Different Ways to Migrate Multiple Email Accounts to Office 365 Suite

Anurag | September 28th, 2021 | cloud, Office 365

To migrate over to Office 365 there could be many different ways depending upon your current environment. Therefore, in this article, we will list various ways to migrate multiple email accounts to Office 365 from platforms such as Exchange Server, Google Workspace, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Google Vault, Thunderbird, etc. Using this, Office 365 administrators can easily import emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, drive data to their mailboxes.

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) is one of the commonly used collaborative web suites designed for personal and business use. It provides innovative applications such as Office app, web service, intelligent cloud service, and top-class security, you can achieve more and reach your goal faster.

However, when we talk about migrating data between platforms, it becomes a tedious task to execute. Let’s discuss the initial step towards it to make it an easy approach.

Before proceeding with the techniques to migrate multiple accounts mailbox to Office 365, there are some limitations that need to be considered first.

  • Require you to reset the password of every user
  • Good changes of migrating duplicate data
  • Complex process and requires high technical knowledge
  • Chances of data loss and corruption are quite high.

Factors that need to be taken into consideration before migrating multiple email accounts to Office 365:

  • Type of items need to be migrated
  • Quantity of data for migration
  • Existing mail environment and version
  • Downtime during migration

Manually Migrate Multiple Email Accounts to Office 365 From Google Vault

When your existing environment is Google Vault and you want to switch over to Office 365, then the only possible way is to first export all user data to PST format using eDiscovery, then import PST to Office 365.

See: How to migrate from Google Vault to Office 365.

Migrate From Outlook Email Accounts to Office 365

To perform such migration first you need to either export all Outlook user emails one-by-one or use take the backup from then configured service in .pst format. Then you can migrate pst file to Office 365 account directly.

All In-One Technique to Move Multiple Email Account From Any Environment

Whether your existing environment is Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, Google Workspace, or Google Vault, you can directly migrate email accounts to Office 365 by using SysTools Cloud Migration Tool.

This utility provides the ability to migrate emails, contacts, calendars, documents from your existing environment to the new Office 365 domain.

You may also love to know: How to Migrate Multiple Email Accounts to Office 365 From Exchange Server. Manual migration to Office 365 from an exchange environment can be performed in three ways:

Some of the Great Features of the Tool to Migrate Multiple Email Accounts to Office 365:

  • Provides concurrent migration of multiple user accounts
  • Category filter available for: Emails, Contacts, Documents, Calendars, etc.
  • Offers date filter to migrate selective email account data to Office 365
  • Multiple options available for source and destination user ids mapping.
  • Delta features available to migrate newly arrived data in next attempt.
  • 2 options to save the report of migrated data.
  • Allow to transfer document and calendar permission
  • Priority filter to migrate selected account first before others

Quick Steps to Migrate Multiple Email Accounts to Office 365 are:

1. Click on the below download button to get the demo .exe of the tool and launch it.

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2. After installing it, go to Activate tab and perform activation for a demo or full version.

migrate multiple emails accounts to office 365

3. From the configuration section, choose the existing platform from the source and select the destination as Office 365.

4. Scroll down to the workload section and select the category of items to migrate & set date filter >> Next to migrate multiple email accounts to Office 365.

5. In the source tab, provide the admin details of your existing environment and validate.

6. From the destination tab, enter the Admin id of Office 365 and the application id. Then, click on validate button for the authentication.

7. For mapping source and destination user ids select the Mapping option to migrate multiple email accounts to Office 365.

8. Once the mapping is complete, set the priority filter and click on Validate button for the authentication of user ids.

9. Finally, use Start Migration button to move multiple email accounts data to Office 365 domain.

10 After completion of the backup, use the Download Report button to get detailed and summary reports of migration.

This is it! In just 10 simple step you can migrate few or all email accounts to Office 365 suite. For testing of the tool first, use its demo version that offers 2 free licenses for complete data migration.

Final Thoughts

For day-to-day work, different organizations users different email services. But after realizing the complication of the existing email client organization tries to migrate over to a different one.

However, many of them fail to do the proper switch due to complications during manual migration. This is why many tech giants recommend taking the help of automated solutions that offer a simpler and fast migration experience. This is why to migrate multiple email accounts to Office 365, we have demonstrated a third-party tool from SysTools.