How to Migrate Gmail Account to AWS Account? Step-by-Step Guide

Migrate Gmail Account to AWS Account

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Published On November 3rd, 2023
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We’re sure that you witnessed many methods to migrate gmail to AWS WorkMail. But here in this blog, we will provide you with the one direct solution through which you can easily accomplish Gmail to AWS migration quickly.

All you have to do is read the blog thoroughly till the end to find out how to export gmail to Amazon WorkMail. Now let’s explore!!.

AWS WorkMail is now available to all users. Because of its simple and intuitive UI, a lot of consumers prefer to migrate Gmail account to AWS account. For this reason, many who use Gmail also want to export their Gmail mailboxes to Amazon WorkSpace.

AWS is a safe platform for effectively handling massive volumes of commercial emails. Although it is not as well-known, this email client is gradually growing in popularity. Since it is completely safe to keep data on, a lot of users are moving to it. One we have mentioned in the next section.

So, after receiving all such queries we’re here with one perfect solution to migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail.

Perfect Solution to Migrate Gmail Account to AWS Account Quickly

The best way for Gmail to AWS migration with attachments is to use the IMAP Email Migration Software. This software has the ability to seamlessly migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail with among its most helpful features.

The Gmail to AWS migration method involves careful maintenance of all email items and properties. We will talk about its many other beneficial features later. Let’s first quickly review the procedures for transferring emails from a Gmail account to Amazon WorkMail.

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Things to Note Before Processed with the Software

There are some key points that you have to take care of when you are performing Gmail to AWS migration. These are-

  • Before starting migrating you must ensure that you enabled the IMAP access and generate a Google app password.
  • You must make sure that you have 48.7 MB of free hard disk in your system before the installation of the Software.

Procedures Migrate Gmail Account to AWS Account Quickly With Some Easy Steps

To begin the migration process, Firstly Download and Launch the Gmail to Amazon WorkMail migration program. After that, adhere to the guidelines which are mentioned in the below segment.

  1. To begin the migration process, first run the tool on a Mac operating system. Then, click Continue.
    run the tool, then click Continue to migrate gmail account to aws account
  2. Next, choose the Host Name as Gmail from the drop-down menu on the source IMAP Account. Enter the user account credentials now, then press the Validate button.
     choose Host Name & Validate
  3. Next, choose Amazon WorkMail as the Host Name in the Destination IMAP account and input your login credentials.
    choose Amazon WorkMail as the Host Name & validate
  4. Additionally, this software offers Advanced Filter Options for a customized transfer, such as the ability to selectively convert Gmail to AWS WorkMail by selecting folders.
    Apply advanced filter options to migrate gmail account to aws account
  5. After that, click on Start Migration, then, and you can see the ongoing migration process on the screen with the total number of emails and failures.
    click on Start Migration
  6. When the migration procedure is finished, you will get a completion notice on the screen. Tap OK to view your AWS WorkMail account.
    click ok to finish the migration process
  7. When the migration procedure is finished, you will get a completion notice on the screen. And now you can tap on “View Report” to view your AWS WorkMail account migration report.
    view report after the migration process

Some Striking Features of the Software

This program has a lot of functionality. Here are some of the features that are mentioned below:

The most effective method for directly transferring emails from a personal Gmail account to AWS is the Gmail to Amazon WorkMail migration tool. As soon as both accounts are verified, it will swiftly start the migration process.

Furthermore, Encourages batch migration You may easily and loss-free move several Gmail accounts to AWS WorkMail by utilizing the application. In this manner, the tool saves the user’s time and effort as they wait for the process to finish.

Additionally, you may move all email properties—including the signature, link, and content body—with the help of this tool. Additionally, it maintains the folder hierarchy throughout the entire migration procedure.

Some FAQs

How to migrate Gmail account to AWS account Quickly?

  1. Install the tool on a Mac computer.
  2. Choose Gmail as the source and Validate
  3. Select Amazon Workmail and Validate
  4. Add Filters according
  5. Click Start Migration to begin.

What advantages come with moving Gmail to AWS?

According to the report, AWS is a well-liked and secure platform for managing substantial amounts of business emails. It is renowned for both its user-friendly interface and security.

Can I choose which folders to move from Gmail to AWS during the migration procedure, for example?

Yes, advanced IMAP Email Migration Software which is stated in the article offers advanced filter options for a customized transfer. By selecting particular folders, you can migrate Gmail account to AWS Account in a selective manner.


Are you curious about simple ways to export emails from Gmail to Amazon WorkMail? The blog article above provides a quick fix along with a step-by-step procedure. Without requiring an external installation, it enables the migration of multiple Gmail accounts to AWS. The program is user-friendly, quick, and dependable. On Windows versions, users can also test it out without charge.