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How to Import PST to Google Workspace/ G Suite? Efficiently

Published By Aldrich Calvin
Anuraag Singh
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Published On November 23rd, 2023

The PST file is also known as the backup file of the Outlook data. It stores all the Outlook information such as emails, tasks, calendars, contacts, etc. Google Workspace has a very large user base due to which some of the users want to shift to the G Suite. So, here you will find a complete guide on how to import PST to Google Workspace.

There are different approaches to adding PST in Gmail to get all the emails in Google Mail. Manual and professional approaches both are discussed so that you can choose between them accordingly. Google Workspace is a combination of different applications such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc. You can enjoy the enormous benefits of Google Workspace by transfer PST file to Gmail.

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Benefits of Upload PST to Gmail

Let’s discuss some of the major benefits that you can get if you import PST file to G Suite.

  • Gmail is a cloud-based application and does not depend on the hardware. It is accessible with the help of the Internet from any location. You can easily switch the devices and accessing the emails.
  • As the emails are frequently received the size of the PST file also becomes large. By importing the PST files into the Google Workspace, you can free up the space on the hardware and do not require to split Outlook PST file.
  • Gmail regularly takes the backup of the emails so that you do not need to worry about the backup of the emails and computer crashes. All of the data will be safe and secure.
  • Gmail offers several features that are outside of Outlook such as spam filtering, and integration.

How to Import PST to Google Workspace?

The PST file can be imported to G Suite by the manual approach and Professional approach as well. The manual approach has two methods one is by setting up the Gmail account in Outlook and another one is the GWMMO. The manual methods have some limitations that’s why the professional approach is also discussed. Moreover the professional approach is performed by the automated tool which is recommended by the experts. After transferring PST file to the G Suite, you can migrate G Suite to G Suite if the organization wants to rebrand itself. Let’s go through both approaches in detail.

Upload PST to Gmail Manually

In the manual method, you can choose the specific data for uploading to Gmail such as emails, calendars, etc. In that approach, you need the Gmail account and the Outlook application in the system. To go forward in that method, you need to connect both email clients. Let’s see the steps.

Step 1. Log in to the Gmail client and click on Settings > Quick Settings > See all settings.
Step 2. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.
Step 3. Enable the IMAP and Save.
Step 4. Now, it’s time to connect Outlook with the Gmail. Open Outlook.
Step 5. Click on Add Account and enter the required credentials & Connect. All of the processes are now completed and both of the email clients are now connected to each other.
Step 6. Get a PST file by Open&Export > Import/Export.
Step 7. Click on Export to a file > Outlook Data file and Next. A PST file is saved.
Step 8. Now choose the option of Import from another program or file in the Import and Export Wizard.
Step 9. Select the file to import and Save the folder.
Step 10. In the Import Outlook Data file wizard, Select the Gmail account and finally hit on Finish.

Import PST to Google Workspace/G Suite Using the GWMMO Tool

Google has its own tool Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook. If you do not want to go with the lengthy process then you can opt for this tool. In addition, you can add the selected files or folders to the Google Workspace. Follow the below steps for the GWMMO tool.

Step 1. Download and Launch the GWMMO tool.
Step 2. After the completion of the download, enter the account credentials in which you want to import PST.
Step 3. Further confirm the Google account.
Step 4. Click on the Allow button to grant the permissions for read, write, send, and delete emails.
Step 5. Now choose the PST file to add to the Google Workspace and Next. Tick the checkboxes for the migration such as calendar, contacts, and email messages, and lastly click on Migrate.

Limitations of Manual Method to Upload PST to Gmail

  • The GWMMO tool is able to import readable PST files only.
  • Able to open PST files from one Gmail account at a time.
  • Sometimes the program is stuck in between the process.
  • Not able to import journals and Outlook notes.
  • By manually setting up the accounts and changing settings is a time-consuming process.
  • All of the steps should be executed sequentially to import PST to Google Workspace.

How to Transfer PST File to Gmail/Google Workspace Professionally?

Now, after elaborating on the manual approach with the two distinct methods. It’s time to discuss the expert’s recommended method that is performed with the help of an Efficient Outlook to G Suite Migration tool. This tool is really unchallenging. You can upload PST to Gmail efficiently without any hassle.

All of the data is kept safe & secure throughout the process. A non-techy can also operate this tool to import PST file to Google Workspace. This tool also has some advanced features which make it the expert’s choice.

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Why to Choose Automated Tool to Import PST to Google Workspace?

1. It is capable of migrating bulk data in one shot.
2. Provides selective data migration with the help of a Date Range Filter.
3. Maintains the folder structure after the migration.
4. Interactive Dashboard to track all the steps of the process.
5. Delta Migration for the newly arrived data.
6. There are several options to import users into the tool.
7. Provides data security throughout the process.
8. A complete report is generated after the completion of the process.

Upload PST to Gmail/G Suite Step-By-Step

Step 1. Download and Run the tool. Select Outlook as Source & G Suite as Destination.

enter source and destination

Step 2. Select the items to import and apply the Date Filter.


Step 3. In the source window, enter the path of the PST file, Validate, and hit Next.

provide details

Step 4. Fill in the required credentials in the destination window validate them and Next.

provide details

Step 5. Now. load all the users into the tool.

fetch users

Step 6. After the validation of users, click on the Start import button.

start Import

Final Words

To Import PST to Google Workspace is required for several reasons. That’s why through this article, we have explained different approaches to add PST to G Suite. All the approaches are discussed in a detailed manner to keep unstuck between the process. Because of some limitations of the manual methods they are not the expert’s choice. The expert recommends the automated tool to import PST file to G Suite for an error-free process. Hence the query is resolved.