Migrate NSF to Office 365 – Export from Lotus Notes to O365

Anurag | Modified: February 26, 2018 | Migration | 4 Minutes Reading

There is no doubt that IBM Lotus Notes is the most popular email client that include major components involved in emailing, maintaining address book, scheduling meetings etc. However, the biggest issue with IBM Lotus Notes is, its high maintaining cost. Not only this, even the experts are hired for the administration of Lotus Notes. Due to this nowadays, the popularity of Office 365 has magnanimously grown due to its easy-to-access interface. Moreover, Office 365 comes with the Office suite, which makes easy for users to manage all their data on cloud. Hence, it becomes important for users to migrate NSF to Office 365. Therefore, in this write-up we will put a limelight on the way to transfer to Office 365 from Domino server. To migrate NSF to O365 is not typically a difficult task but the right way and action can help to export all data from Lotus Notes.

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Need to Import NSF to Office 365

Users working on IBM Notes knows that it contains usual mailbox data like emails, contacts, calendar entries, Notes, journals, etc. But it is really worthed. The functionality and GUI of IBM Notes are less proficient compared to other email client. Many clients are attracted to numerous, attractive and unique features in MS Office 365, which has lead to migrate NSF to Office 365.

The features in Office 365 to transfer files to cloud as well as sharing files to work centrally with group of people, has attracted multiple user. However, it is not possible in case of NSF file.  Let us discuss some more problems faced by the IBM Notes users that has led to switch from Lotus Notes to Office 365.

  • Technical Expertise is required for using IBM Lotus Notes
  • Optimized features of Office 365 as compared to IBM Notes
  • Office 365 user can use data from anywhere as all data is stored in cloud
  • O365 provides better collaboration tools and services as compared to Notes

Apart from all these reasons there are many other reasons that compels a firm to migrate from Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365.

Manual Method to Migrate NSF to Office 365

The shortcomings of IBM Notes many users search for a reliable solution i.e. Office 365 so that they can upload/ save their data to some safe zone. The manual step to migrate NSF to Office 365 may not be so helpful because this method can only be understood by Technical experts but we will try to keep all the points clear. The need of IMAP connector in IBM Notes is to export IBM Notes to O365 is pre-need. The following steps are mentioned below:

  1. Maintain backup of Lotus Notes NSF files
    To make a backup of all the living mailbox which is saved in NSF files should be primary step to get rid of data loss. This process should successfully be taken before migration process.
  2. Create new Outbox
    Once you have generated a backup and copy of data items, next essential phase is to create new mailbox for each users those having an existing profile in IBM lotus Notes email client.
  3. Allow IMAP TCP/ IP Port for every user
    The following steps are mentioned below:
    i. View Domino Administrator in Lotus Notes
    ii. The, click on the Tab of Configuration
    iii. Open Server document and after this run IMAP service.
    iv. click Ports → Internet Ports → Mail tab
    v. Enable the IMAP TCP/IP Port
    vi. Now, click on ‘save’ option and then, exit
  4. Associate with IMAP connector
    Using IMAP, connector to synchronize email messages in Office 365 from Lotus Notes desktop email clients

Automated Tool

We know this method is not understandable to many user so do not worry we also have an automated solution that will help to migrate NSF to Office 365. One of the most reliable tool that will easily accomplish Lotus Domino to Office 365 migration is SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migrator. The functionality of this tool is so versatile that it offers you to migrate NSF to O365 without Office 365 Admin Account credentials. Moreover, it allows selective mailbox items migration, which make it a lot easy in switching accounts.


The above-discussed section covers various ways to migrate NSF to Office 365 account and let users to transfer all data to Microsoft O365 account. According to the expert’s advice it is recommended to use the automated tool in a way to avoid any complicated or long method.