How to Migrate SharePoint Site to Another Site? Step-By-Step Guide

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Published On November 6th, 2023
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Outline: When there is a situation to migrate SharePoint site to another site, then the admins are stuck. To migrate the SharePoint site from one site to another requires an understanding of SharePoint technicalities. In this write-up, you will get the different solutions to transfer from one SharePoint site to another.

“I work for a leading multinational corporation as a senior project manager. I have created a SharePoint site for one of the organization’s projects. But now the project ends, that’s why to access all of the data I want to migrate the whole site to another SharePoint site which keeps a record of all the completed projects. Can anyone suggest a trustworthy solution? “

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Need to Transfer SharePoint Site to Another Site

There can be multiple reasons to move SharePoint site to another site collection. Some of the key reasons are.

  • Re-organize Site Structure – There might be a situation when you have to create a new structure for the sites to manage them properly. In that case, you need to migrate or merge sites in SharePoint.
  • Scalability – If the site does not have more storage to store the data, then you need to move the site to another which is having suitable storage and hardware.
  • Upgradation – As Microsoft improves its apps regularly, old SharePoint sites need to migrate the new ones to upgrade the current version of SharePoint.
  • Enhance security – If the SharePoint site is not truly secure then you need to migrate it to another platform for improved security.
  • Ownership Modification – When the ownership of the site changes, then you need to migrate the site to another site which is assigned to the administrator.

How to Migrate SharePoint Site to Another Site Using the Content Structure?

You can move SharePoint site to another site collection using the content structure option available in SharePoint. But make sure that the publishing feature is enabled. Follow the below steps to move the site to another manually.

Step 1. Go to Site Collection’s root.
Step 2. Select the option of Content and Structure under the Site Administration.
Step 3. Now right-click on the Site.
Step 4. Select the Move or Copy in the CRM option.
Step 5. Finalize the destination and hit OK.
Step 6. After the loading, the process is completed.

Transfer SharePoint Site to Another Site By Template Method

The next manual method is the template, through which you can transfer the SharePoint site to another site in two phases. Let’s start with the process.

Phase 1. Create and Save the Site Template

Step 1. Go to active sites, select the site, and hit on the site settings option.
Step 2. Now, under the Site Actions, choose the option of Save site as a template.
Step 3. Enter the name & description of the Template.
Step 4. Check the option of Include Content
Step 5. Click the OK and the template is saved.

Phase 2. Upload the created site Template

Step 1. Click on the option of site settings.
Step 2. Hit Solutions, in the Web Designer Galleries.
Step 3. Click the upload button in the commands group.
Step 4. Click on the Browse to find the template.
Step 5. Select the Template and hit Activate in commands.

Cons of the Manual Methods

  • Support the template size of 50 MB only.
  • No concept of batches for efficiency.
  • Absence of the advanced features.
  • Need to be good at technicalities of the SharePoint.

Migrate SharePoint Site to Another Site Using an Automated Solution

Now, we have discussed all the manual methods along with the cons. It’s time to discuss the automated solution which is known as the best solution to migrate SharePoint sites to another site. The automated solution is executed with the help of the SharePoint migration tool. This tool makes the process very simple and error-free. To work with the automated tool, you do not need to be good at SharePoint technicalities. Because of its simple user interface, you can perform migration  and copy document library from one site to another easily.

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Step-By-Step Solution to Transfer SharePoint Site to Another Site

Step 1. Run the automated tool and select Office 365 as the source and Office 365 as the destination.

hyper v recovery

Step 2. Under the workload, select the Document Library & List in the Sites option and apply the Date Filter.

select partition

Step 3. Enter the Source credentials, Validate all the details, and Next.

scanned vhd file

Step 4. In the Destination tab, fill in the details of the destination platform then validate, and Next.

scan partition

Step 5. Now in the Resource tab, select the users from Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download templates.


Step 6. Load the sites into the automated tool, using Fetch, Import, or Download template option.

Step 7. Click on Start Migration.

migration options

Advantages of Using Automated Tool

  • Supports the batch migration to migrate SharePoint site to another site.
  • Smart Date-based filters for selecting the relevant data.
  • Able to track the whole migration process.
  • Newly arrived data also migrate with the help of the Delta migration option.
  • Easily work on large-sized files.
  • Complete data integrity is maintained throughout the process.

Tips for Successful Migration

1. Source & Destination Platform Preparation
Prepare both the platforms either source or destination. Enable all the required permissions to the users. Follow the SharePoint Online migration checklist to not miss out any essential step.

2. Aware staff
Also, make sure to aware the staff about the migration so that they are well-prepared before the migration.

3. Track the Migration
When the process is running, track the whole process and also evaluate the generated report after the completion of the process.

4. Data Integrity
Make sure that data integrity is maintained throughout the migration. Because the integrity of the data is very crucial to maintain the organization’s standards.


Here we have explained all the possible methods to migrate SharePoint site to another site. Both the manual methods are explained in detail, but due to some cons of these methods, they are not recommended for use. The automated solution is explained which is recommended to use because of its advanced features that make the process easy.