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Published On October 13th, 2022
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Hello! I regularly use Office 365 for executing my professional and personal tasks. Yesterday, while I was trying to use the Microsoft Office 365 PST import service, but it does not seem to work. After clicking on Import option, it shows the spinning dots for endless hours. I think Office 365 import service not available to my system anymore. Additionally, there is no any optional key to continue it without remaining process. Can someone please tell me that how soon will be I able to operate my Office 365 account again? Are there any workarounds to resolve this issue so that I can use Office 365 import PST service ?”


Are you the one who is facing the ‘Office 365 Import Service not Available’ issue while using the PST import service of Office 365? Well, do not worry then! Many Office 365 users are going through the same problem. For resolving this annoying issue of Office 365, we have come up with this article. Here, you will get all probable and easy solutions to resolve the O365 import service is a temporarily unavailable issue. However, before going for the solution users must have an idea about Office 365 Import PST Service. So, let us begin with a general introduction to Microsoft Office 365 PST import service to migrate Outlook PST to Office 365 Cloud.

What is Office 365 Import Service?

Office 365 PST Import service is a facility for moving email from a .pst file to your Office 365 account. User majorly uses Exchange Online PST import service to move local data to Cloud. Sometimes it is referred to as Office 365 drive shipping and this service offers two alternatives:

Option 1. For smaller sets of data, users can upload the PST files to Microsoft servers. Then, Microsoft will import the mailbox data into Exchange Online mailboxes and the problem of the Office 365 import service stuck issue come in.
Option 2. For larger data sets, users can copy the archived PST files into hard drives and then, can mail them directly to Microsoft data centers. When administrators receive the drives, they copy the PST files into internal servers and import the mail into the user’s O365 mailboxes.

Alternative Techniques to Fix Office 365 PST Import in Progress Stuck Issue

There are two ways to transfer the local outlook files to the user accounts of Office 365, where one is manual and the other is automatic. Users can opt for any of the methods for bulk import services:

  • Network Upload Method
  • Automated Professional Solution

Note: The mentioned method to use Office 365 PST import service is eligible only for administrators.

Using Network Upload Method

Follow the mentioned instructions systematically for bulk migration of local PST files to Microsoft 365 mailbox:

Step 1: Copy SAS URL and Download Azure AzCopy
Note: During the process, users will get a storage key and an upload URL. Keep secure them and treat them as a password.

  1. Open the link:
  2. Sign in with your Global Admin account
  3. Click on Data Management >> Import >> Go to the import service
  4. Hit a click on the + icon and select the Upload Files Over the Network option
  5. From the popup page, click on Download Tool (Azure AzCopy tool)
  6. Then, click on Run
  7. Select the Next button to undo Office 365 import service not available error
  8. Accept the EULA and click on Next and agree on the default installation location
  9. Then click on Next
  10. Install the program
  11. Click on the Yes button from the User Account Control wizard
  12. Finally, click on Yes button

Step 2: Acquire the Storage Key and Upload URL
Now, you need to upload the secure key and the URL prior to installing the AzCopy application. Here is how to do this:

  1. Unlock the Import Data to Office 365 page that was opened in the previous step
  2. Now, click on the Key icon
    NOTE: Here you got a secure key and URL. Thus, keep it secure.
  3. Click on Copy Key and wait until the process gets completed
  4. Hit a click on Show URL for PST files
  5. Now, copy the key and URL

Step 3: Upload PST Files to Office 365
After acquiring the secure URL key, users can upload the PST files to Office 365 account. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Launch the command prompt as administrator
  2. Open the directory location where you installed the AzCopy
  3. Run the following command for uploading the PST Files

Step 4: Create the PST Mapping File
Now, the CSV files are required to create because that will map the PST files to the mailbox of Office 365. Then, PST

  1. Files can be uploaded to Office 365 import service is not available.
  2. Download the PST Mapping Template File via Microsoft
  3. Fill the CSV file with specific information
  4. Now, save PST Mapping File

Step 5: Create a PST Import Job in Office 365
In this step, we have to create a PST Import job in the Import service in Exchange Online. To do this, follow down steps:

  1. Click on and then, sign in to your Global Admin account
  2. Click on Data Management >> Import >> Import Service
  3. Now, click on the + icon and select Upload Files Over the Network
  4. Check against I am done uploading my files >> I have access to the mapping file. Then, click on Next
  5. Now, enter a Job Name and click on Next
  6. Click on the + icon to add the Mapping File
  7. Authenticate the Mapping File
  8. Agree with the terms and conditions and click on Finish
  9. Click on the Close button
  10. The importing process will start now. You can check the importing status by navigating toward the Office 365 Admin Center and unlocking the Import tab. Use the refresh for getting the updated report
  11. Monitor the status report for process completion or error.
  12. Click on the import job for displaying the status flyout page that displays the status information of each imported PST file.

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Cons of Manual Methods to Undo Office 365 Import Service Not Available

  1. High cost of importing PST files
  2. The time-consuming and lengthy process
  3. Complicated for a non-technical user
  4. Requisite high storage competence hard drive

Using Professional Software to Fix Office 365 Import Service Stuck Error

It is  suggested by many IT admins to execute the operation via this utility and follow the down steps successively to overcome the O365 PST import service limitations:

Step 1. Download, install and launch the tool on your local computer.

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Step 2. Enter the credentials of your Office 365 admin account and click on login.


Step 3. Click on Add files / folders to browse the locally saved PST files / folder and click on the open button.


Step 4. All the PST files will be displayed on the preview pane. Now, enter the Office 365 email id and credentials, and authenticate them in which you want to import the PST file.


Step 5. Now, select the desired workload including emails, calendars, tasks, and contacts, and apply the date filter if required.


The Final Thoughts

Office 365 has provided various services to users including Microsoft Office 365 PST Import Service. Sometimes when this service did not respond while moving PST files to Microsoft 365 account then, users search for various solutions. Considering the needs of users to solve the issuing Office 365 Import Service not Available, we have come up with this article.

Here we have discussed one manual approach. If you find the manual method somehow complicated then, the above-mentioned tool is the best alternative to Microsoft Office 365 PST Import Service. This is one of the best and trusted solutions to perform such a data importation process. The software can resolve the issue in a few clicks only.