the current version. Then uninstall the OneDrive and download the latest version of OneDrive from the official website of OneDrive.

Solution 8. Save the Storage Space 

If the storage is not available as per the requirement then the issue can remain the same. You should remove the cache, or unnecessary files from the local storage. Again verify the storage from Settings > Account. You can also upgrade your Office 365 plan to get more storage in OneDrive.

Why Store OneDrive Documents Locally?

Sometimes there is a situation when you need to access the data instantly but Microsoft OneDrive has stopped working sometimes and you don’t have the time to solve it. For Instance, if you are having a presentation in front of the clients, but the OneDrive has stopped working.

Then you do not have any alternate option. But what if your presentation is present in the local system, then you can access that file easily without the Internet also. So, having a backup of OneDrive for Business is a good approach. Let’s see the efficient method that can help you to download your OneDrive files to the local system.

Efficient Method to Download the OneDrive Data to the Local Machine

You can use the Most Reliable Office 365 Export tool to handle the Microsoft OneDrive is not syncing issue. This tool is used to save Office 365 documents to computer. As the issues appear in the OneDrive on a regular basis can harm your essential data.

Through this tool, you can export your data to the local system. Due to which, you can easily access the data without the internet and also edit it. The Sharing of data also becomes easy without OneDrive. Some of the situation occurs when you need to access the data instantly, but because of the OneDrive issue, you are not able to access that data. So, save that data locally to access the data anytime without using OneDrive.

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Microsoft OneDrive is used for storing different files and folders but there is an issue that occurs in the OneDrive. In this article, we have explained all of the reasons of Microsoft OneDrive has stopped working with the solutions as well. One efficient method is also explained to help you to download the data on your system for ease of access.