Learn How to Import MSG Files into Business Gmail Stepwise

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Published On January 10th, 2024
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MSG files are used to store different information such as sender, recipient, message, etc. However, accessing multiple MSG files is a huge problem for the users. In today’s world, there are several email clients present in the market. But business Gmail is more popular than other ones. That’s why through this article, you will get to know how to import MSG files into Gmail and how to open MSG file in Google Workspace.

Basically, the MSG files can be imported into G Suite in two ways. One is the manual and another one is the professional method. You will find both of the solutions in detail with their required steps. But firstly find out the reasons to import MSG files to Google Workspace.

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Why Migrate MSG to G Suite Account?

Having G Suite instead of MSG files is the best choice. There are several benefits of using a G Suite account. Let’s discuss some of the major benefits.

  • The G Suite is based on the cloud technology. Due to this, it is easy to access. You can access G Suite from any location just through the Internet.
  • Google Workspace is hardware-independent, you can log in to your G Suite account on the required device and access all of the data easily.
  • By migrating MSG files to G Suite the data security is also increased. As a result, you do not need to worry about data breaches.
  • Accessing the multiple files is a time-consuming process. If you import MSG files into Gmail, then Google Workspace becomes the centralized location to access all of the emails efficiently.
  • Usage of G Suite also saves your data from hardware failure. Sometimes the system crashes and all of the data is lost. But uploading all of the data to G Suite makes your data available.
  • Sharing multiple MSG files is a tough task which becomes easier if you are using Google Workspace.

Import MSG Files into Gmail for Business Manually

The MSG files can be imported to Google Workspace using the manual method. In this, you need to follow three major steps. The first one is the enabling of IMAP in the Google account. After enabling the IMAP option you need to configure your G Suite account to Outlook. Finally, just drag and drop the MSG files into the Outlook. Let’s elaborate on each step in detail to migrate MSG to G Suite account.

Step 1. Enable IMAP in Gmail Settings

  • Sign in to the G Suite account with the required credentials.
  • Now move to the settings then See all settings.
  • Select the option of Forwarding and POP/IMAP from the above toolbar.
  • Go to the IMAP access section and tick the checkbox of Enable IMAP and Save Changes.

Step 2. Configure Gmail on the Outlook

  • Run the Outlook in your system.
  • Click on the Add Account to add a G Suite account.
  • Tick the Manual setup or additional server option and then Next.
  • Choose the POP or IMAP and hit the Next button for further steps.
  • Enter the essential credentials.
  • Click on the More Settings for further settings.
  • Choose the My Outgoing Server option, Incoming Server to 993, and Outgoing Server to 587.
  • After that click on Next.

Note: – You can also use Outlook Import/Export option to get PST file and then import PST file to G Suite.

Step 3. Import MSG files into G Suite

  • Now, the G Suite account is configured to Outlook. It’s time to import the MSG files into Google mailbox.
  • Open the business Gmail mailbox.
  • Press right-click on the ID, and create a new folder.
  • Open the newly created folder and drag and drop all the MSG files.
  • Now, all the MSG files are successfully imported to the G Suite account.

This is all about the manual method of importing MSG files to Google Workspace. But this method is very time-consuming. If you skip or misjudge any of the steps, then the results will not be as per your expectations.

To perform all these steps in the correct way requires technical knowledge of G Suite and Outlook settings. The data can also be lost if Outlook stops working in between the processes. Let’s elaborate on the professional method that can fulfill all these shortcomings.

Import MSG Files into Gmail for Business Account Professionally

As per the shortcomings of the manual method. You cannot rely on the manual solution. Now, it’s time to discuss the professional method. This method is recommended by the experts. This method is executed with the help of the MSG to G Suite Converter automated tool.

The automated tool is easy to execute. You do not need to be good at technicalities of the Google Workspace and Outlook to operate this tool. In Some situations when the organizations merges with other one, then you can easily migrate G Suite to G Suite after adding MSG to G Suite account. This tool is also having some modern features that make the process simpler.

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Modern Features of the Tool to Import MSG Files into Gmail for Business

  • Allows to migrate specific emails to G Suite.
  • Provides the option of Concurrent migration to import MSG files into multiple G Suite accounts.
  • The complete folder structure is maintained after the process.
  • An interactive dashboard for making the process simpler.
  • A complete report is generated to verify all of the executed steps.
  • Advanced options such as Delta import, Re-run, and Retry.
  • The data is safe & secure throughout the process.

Open MSG File in Business Gmail Step-By-Step

Step 1. Download and Select MSG as the Source and G Suite as the Destination.

enter source and destination

Step 2. Tick the checkbox of Email.

workload screen

Step 3. Enter the Source credentials, Validate them, and Next.

provide details

Step 4. Complete the credentials for the destination, validate, and hit Next.


Step 5. Fetch the users into the tool.

fetch users

Step 6. After validating users click on the Start Import button.

start Import


In this article, we have explained the solution to the most asked query on how to import MSG to Gmail for Business in detail. The different benefits of Google Workspace are explained that you can get after migrating MSG to the G Suite account. Manual and professional methods are discussed stepwise.

According to experts, the manual method is not recommended to use because of its limitations. The professional method is the right choice to import MSG files into Gmail for business if you want an error & hassle-free process.