Migrate Microsoft Teams from One Tenant to Another – Learn How

Learn How to Migrate Microsoft Teams from One Tenant to Another Easily

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Published On April 15th, 2022
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Various users around the world are looking for a way to migrate Microsoft Teams from one tenant to another. The migration needs to be quick and safe since a lot of sensitive information such as chats, attachments, etc. is present.

Therefore, we are here with the most secure and quickest way for performing this type of migration.

But before that, what is the need for Microsoft Teams? And why is there a need for migration?

Microsoft Teams allows users to chat with employees, clients, etc. It also provides the benefits of file sharing, audio-video sharing, & real-time collaboration.

This is why organizations have been moving to Teams at large. The need for Teams migration from one tenant to another arises when a project ends and another project starts.

There are cases where a new project starts & an ongoing project is given to someone else. Only then the users might want to perform the migration.

Here is the quick & reliable steps to perform this task efficiently. Download the software first:

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5 Quick Steps for Teams Migration From One Tenant to Another:

  • Step 1. Run the Microsoft Teams Migration Tool on Windows.
  • Step 2. Choose the Source & Destination for migration.
  • Step 3. Select the Teams & Channels category.
  • Step 4. Enter credentials for Source & Target.
  • Step 5. Add User IDs & hit Start Migration.

Let’s move further.

Migrate Microsoft Teams from One Tenant to Another – Any Method for Migration?

There is no manual method available for the users to apply, Microsoft Teams doesn’t offer any solution to migrate data between the tenants.

This is why users look for solutions on the internet and find nothing but tools for the same. Even if you find any manual method, organizations will not be able to perform the migration.

In such cases, manual migration is usually full of complex steps and takes more than the estimated time for completion. Therefore, you should know the Microsoft Teams Migration Checklist. However, the software is always present in such times.

Teams Migration from One Tenant to Another – Explanation of the Software

The software is quick to work with the migration procedure.

Migrating data to the cloud can vary from business to business as per each of their requirements. Every migration need is unique and depends upon the number of users along with the resources that are needed for the transfer.

The software is capable of migrating all your data and fulfilling all the user’s requirements.

There are a plethora of features of the software which we are going to explain in the upcoming section to migrate Microsoft Teams from one tenant to another.

But first, find out how the tool works.

Step-Guide of the Tool for Performing Migration Between Tenants

  1. Run the software and choose the Source & Destination as Office 365 in the Setup tab.
  2. In the Workload Selection section, choose the Teams & Channels options. Also, choose the Teams & Channel Creation option.
  3. Fill in the credentials for both the accounts in Source & Destination Windows. Hit Validate to assign permission to the accounts and click on the Next button.
  4. Then, add a CSV file with all User IDs via Import Users for Teams migration from one tenant to another or automatically fetch all the data via Fetch Users option.
  5. Start creating Teams in the destination section.
  6. Press Start Migration for the next step.
  7. Move to Groups section and add the User IDs via Fetch Groups or Import Groups option.
  8. Enter the destinations & validate them. Hit Start Migration to complete.

If you are satisfied with the procedure, click on the Mark Teams Complete option. Else, you can wait and apply different functions to migrate the data again.

Functions of the Tool to Migrate Microsoft Teams from One Tenant to Another

  • Migrate data from  Teams, Channels, Groups, Files, Channel Chats, etc.
  • Creation of Teams & Channels in Destination automatically is possible
  • Transfer all the data from Private, Public, & Organization Teams
  • Maintains folder structure & timestamps throughout the migration
  • Capable of migrating Channels’ message body, formatting, data & time, etc.
  • Delta Migration for newly arrived data transfer only after the first migration
  • Run migration again for the skipped or failed items via Retry Failed Items
  • Option to run the entire procedure again by applying Re-Run Full Migration
  • Teams migration from one tenant to another possible on Windows OS 10 (64-bit)
  • Migration of attachments, emojis, GIF, Announcement, Reply, Conversation etc.

Final Say

As there is a lack of manual techniques for migrating the data, users fail to find solutions and if they do, the methods are either tools or too complex to implement.

This is why users are given the best solution to perform the migration i.e. the software. The tool is capable of performing various functions in a simple way. You can easily migrate Microsoft Teams from one tenant to another using this software.